15 May 2021

GATE Syllabus | GATE Exam Syllabus 2022 For All Papers

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GATE 2022 Syllabus – Know Complete Syllabus, Important Topics, And Topic-Wise Weightage


Hello Engineering Folks,

Firstly, a big thumbs up for making up your mind to attempt GATE 2022 Exam. IIT, Kharagpur is expected to release the syllabus of GATE 2022 for all the papers. GATE syllabus will consists of the topics from where the questions are going to be asked in the GATE exam. With the help of complete GATE exam 2022 syllabus, candidates will be able to create a study plan, and focus on topics that will need more time and better practice.

Thus, it becomes necessary for the applicants to know the GATE syllabus before they start their preparation. Along with the GATE syllabus 2022, candidates should also check the exam pattern to know the nature of questions, exam duration, marks weightage, etc. GATE is an All-India exam jointly conducted by the seven IITs - Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Madras, and Roorkee along with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. It’s conducted every year for admission into M.E./M. Tech/PhD at the IITs, NITs, IIITs and CFTIs or recruitment in PSUs.

The key to achieve success in any form of competitive exam is thorough with the syllabus. GATE aspirants who wish to seek admission into M. Tech and M. Sc programmes will have to carefully go through the syllabus along with the GATE 2022 exam pattern. While GATE syllabus will give complete idea on the topics (easy and complex ones), the GATE exam pattern 2022 will help individual understand the type of questions, exam duration, marking scheme in the GATE question papers.

General Aptitude (GA) will be common and compulsory section for all the GATE papers. It holds 15% weightage in the GATE question paper. The questions in GA section aim to test the verbal and numerical ability of the GATE aspirants. For more details, candidates can visit the official site of IIT, Kharagpur or follow our latest blog to know more about the GATE Exam Syllabus 2022.

What Is The Syllabus Of Gate Exam 2022?

The syllabus for GATE 2022 will be almost similar to 2021, and ideally no changes are expected in it. Candidates who wish to appear in GATE 2022 Exam should analyse the syllabus and pattern before starting their preparation. You can download the GATE Exam Syllabus PDF for all the papers from our blog. A subject wise weightage for different subjects/papers of GATE exam is also available in our blog.

In order to successfully qualify and score excellent marks in the GATE 2022, candidates should focus on studying the topics specified in the GATE syllabus.

With the help of detailed GATE syllabus 2022 and exam pattern, you can prepare well and focus on topics that require more time and attention. Once candidates are through with the syllabus, they can take up the Ekeeda test series to evaluate their performance and know where they stand in the GATE preparation journey.

GATE Exam Syllabus 2022

The GATE 2022 Syllabus for all the 27 subjects are updated in the given table in a form of PDF file. Also, applicants will get detailed GATE Syllabus 2022 Topic Wise For different subjects.

GATE Exam Syllabus 2022 (Paper Wise) 

Papers Download Syllabus
General Aptitude (GA) – Compulsory & Common Section Click Here
Aerospace Engineering (AE) Click Here
Agricultural Engineering (AG) Click Here
Architecture and Planning (AR)

Click Here

Biotechnology (BT) Click Here
Civil Engineering (CE) Click Here
Chemical Engineering (CH) Click Here
Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) Click Here
Chemistry (CY) Click Here
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC) Click Here
Electrical Engineering (EE) Click Here
Ecology and Evolution (EY) Click Here
Geology and Geophysics (GG) Click Here
Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Click Here
Mathematics (MA) Click Here
Mechanical Engineering (ME) Click Here
Mining Engineering (MN) Click Here
Metallurgical Engineering (MT) Click Here
Petroleum Engineering (PE) Click Here
Physics (PH) Click Here
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI) Click Here
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF) Click Here
Statistics (ST) Click Here
Biomedical Engineering (BM) Click Here
Engineering Sciences Syllabus (XE) - Any 2 optional sections
Engineering Mathematics (XE A) - Compulsory section Click Here
Fluid Mechanics (XE B) Click Here
Material Science (XE C) Click Here
Solid Mechanics (XE D) Click Here
Thermodynamics (XE E) Click Here
Polymer Science & Engineering (XE F) Click Here
Food Technology (XE G) Click Here
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (XE H) Click Here
Life Sciences (XL) - Any 2 optional sections
Chemistry (XL P) - Compulsory section Click Here
Biochemistry (XL Q) Click Here
Botany (XL R) Click Here
Microbiology (XL S) Click Here
Zoology (XL T) Click Here
Food Technology (XL U) Click Here
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH B1) Click Here
Environmental Science and Engineering (ES) Click Here


GATE Aptitude Syllabus 2022

General Aptitude (GA) section is common in all the GATE papers and carries 15% weightage of the total marks. The questions in GA are based on verbal, numerical and quantitative ability.  GATE Aptitude Syllabus 2022 is as follows:



Verbal Ability Basic English Grammar: Tenses, articles, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, verb-noun agreement, and other parts of speech Basic Vocabulary: words, idioms, and phrases in context Reading and comprehension Narrative sequencing.
Quantitative Aptitude Data Interpretation: Data graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphs representing data), 2- and 3-dimensional plots, maps, and tables Numerical computation and estimation: ratios, percentages, powers, exponents and logarithms, permutations and combinations, and series Mensuration and geometry Elementary statistics and probability
Analytical Aptitude Logic: deduction and induction Analogy Numerical relations and reasoning
Spatial Aptitude Transformation of shapes: translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, assembling, and grouping Paper folding, cutting, and patterns in 2 and 3 dimensions


GATE 2022 Syllabus – Topic Wise Weightage

GATE 2022 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering - Topic Wise Weightage

Topic Expected Weightage Topic Expected Weightage
Engineering Mathematics 2.5 Thermodynamics 12.75
Strength of Materials 7.75 Refrigeration & AC 1.25
Heat Transfer 6 General Aptitude 15
Machine Design 3.75 Industrial Engineering 8
Fluid Mechanics 7.5 Engineering Maths 12.25
Theory of Mechanics 9 Manufacturing Engineering 14.25


GATE 2022 Syllabus for Civil Engineering - Topic Wise Weightage

Topic Expected Weightage Topic Expected Weightage
SOM 7.75 Design of Steel Structures 4.25
Structural Analysis 3.5 Highway & Surveying 12
FM & Hydraulic machine 6.75 Engineering Mathematics 12.25
Irrigation & Hydrology 7.75 General Aptitude 15
RCC & Prestressed concrete 6.25 Environment Engg 9
Geo-Technical 15.25    


GATE 2022 Syllabus 2022 for Electrical Engineering - Topic Wise Weightage

Topic Expected Weightage Topic Expected Weightage
Network Theory 11.75 Analog & Digital Electronics 11.25
Signal & System 8.5 EMT 2.75
Control Systems 9 General Aptitude 15
Power Systems 9.75 Engineering Maths 11.75
Electrical machines 8.25 Power Electronics 7.5
Electrical & Electronics Measurements 4.5    


GATE 2022 Syllabus for Instrumentation Engineering (Topic Wise Weightage)

Topic Expected Weightage Topic Expected Weightage
Analog circuits 11.75 Circuits & Networks 10.25
Measurements 6.25 General Aptitude 15
Communications 1.5 Signals and Systems 7.75
Control System 10.75 Transducers 12.25
Digital Circuits 7 Engg Maths 11.75
Analytical Biomedical & Optical Instrumentation 4.25 Process Controls 1.5


GATE 2022 Syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Topic Expected Weightage Topic Expected Weightage
Network Theory 11.25 Communication Systems 10.75
Electronics Devices & Circuits 7.25 EMT 9.5
Digital Circuits 6 Engineering Maths 10.5
Signal & Systems 9 General Aptitude 15
Analog Circuits 11.75 Micro Processors 1.5
Control Systems 9    


GATE 2022 Syllabus for CSE (Computer Science) - Topic Wise Weightage

Topic Expected Weightage Topic Expected Weightage
Theory of Computation 7.5 Operating System 9
Compiler Design 2.75 General Aptitude 15
Computer Organization & Architecture 9 Computer Networks 7.5
Programming & Data Structures 10.5 Soft. Engg/ Web Technology 1.5
Algorithms 8 Engineering Maths 14.75
Digital Logic 5.25 Database 7.5


Hope this blog gives complete idea on GATE Syllabus 2022. Sign up Ekeeda and book your favourite GATE online courses today. Start preparing for GATE anywhere, anytime!


GATE Exam Syllabus 2022: FAQs


What Is The Syllabus Of Gate Exam 2022?

The syllabus for GATE 2022 will be almost similar to 2021, and ideally, no changes are expected in it. You can download the GATE Exam Syllabus 2022 PDF for all the papers from this exclusive blog.

Are There Any Changes In The GATE 2022 Syllabus?

No changes are expected in GATE Syllabus 2022. However, it is advised, candidates should wait for the official announcement and release of the detailed GATE Syllabus 2022 by IIT Kharagpur. Also, candidates can check the projected syllabus as per the GATE 2022 paper in the table given above.

Is There A New Subject Added To The GATE Exam Last Year?

So far, Environmental Science & Engineering (ES) and Humanities & Social Science (XS) have been added as the new subjects in GATE 2021.

How Many Papers Can I Apply For In GATE 2022?

Students can opt for two subject papers from the prescribed set of combinations for the GATE 2022 Exam. Earlier, the candidates could appear for only one subject in the GATE exam.

How Do I Know The Topic-Wise Weightage For A Particular Paper As Per The GATE Exam 2022 Syllabus?

Although, there is no official way to know the topic-wise weightage; however, candidates can read this blog to get a complete idea on the topic-wise weightage for a particular paper.

How Much Time Is Needed To Complete GATE Syllabus 2022?

The time taken to complete the GATE syllabus depends on your preparation strategy and commitment. On average, it takes 7-8 months for a fresher graduate to prepare for GATE Exam and almost a year for ones who are still in college to complete the syllabus.

Is General Aptitude Section Common For All Papers?

Yes! GATE Aptitude Syllabus is common for all the 27 GATE papers. It will carry a weightage of 15 marks in the question papers and consist of topics such as - Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, and Spatial Aptitude.

Which Are The Best Books To Prepare For The GATE Aptitude Syllabus?

To prepare for the GATE aptitude section candidates can refer to the books given below -

  • Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning - Dr. R S Aggarwal
  • Quantitative aptitude- Dr. R S Aggarwal
  • English Grammar & composition - Wren and Martin

What Will Be The Types Of Questions Asked In GATE 2022?

GATE Question Paper 2022 will consist of three types of questions i.e MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MSQs (Multiple Select Questions), and NATs (Numerical Answer Type).

What Is The Ratio Of Theoretical & Practical Questions In The GATE Exam 2022?

GATE syllabus 2022 usually follows 80:20 Law wherein 80% of questions will be problem-based and 20% will be theory-based. However, the ratio might differ each year based on the changing trends.

Where Can I Find The Best Study Material For GATE 2022 preparation?

Internet is at your service! Research a bit and you’ll come across hundreds of GATE online coaching classes. Ekeeda – India’s best tech educational app offers GATE online lectures for aspirants designed by expert faculty. Sign up and take a free trial to experience the teaching practices, how concepts are simplified for you, and exclusive PDF notes perfectly designed in sync with the latest GATE syllabus and trends!        

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