23 Jul 2021

Five Easy Steps To Crack GATE Exam In Your First Attempt

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Five Easy Steps To Crack GATE 2022 In Your First Attempt


‘Curiosity And Anxiety’ would be your current state of mind if you’re planning to attempt the popular GATE 2022 Exam. Every year lakhs of engineering aspirants go that extra mile to crack the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering – GATE one of the toughest competitive exams in India. It is a popular entrance exam and great opportunity for candidates who want to pursue post-graduate courses in some of the top IITs, NITs and IIITs across India. It is also acts as a gateway for students to enter the top India PSU companies. Other than this, you can also get opportunity to fly overseas for foreign studies through good GATE scores.

Since GATE is a highly competitive entrance test, students need proper guidance for its preparation. Other than guidance you need right GATE study material, mock tests, previous year/model question papers and other key things to prepare for the competitive exam. Since lakhs of aspirants will compete in the exam, it becomes very important for you to start early and stay ahead in the race till the end.

So, here are five GATE 2022 preparation tips that will help you qualify for GATE in your first attempt - Yes, it is indeed possible to crack GATE 2022 entrance test in 5 easy steps that have been provided below for the aspirants in a simplified form.

Step 1: Make A Study Plan And Keep A Proper Track of It

After going through the GATE syllabus, making a proper study plan would be the perfect idea to begin your GATE preparation. A good study schedule:

  • Enables you to keep a consistent track of daily, weekly and monthly activities
  • Helps you to monitor your progress.
  • Keeps you focused and well organized.
  • Gives you a sense of direction to achieve your set goals and targets.

Step 2: Find Your Strengths and Weakness to Boost GATE Preparation

After making a GATE study plan, the second step crucial step would be identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Being good in one subject might not necessarily mean that you’re good in other subjects too. In such a scenario, you must focus on how you can maximise the probability of increasing your GATE score. Building on your strengths and sailing through the weaknesses can be the best GATE exam preparation strategy you can follow.

Step 3: Use Popular GATE Books & Study Material To Prepare For GATE

It is essential to do extensive research and select the right study material before you even begin your GATE preparation. You can either choose to prepare from the undergraduate course books, online GATE video lectures, or course material of coaching centers. GATE books and study material are easily available in the market but you should take a wise call and choose the ones that are simple to understand and cover the entire GATE syllabus.

Step 4: Clarify Your Doubts and Don't Forget to Revise

While preparing for GATE, it is obvious to have ample of doubts. So, make it a point to get all your doubts cleared well before the exam. Ask experts, teachers and also discuss with your friends so that you don’t have to wait until the day of the exam. Secondly, make a habit to revise regularly on whatever you are studying - be it a small topic or an entire chapter.

Regular revision:

  • Makes you more confident about your preparation.
  • Ensures that you do not forget anything under exam pressure.

Step 5: Keep GATE Exam Stress At The Bay & Move Ahead

One thing that will truly make or break your exam performance is the level of your anxiety. Getting nervous in the run-up for the exam may prove to be one of the major obstacles in your GATE preparation. If you feel stressed or low at any point, take a break and revitalise yourself. Do Yoga, go for a walk, play with your pets, etc. to regain your energy and focus better on your studies. Too much of stress, less sleep and poor eating habits an impact you preparation level.

Before starting exam preparation for GATE, the aspirants must clear their doubts pertaining to the exam. Although it’s tough to crack GATE in your first attempt; however, nothing is impossible. The success ratio in the GATE examination depends upon your preparation strategy, and the quality time you’ve spent on your studies – clearing your doubts, practicing model/previous year question papers and attempting mocks for GATE.

Top educational platforms like Ekeeda offer best GATE online coaching for the aspirants. You can get access to PDF notes, mock tests, model/PYQPs and live lectures to clear your doubts and move up the preparation ladder. Take a free trial and experience the teaching practices by top educators from IITs today!

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