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Your Complete Guide To Get Started With iOS Development

As more and more companies are taking the mobile-first en-route to give a “WOW” experience to customers, iOS developers are also building apps for Apple devices that are in high demand. Due to talent shortages; there are many iOS developer jobs for aspirants in this field. Developers who know the necessary programming languages and other skills can create apps that companies, enterprises, processes, industries, or even consumers can use every day to make lives better, happier, and more productive. To help those interested in the field better understand how to break into a career as a successful iOS developer, we will compile the most important details and resources for you.
Ekeeda - India's top tech educational app, we can help you turn your mind dreams into reality by taking into account what kind of app you’re looking to build and how will it benefit mankind. At Ekeeda, iOS development certification is intended to help aspirants take their first step towards a lucrative career in iOS Development. The course provides in-depth overview of the mobile development skills you should learn, career paths in iOS development, how to become an iOS developer, and more.
What Is iOS Development Language?
iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. It is a part of a bigger ecosystem of operating systems such as macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. iOS is exclusively designed for the iPhone and iPad hardware.
Technically, it’s a web or software specially focused on building, testing, and redesigning apps for mobile devices powered by Apple’s iOS operating system using programming languages either Objective C or Swift, both designed to create iOS apps.

Why You Should Build Your App on iOS?
Today, Apple’s iOS is the second-largest mobile operating system in the world; wherein it has powered a major portion of the western countries' mobile experience. iOS has been home to a lucrative market of consumers. In fact, it is shown that iOS users spend twice as much on in-app designs, buying compared to Android users. It makes sense to build your app if you want to take advantage of this profitable mobile ecosystem. However, it also depends upon the skills of candidates due to how versatile it is with the wide range of devices it supports. iOS is available on iPhone and iPad devices, allowing apps to be accessible both on phones and tablets.  To be noted, the iOS platform offers Apple’s App Store to get connected with the potential mobile users with your app through search functions, categories, and promotional content from Apple such as “Editor’s Choice” awards.
If you create a quality app that stands to be in demand and take effort to market it in the app store, then it's great news – you’re on a way to get more and more customers to try and buy your app.
Apple goes out of its way to make in-App purchases seamless in its App store ecosystem, thereby allowing users to buy in-app content at the push of a button. All of this combines together to create a viable mobile ecosystem that facilitates distribution and monetizing your mobile app, making iOS a great choice for the audience.

Some Popular Mobile App Databases
There are many databases to choose from when building a mobile app. Here are some popular databases to start with for iPhone apps. You can select the best database for your mobile app based on your needs and requirements.

  • MySQL: An open-source, multi-threaded, and easy to use SQL database. Perhaps one of the older database options around.

  • MongoDB: A schemaless, JSON document database which is known for its flexibility and scalability. This is another popular option among many web applications.

  • MariaDB: A popular open-source relational database that was created by the original developers of MySQL. Apparently it’s capable of completing INSERT statements up to 24% faster than MySQL thanks to its index/cache system.

  • Cassandra: A free and open-source, NoSQL database which is designed to handle a large amount of unstructured data across many different servers. It boasts high availability with no single point of failure.

  • RethinkDB: An open-source, document-oriented database that stores data in JSON format. RethinkDB is capable of syncing in real-time with applications.

  • CouchDB: A document-oriented NoSQL database, CouchDB uses JSON to store data. JavaScript is also its main query language.

To learn more about the mobile app databases, you can visit iOS development certification today!
Two major benefits of using iOS App
Better Performance – When you build a native app, you will unlock more performance using solutions like Reactive native and Xamarin. When you are a developer natively, you use Apple’s SDK which is the official SDK to access the various APIs that Apple will have.
Robust Security – When you develop an app on Apple’s platforms you have implicit security benefits. All thanks to Apple’s in-built shield against viruses and other external threats which makes your app robust and secure.

What Is an iOS developer?
An iOS developer is a developer who is able to build native iOS applications using Apple’s proprietary IDE XCode as well as leveraging the power of programming languages like Swift and/or Objective-C.
Swift is the primary programming language supported by Apple to develop iOS applications. It’s predecessor Objective-C is currently on its way out; however, it is still used to maintain legacy systems both within Apple’s codebases and other companies who have yet to re-write their applications using Swift.
In today’s world, iOS developers are expected to have sound knowledge of Swift language as well as an overall understanding of Apple’s iOS frameworks. In a sense, you will be considered a full-stack developer when you are able to design both the front-end and back-end of a mobile application. It’s very rare, maybe in large teams and agencies, you will see front-end and back-end roles being separated.
There is hardly you need to learn outside of Apple’s Technology ecosystem when you wish to study iOS development. Also, it’s important to know Apple does not support cloud databases and therefore a developer should have knowledge in one or more fragments, such as Google’s Firebase. As an iOS developer, you will create apps compatible with various Apple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPad.

What Does An iOS Developer Do?
As an iOS developer, you will design, build and maintain apps for apple devices that use the iOS operating software. It’s the iOS Developer’s responsibility to code base apps (using Swift or Objective-C), tests run the apps to ensure the quality, fix bugs, and implement any updates to apps.
As a typical iOS Developer, you will collaborate with business stakeholders to create and deliver new features on time, write automated tests, participate in code reviews, and publish apps to the App Store.
Since it’s a high collaborative job, a mid-level iOS developer will often have to work with a Software Engineer, UX Designer, Product Manager, Data Scientist, Project Manager, or senior company leadership as these are advanced or long-term projects.

What Are The Key Responsibilities Of An iOS Developer?
As an iOS Developer, you will perform the following responsibilities:

  • Design & build advanced apps for mobile devices that will use Apple’s iOS platform

  • Collaborate with the cross-functional teams to design, define, and ship new app features

  • Unit-testing code for security, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.

  • Identify the problems, fix bugs, and resolve app issues

  • Fix app bugs before it goes live

  • Publish app on App Store

  • Maintain the code & atomization of the iOS app, design and implement app updates

  • Discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize app development efficiency

Why Choose Ekeeda iOS Development Master Program?
In today's competitive world, a bachelor's degree is no doubt helpful, but clearly indicates, you need specific skills related to iOS development which can't be acquired through traditional college or degree courses. Even someone with programming or software development experience will not have the exact skillset necessary to be a brilliant iOS developer and will need to upskill their knowledge.
iOS Development course will give you the right set of technical skills to build the applications and gain an edge over the competition. You can try our self-taught online courses designed by industry experts, keeping in mind the must-programming languages and tools -- Objective C, Swift, and X-code -- for the apple ecosystem.
What Does A Good iOS Developer Have In It?
A good iOS Develop will firstly understand ‘Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, which will provide sufficient information and user interface resources for all Apple’s platforms.
This is a guide created by Apple to help designers create more compelling, enticing, and beautiful experiences & design iOS apps with better user interactions.
Human Interface Guidelines will be very helpful for aspirants at every stage of the software development process. It offers comprehensive views of key UI elements and associated APIs, as well as practices to help you implement features in your app.
Other than this, the iOS Developer will be an excellent team player, will have spatial reasoning, and believe in networking so that extract the right customer experience and requirements.

iOS Developer Salary
The average iOS developer salary will range between 4-6 lakhs per annum in India and it's bound to grow in near future.  Top companies like Accenture, Cognizant Technology, Fluper, ZOHO, IBM, Appster, IndiaNIC Infotech, etc. are willing to shell out more for real, and raw iOS developer talent.
What Skills Do iOS Developers Need?
All iOS developers should have developed the following must skills:
Objective-C – This is termed as the superset of the C programming language, and it has been a principal programming language for writing software designed for macOS and iOS since the 1980s. Objective-C is robust and secure.
Swift - Unlike Objective-C, Swift is a programming language created from the root level for iOS and macOS. Apple claims that Swift runs considerably faster than Objective-C and also provides improved safety. This is why Swift has so quickly achieved more popularity with programmers – in fact, Swift will quickly surpass Objective-C in how widely it's used.
Core data – It is a framework used to manage app model layer objects. Core Data can be used to access your app's permanent data offline, cache temporary data, and add undo functionality to your app on the mobile device.
Other Learnings: If you're looking for an iOS Developer career, it's important to branch out beyond the basics skills. For more advanced learning on databases, fundamental networking concepts, etc. enroll with our
Online iOS Development Course today!
What Will Companies Look For In An iOS developer?
Key things iOS developers should be able to perform:

  • Work with Swift

  • High-level proficiency in the basic iOS frameworks

  • Experience with using Auto Layout

  • Experience with programmatic user interface design

  • Learn Swift UI to provide an alternative to using UIKIT

  • Able to set up a database and interact with its APIs

  • Is competent and unafraid of testing driven development

  • Has knowledge of MVC design pattern

  • Is capable of writing clean code

  • Is able to learn new technologies & read iOS documentation to build out new functionality and features.

Hope this blog gives you a complete overview of iOS development, what is an iOS Developer, the career path, key responsibilities skills required, salary, and more.
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