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Five Important Tips To Crack Your First Technical Interview

Did you get an invitation for your first coding interview? All charged up for the exhausting yet exciting technical interview process of life. Firsts always make memories – good or bad. Like many others, you can look up the best tricks and tips to crack your first technical interview but only when you’re ready with a positive mindset, you’ll be able to pass the coding interview rounds with great success. Thankfully, platforms like Ekeeda have come up with career tracks that provided complete skill development along with mocks and career-building sessions to help candidates gain an edge over the competition. Interesting the data science course offered by Ekeeda gives basic to advanced training in data science, coding skills, and holistic preparation to be industry ready. To check the syllabus of this top data science course online - Click here

Before moving ahead, let’s see what does technical interview mean and what are the various rounds/stages you need to walk through to crack the interview of a tech giant or start-up.

What Is A Technical Interview?

Technical interviews are not like other forms of interviews, it includes challenges and coding assignments. They’re more kind of a test to crack rather than standard question & answer sessions. You must exhibit that you have the necessary skills and talent for the job, rather than simply telling the interviewer that you possess them. Interviewers are more interested in your technical skills so that you will be able to solve problems in a given situation and client needs.  The goal of the technical interview is not to stun you with riddles, brainstorms, or complex questions. Although you feel bamboozled for a moment, it’s all worth it in the end. Instead, it’s to examine how you handle real-world situations, such as those you will face if you get the job!

Thankfully Ekeeda Data Science Program has mock interview sessions wherein industry experts will share some great hacks and tips to crack your technical interviews. How to boost confidence, speak at the interview, and build communication skills – all these things are trained to make you a foolproof candidate to be able to work for tech companies.

Now let’s look at the technical interview process that you will face during your first technical interview with top technical companies and brands in India:

Technical Interview Process In 3 Phases

Technical interviews are often more or less the same in product-based organizations, compared to service-based firms. Here we would like to break down the interview process into three rounds:

Telephonic Or Video Round

Hurray! You finally got the interview call you’ve been waiting for so long – you’re very first technical interview invitation. Congrats! The company is impressed with your CV and decides to have a word with you about your education, skills, hobbies, etc. This brief social & technical screening step intends to determine whether you are qualified & eager enough to move on to the next level of interview. Technical round 1 will last for about 15-30 minutes and more of a kind of knowing you as a person, your passion, and the skills you can show in the further coding session.

Coding Interview Round

Here comes the catch! You’ve been waiting anxiously to showcase your coding skills. Before you’re called up, some companies might want you to assess your coding skills with a pre-test. It may be done over the call – Skype or Zoom, and might have a coding round (3 to 4 data structure and algorithm-based questions or as a remote project.  The coding challenge should only take a couple of hours, provided you have in-demand skills and potential to solve the problems.

Onsite Interview/Whiteboard Challenge

Finally, the technical interview round intensifies, and from here on your fate is decided in the firm. You will be called to the organization for the interview wherein you will be given coding problems that you should solve coding problems that in front of the interviewer on a whiteboard. They will adjudge your skills and determine you’re a potential asset for the company in near future. If the company is not in your city, it might be done via video calling. Whiteboard interviews are final ones and they may take 1-2 hours long, while the entire onsite technical interview may be carried through several hours or an entire day.

Hussh! A whole lot of preparation is to be done. Now that you’ve got an idea of what goes on behind the scenes in a technical interview process, it’s time to read through some of the best tips & tricks to crack your first technical interview and get a job in top tech giants and start-ups in India.

5 Tips For Beginners To Crack Your First Technical Interview

Background Check

Just like the company does your background check, it's necessary you should also do a thorough background check of the company you’re applying for. Check the company turnover, growth prospects, branches, and employee reviews, and then take a firm step. Once you’ve got an idea about the company’s background and what they seek, you’ll understand its interview rounds & pattern. You can also check the company-wise interview preparation stages on various competitive sites, to study about the types of questions they’ll throw open at you during grilling times.

Take Up Challenges

Companies are interested in candidates who are responsible and willing to take up responsibilities. Some organization will require their candidates to complete coding challenges to demonstrate their skills and talents. Thus, you should begin your preparation in coding & programming languages as soon as possible so that you’re ready to tackle any real-life problems and situations posed by the organization. Examine prior problems & interviews with previous employers to get an idea of the exam.

Grasp Technical Skills

You need to have an excellent command of technical tools and skills to answer any inquiry or no matter how big seems the challenge or obstacles. As a result, before you attend an interview make a brief summary of what you will need to learn or master and which project your eye on to get along.

Bring In Confidence

Mere technical skills in the interview process won’t help you crack the interview. YES! It’s true. Sounds crazy? Well, good communication skills can play a pivotal role in your growth. They will assess your ability to answer confidently the questions, your attitude, your comfort in handling the coding query, and more. As a result, instead of replying to the interview’s question instantly, listen carefully, build an answer and then come up with it. If you can’t answer any question, be honest and transparent stating it was not covered in my online course. It shows in your honesty and integrity.

Display Dedication

Last but not the least, technical skills, confidence, and communication count – but the most important thing is your dedication & preparedness for your technical interview, the better will be your chances of clearing it. Take your time while doing any assignment or real-time coding challenges don’t hustle around. The more positive and calm you are the better the outcome would be. In fact, when you practice your mock coding or technical challenges, set a time to guarantee you do your assignment within the time limit. The more time and complex solutions your build for fixing a problem the less likely would be your chances of getting selected. You can access Discord – India’s first dedicated community for aspirants to prepare for interviews, engage with company CXOs, learn communication skills, and find 1000+ job and internship opportunities. Experts will share tips to solve coding questions and improve your efficiency before you step into the real world.

Once you’re done with the tips read: how to improve your communication skills will help you to have a complete overview of the communication building for the technical interview round.

On A Concluding Note –

The technical interview isn’t as tough a nut crack as it seems for beginners, provided you’re honest and prepared. Make sure you’re good at fundamental, programming languages like Python, Java, etc, and have practiced technical questions to the fullest. Don’t hesitate, nervous and tensed. You will be fine, it’s just a coding question, not rocket science. And if you want to be 100% job-ready by industry experts, then join Ekeeda Data Science Program that gives advanced knowledge on data science, using python for data science, and mock preparation to crack tough technical interviews. It’s a self-paced course that will make prepare you for top tech companies and start-ups with ease and efficiency.

Enroll with the best data science course online and boost your chances of getting selected for a technical interview today!

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