28 Aug 2021

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Things To Do After Giving Online Mocks for GATE

Indian Institute of Technology - IIT, Kharagpur has released the official notification of GATE 2022 on August 1, 2021, on the official website. All GATE 2022 exam dates have been released along with the brochure. The authorities will start the GATE 2022 application process from August 30, 2021. The last date to submit the GATE application form will be September 24, 2021. The authorities have released the GATE 2022 eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, and all other information along with the official brochure at the official website - gate.iitkgp.ac.in
Here are important GATE exam details for your reference:

Important Events


Release of GATE 2022 official notification

August 1, 2021

Start of GATE registration 2022

August 30, 2021

Last date to submit the GATE 2022 application form

September 24, 2021

Last Date For Submission (With Additional Late fee

October 1, 2021

GATE application form correction dates

November 12, 2021

Release of admit card

January 3, 2022

GATE 2022 exam date

February 5, 6, 12 & 13, 2022

GATE result date 2022

March 17, 2022

With under six months remaining for the GATE 2022 exam, the preparation is in full swing by the candidates. Most aspirants may have enrolled with online coaching institutes that provide candidates with the best of the GATE online video lectures and other study material like PDF notes, GATE previous year question papers/model papers, live lectures to clarify their doubts, etc.
However, of the various forms, GATE test series is the most important part of your rigorous preparation. You can find various types of mocks such as topic-wise, subject wise and All India mocks, etc. available from GATE coaching centers and technical platforms.

What Are Mock Tests?
Mock tests are practice tests designed to make students aware of the actual GATE exam pattern. GATE exam is one of the prestigious exams in India with various benefits. Through a good GATE score, candidates can secure admission in top-tier postgraduates institutes such as IIT, NITs, and IIITs. You can secure jobs in top Indian PSUs or even fly abroad for foreign studies. Thus, the key to success is to crack GATE and lock your opportunities. But how? The answer is to solve as many ‘mocks’ as possible during your preparation days.
They say “Practice makes the man perfect”. It is not just a saying, but actually, it has a deep meaning within the quote. Just studying and not enough practice will only be a waste of time, effort, and money. Thus, other than listening to pre-recorded videos, follow PDF notes, etc. solving mocks will take you near to perfection. You can get a proper feel of the examination, the difficulties, the time slot, and the tricks to solve the questions.

When you appear for GATE exam mocks it will help you evaluate these things:

  • How Well Is Your Preparation For The GATE Exam?

  • Can You Manage Time Effectively To Answer Questions

  • Which Topics Are You Weak And Strong At?

  • Did You Get Enough Time To Revise Those Topics?

  • Which Strategies You Should Follow To Overcome Your Weaknesses?

At Ekeeda, our top educators from IITs work hard and collate the GATE test series for individuals. These GATE experts have years of experience in preparing candidates for competitive exams like GATE, IES, UPSC, RRB, and more. The mock tests for GATE are designed keeping in mind the latest GATE syllabus and trends. Mock tests will improve your confidence and time management skills. This means you can give accurate answers and in less time.
Why Attempt Mocks?
Mock tests are the answers to your fear and anxiety. It will help you overcome your barriers, fears, and of course the anxiousness. When you attempt mocks, your body gets used to the over-excitement, nervousness, and controls you from being panic for the ‘BIG’ exam day. The more you practice, the better you polish your skills and develop confidence in yourself. GATE Mock tests will help you develop positive confidence in yourself. You believe that you can mould a given situation or solve questions in spite of seeing the complexity angle in it. This is very necessary to control stress levels when you give the actual GATE exam.
 Our experts will share five things to do after you attempt mock tests for GATE 2022:

  1. Assess Your Mistakes

Once the candidates appear for mock, it's important they should analyze their GATE mock tests 2022 performance. Things they should check:

  • Average time spent to attempt an answer for each question – with speed and accuracy

  • Check where they’ve lost marks, and which areas they’ve scored well. Understand the root cause for losing marks. Work towards it or ask for an expert’s help, if needed.

  • Check if the same mistakes are repeated over and over again.

  • To improvise and come up with a strong hand in the next GATE online mock test, don’t repeat the same mistakes. Rather than learn from it and do well in the next mock tests during the preparation days and finally on the actual GATE exam day.

  1. Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Once candidates complete their self-analysis, they will come to know the areas they need to work upon and the areas they’re strong at. To minimize the weaknesses, candidates should constantly practice so that it will strengthen the good areas towards ‘perfection’ and help them score excellent marks.

  1. Do Comparison

Well, no one likes comparison in life. However, it can act as a good booster when it comes to competitive exams like GATE. After all, you plunge into the great competition for it. Comparison keeps the candidate’s spirit high and improves your performance. The best person to compete with is your own self, if you’re able to cross your own bar it means you’re on the right preparation track. Hence, monitor your performance, compare it to your previous mock test attempted and try to fuel in all your efforts to come out better and strong. It’s advisable to closely watch toppers and try to see their marks, time taken, accuracy, and a number of questions attempted by the toppers. When you strive harder to achieve the target, you learn from your mistakes and try to improvise yourself. You’re not letting other down with your GATE exam preparation. Keep doing up the good work!

  1. Evaluate Your Current Performance

Candidates who appear for GATE mock tests gain an understanding of the exam paper, types of questions asked and the marking scheme. When you evaluate your self the current preparation level, you will come to know where did you spend more time than the actual requirement, which questions were easy, which questions you should start with? Etc. Revisions are an important part of GATE preparation. It will make candidates more confident with the section and help them score better in the exam. Appearing for a mock test is like standing in front of the mirror and see your reality. It lets candidates know how well they’re prepared or not for the GATE examination.

  1. Determine A Good Strategy

Strategies are never universal. It has to be laid down based on your skills, strengths, and timelines in hand. What works for one will not work for others. So, it’s advisable to work and rework your strategy, until you find a good strategy that works best for you and help you complete your GATE exam syllabus. It should also let you revise, attempt mocks, and solve GATE PYQPs. While designing a strategy, ensure you have mocks at regular intervals, on every topic and section. It should revise all your syllabus as per the timeline designed by you.
Section-Wise Analysis
Scan your section-wise score along with accuracy. Further, see how much time you have invested in the particular section and how much more should you invest in that section when the next time you appear for the mock tests. While undertaking a mock test, start with sections you’re familiar with and help you score more. Starting with a comfortable and familiar section will help you boost your confidence level and score well in the examination.
How Many Mock Tests To Attempt?
It’s an important question. Many candidates attempt too many tests thereby mentally exhausting themselves, else appear for too little test, thus, stay underprepared. But, it's important for the candidates who prepare for GATE 2022 to know how many mock tests should he/she take and what should be the interval timings between the two tests. 
Here are a few guidelines candidates can follow –

  • Initially, since you’re new to the concept and a lot of time is occupied in learning, it's advisable to take one mock test a week to start off with. You can start with topic-wise tests, and then proceed to subject wise tests

  • Right from six to five months before the GATE examination start giving two tests a week (which is 8 tests in months)

  • Three months before the exam try to add four mocks in the cumulative count to put extra weight on your studies

  • In the last two months, you should accelerate and add 4-5 tests per week.

  • When you’re in the last leg of the preparation, you should attempt at least 1 to 2 GATE mock tests 2022 every day. Make sure you have everything in your bunch such as topic-wise, subject wise and full syllabus tests.

  • A week before the exam, stop giving all the tests. It’s time to revise all your concepts, formulae and solve questions in a non-test mode.

  • You need to constantly practice should take you to recollect them well in the examination hall

Focus, hard work and practice are the three mantras to achieve success in the GATE exam. Ekeeda offers the best GATE test series that will help you evaluate yourself and improve your performance. For our expert advice, contact us @ +91 90290 06464 or mail at
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