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Ekeeda.com is a leading EdTech platform focused on providing test preparation services, cutting edge upskilling programs, virtual work experience and Integrated Job readiness programs for Engineering students to impart 21st century Engineering skills.

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Our Journey

Ekeeda Journey

The Problem of Engineers

  • Skill Gaps
  • Dilemma of Information Overload
  • Lack of Direction, Employability & Counseling
  • Resource Limitation

Our Process

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What do we seek to achieve?

Accelerate careers of aspiring engineers by providing them with comprehensive resources for their academic and professional needs

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Our Goals

Ekeeda Goals

About the Founder

Mahesh Wagh - Ekeeda Founder

Mahesh Wagh


Mahesh is an Information Technology engineer by qualification and a teacher of Engineering Mathematics by passion. A former TCS system developer, he began his pursuit in teaching during graduation.

In 2010, he formally ventured into teaching with Infomatica, an academy for engineering education. By 2015, it had scaled to 7 branches across Maharashtra, with over 70 faculties. His experience with formal teaching at Infomatica made him privy to the challenges faced by students, such as lack of access to quality resources and relevant vocational training, thereby inhibiting overall employability.

For Mahesh, unlocking the potential of EdTech seemed the right way ahead and thus, in late 2015 he started testing variations of online delivery models, which has since culminated in Ekeeda, a venture started with the vision not only to facilitate learning, but also to accelerate careers of engineers.

At Ekeeda, Mahesh has been striving to create a learning ecosystem, channeling conceptual and skill-based learnings along with professional development.

Our Advisor

Dr. Samir Karkhanis (CEO - Yangpoo Executive Education)

Dr. Samir Karkhanis

CEO - Yangpoo Executive Education
Former CMO - Welingkar Institute of Management
Nilesh Halde (Product Head - Pay Nearby)

Nilesh Halde

Product Head - Pay Nearby
Co-Founder at AppLions Solutions

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