14 May 2021

GATE Preparation 2022 | Best Tips to Prepare for GATE Examination

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GATE Exam 2022 Preparation Tips


GATE is an online-based national level post-graduate entrance exam. It is jointly conducted by the seven IITs - Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Madras, and Roorkee along with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore for admissions to M. Tech programs in various prestigious government and private institutes. Cracking GATE is quite challenging and candidates with a clear vision and determination can score well in this tough nut exam. GATE offers engineering graduates with an opportunity to pursue postgraduate education from premium technical education institutes in India.

Apart from this, various Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) also recruit Graduate Engineering Trainees through GATE exam. Such PSUs recruit Graduate Engineering Trainees based on scores obtained by them. Candidates can get a lucrative government job which acts as enough motivation for candidates to attempt for the GATE 2022 Exam.

GATE examination is held once every year and it’s conducted in the month of February. Thus, candidates have ample time to work out a proper strategic plan for it. It is a three hours long test and the GATE score remains valid for a period of 3 years. There are many coaching institutes that offer a proper resource to prepare for GATE 2022 and formulate a strategy to crack it with excellent scores. But this strategy should be subjective on the candidate's abilities and limitations. 

For a technical exam like GATE, it's advisable to start preparing from college days, however, not necessary you prepare right from the first year. You lack enough technical knowledge and might feel confused or completely lost in the race. The first year should be dedicated to research and experimenting with possible career opportunities. Once you're sure and thorough with your career goal, you can start preparing for GATE.

To ace GATE 2022 Exam and pass out with flying colours, we've come up with some essential tips for candidates to follow:

Start Early Preparation 

When you start early, you have ample time to gather right study material, learn at your convenience, connect with expert faculty and clear your doubts. It will eventually help you score well in the exam. You can create a proper study plan and follow it diligently till the GATE preparation. Scheduling a plan and working as per it saves lot of time and know where you stand in terms of completion of syllabus. Later you will have time to attempt mocks and test series.

Learn To Manage Time 

Time plays a critical role in preparing competitive exams like GATE. Aspirants should divide correct time slots to cover the GATE specific subject syllabus, practice sample GATE papers, do quick revisions, attend GATE preparation online seminars, or forum discussion and more. Ensure you make a holistic preparation and don’t miss anything on the GATE syllabus. You should utilize each day, each hour and each minute wisely to cover GATE portion and clarify doubts. Check the amount of time spent on each subject and later divide the number of days in hand. Give enough time for specific subjects, engineering mathematics and general aptitude section. Follow what you’ve planned and stick to your studies rather than getting hanging out with friends, watching movies, or spending time on fashion or shopping, etc.

Clear Your Basics Fundamentals 

Having a stronghold on the basics of the topics will help you perform faster and better in the GATE exam 2022. Candidates should have better conceptual knowledge of repeated topics. Prepare your own short cuts for formulae, theorems, and concepts. Develop your style of learning, grasping things and stick to it before starting your GATE preparation each day. Be strong with your fundamentals in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Stop Mugging Up Topics 

Mugging Up won’t go a long way, because the moment you forget you will be out of the race especially in the death overs. So, when you sit to watch any GATE preparation online videos or study from book material make sure you get to the bottom of the concept, topic, and how you derive the results. Once the concept is clear you will easily be able to tackle the twisted or complicated questions. Because you can already figure out a solution for it.

Stay Positive & Don’t Lose Hope 

GATE examination is quite tough and most of the times candidates lose their cool or feel depressed. ‘Be Positive’ – It will unlock the door of impossibilities for you. Try to chill out with your colleagues, turn studies into quizzes or puzzles to make it more interesting and indulge in other stress burst activities like yoga, playing with pets, beach walks, etc. In this Covid-19 situation, many individuals are distressed and down due to home sick. So, it’s important to keep the flame ignited & have a genuine passion for engineering that will fulfil your dreams ahead.

Solve Mocks & GATE Question Papers 

GATE exam previous year question papers are like breadcrumbs that will eventually lead to the road to success. With mocks you will know your speed, accuracy and performance level. Through GATE exam question papers from the previous years, you will come to know the repetitive, tough and easy scoring questions. You can develop an impeccable solution for it. Be creative and time-bound while solving it. Focus on developing an innovative way to approach a topic and understanding it. Out of the box thinking can help you recollect easily during GATE Exam 2022.

Keep An Inquisitive Nature 

Isolating yourself with study material, videos won’t help you at all. Instead, be inquisitive in nature before it can help you prepare holistically for GATE Exam. You should remember to ask questions and get answers on it. Talk to toppers, or experts in discussion forum, ask doubts in live sessions to get a perfect solution for particular topic. Once you understand the topic, develop your own answering style in the exam. It will improve your concentration and focus the next time you sit down for GATE exam preparation. Secondly, jot down the tips and tricks provided by toppers and GATE subject experts to solve GATE papers in quick time and accurate answers.

Study At a Consistent Level 

You can’t just study a topic today then get back to it after taking a break for couple of months. You will go completely blank and once again invest time on it. Instead, there should be certain consistency and uniformity in your studies. Try and not to create a big gap while preparing for the GATE examination. Being consistent will help you lessen the burden and improve your chances to score excellent marks. However, also don’t overstress yourself fearing the exam syllabus as it will keep you in a state of confusion and depression.

Today, there are best of GATE preparation online platforms wherein like-minded engineering graduates with similar goals can discuss their doubts and experience. Aspirants can connect online to find useful study resources, discussion, and get answers for their exam doubts.

GATE exam tests the technical knowledge and skills of undergraduates’ students in various disciplines of engineering and science. It is basically a gateway for post-graduate admissions in India and entry-level positions in Indian PSUs. A lot of preparation and time investment is needed if you really want to gain an edge over the competition. For those students who wish to do self-study and confused on how to chalk out a study plan, our blog will help them prepare for it effectively and skilfully plan.

Other than tips, to crack GATE you need determination and good focus. It needs constant efforts to towards every subject i.e clear the basic concepts, overcome the complexities, and score high in their GATE Examination. Although, these tips will help individuals prepare efficiently, one out-of-the-box tip is to maintain good health conditions. Since, there are long study hours it’s advisable take good sleep, eat healthy, go for cycling, do yoga or gym. It will keep you mentally and physically fit through your GATE Exam 2022 preparation journey.

Sign up with top educational platforms like Ekeeda and get access to wide range of exclusive GATE subject specified online videos and PDFs notes. Solve mocks, GATE question papers, test series to improve your chances of scoring excellent marks in the upcoming GATE 2022 exam!


GATE Preparation Tips: FAQs


Is It Easy To Crack GATE 2022 Exam?

Cracking competitive exams like GATE 2022 depends on your own set of abilities and intelligence. Besides hard work, dedication, time management skills, and the right resources are other contributing elements. Also, if you get expert guidance and excellent coaching it would be icing on the cake. Lastly, study religiously and you can easily clear the GATE.

What Will Be Some GATE Exam Preparation tips?

Some tips that will help you ace your GATE preparation include –

  • Start Early Preparation
  • Learn To Manage Time
  • Be Clear with GATE Paper Pattern & GATE Syllabus
  • Stop Mugging Up Topics or Concepts
  • Solve as many GATE Previous Year Question Papers as possible
  • Clear Your Basic Fundamentals & Problem-solving ability
  • Attempt Online Test Series & Mock Tests
  • Design A Study Plan & Learn Consistently
  • Refer Standard Books And Make Notes.

How Much Time Is Required To Complete The GATE Syllabus?

It depends on your ability and dedicated efforts. Ideally, if you’re a beginner then you might take up to 6 to 7 months to complete the GATE syllabus and if you have attempted it earlier, you can clear it in 3-4 months.

How Will Online Resources Help Me To Prepare For GATE 2022?

With online resources like Ekeeda, you will get access to wide range of GATE subject-specified online videos and PDFs notes. You can do GATE preparation online at the comfort of your home. You can prepare for any topic, anywhere! Besides, the mocks, GATE question papers, test series designed by expert faculty will improve your chances of scoring excellent marks in GATE 2022!

How Many Hours Should I Dedicate Every Day For The GATE Studies?

It depends on your preparation level. If you’ve cleared your basics in college time then 3 – 4 hours of rigorous preparation is enough. However, if you’re a beginner, you will have to put in little extra effort. Revision, solving mocks, test series, GATE question papers will also add up for additional preparation time.

From Which Topic Should I Start My GATE 2022 Preparation?

It’s advisable to start from the easy topics because it will help you to build your confidence level. If you choose the difficult topics at the initial stage, you will be nervous, drop your confidence level and impact your GATE preparation strategies.

How Much Time Is Needed To Prepare For The GATE Examination?

Although, it's good to start as early as possible; however, around 7 to 8 months of dedicated preparation will be enough to appear for the GATE Exam 2022. Start preparing today!

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