28 Jul 2022

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Data Science Skills, Education And Best Job Roles For Beginners

About Data Science

Data is a vital asset for any form of business, and if you do not make efficient use of data, it will not help you. You may find it as a junk file and delete it. Data science is the technique that turns raw data into meaningful insights and presents it to the clients in an attractive way, which can be used to make various crucial decisions in the company. Today, data science has taken the industry, businesses, and processes by storm. Data science contributes to nearly every industry because each business in today’s era highly depends on data.

In technical terms – Data Science is defined as a blended mix of mathematics, statistics, business acumen, tools, ML, and algorithms - all of which will help you find out the hidden insights and data patterns that will be of major use for critical business decision. Later, you can leverage that data to draw conclusions to make prominent business decisions, and risk calculations, and target the audience to find market gaps and opportunities. Other techniques like time series analysis are also helpful to find market trends, but data science has its own niche and compatibility.

In the data science field, one will have to deal with both structured and unstructured forms of data. The algorithms even provide predictive analysis in them. Data science is all about this and the future. Through data science, you can check out the trends supporting the historical data which is useful to present decisions & finding patterns and will be used for predictions to ascertain what things may appear as if within the future. Data Science is a complete blend of Statistics, Tools, and Business knowledge. So, it becomes important for data scientists to have good knowledge & understanding of these fields.

Why Learn Data Science?

Data science aspirants are today the magicians of the data world, who present data in some lucrative ways through an array of maths, statistics, and data skills. These data scientists turn the raw and unorganized data into valuable insights that will immensely contribute to the growth of businesses and future predictions. A career in data science could be lucrative and rewarding; however, the path to start learning data science is full of hard work, grit, and determination. Especially for beginners who wish to get their foot strong in the job industry. Data science is all about cutting-edge skills, and unlike traditional jobs, you won’t need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to become a data science professional. You simply need to possess the right in-demand skills and hands-on experience on projects.

In the past decade, the data has been floating in trillions, and demand for skilled data scientists and data-driven decision-making has suddenly been into the mainstream form of business practices. Platforms like Ekeeda provide Data Science Online courses designed by fortune 500+ companies' data experts. These are amazing instructors who have vast industry updates & experience. Capstone projects are simply the best that will give you a sneak peek into the real world. 1:1 live classes are full of productivity and clear all your doubts. They even conduct mocks to give hands-on practice on the interview questions, confidence building, and improve communication skills. Get certified with Ekeeda Data Science Program and get in a position to negotiate for great salary packages with the top companies during the interview round. In this highly competitive world, the quantity of knowledge being generated & evolution within the field of analytics, and data science is indeed a necessity for companies worldwide. To make the most out of their raw but potential data, companies from all domains – be it Finance, Marketing, Shipping or logistics, Banking or IT need skilled data professionals. The market is looking for data scientists and this had led to enormous demand for Data Scientists in India and across the globe.

With the lucrative salary package, job prestige, perks, and security & tech giants like IBM declaring it as the trendiest 21st-century job, data scientist is a lucrative job for beginners in the industry. This field is for anyone from any background – be it finance, HR, sales & marketing, web designer, or app developer – anyone can make a career as a data scientist.

Some Required Skills For Data Science

Here are a few key skills to become an industry-ready data scientist:

  • Statistics Knowledge
  • Programming Skills
  • Machine Learning & Advanced Machine Learning (Deep Learning)
  • Create Data Visualization
  • Big Data Interpretation And Analysis
  • Data Ingestion & Data Munging

Educational Needs For Data Science

Candidates with B. Tech/B.E or M.Tech / M.E. degrees can pursue data science online courses and even 37% of the hiring managers ought for such candidates.

Work Experience For Data Science Role

While 20% of the job requirements are trying to find fresher and potential candidates; nearly 30% of Data Science jobs are reserved for professionals with 4-5 years of experience in the industry. 

Best Data Science Jobs Role In The Market:

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analytics Professional
  • Business Intelligence Professional
  • Data Architect
  • HR Analytics Professionals
  • Marketing Analytics Professional

If you want to begin your career as a data scientist? Then opt for the best data courses online today. Also, read Some Of The Top Data Science Companies In India. Choose your favourite company and turn your dream into reality!

Learn Data Science from world-class data practitioners, click here to find out the Best Data Science Courses Online. 1:1 classes, live mentor sessions, capstones, and mock interviews will give a holistic preparation for your data science studies. 

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