What is Ekeeda Affiliate Program?

Became Ekeeda Mentor

Become an Affiliate

Register as an Ekeeda Affiliate and get your own custom affiliate link/coupon code

Show Skills

Showcase Your Networking Skills

Share your custom link/coupon code with your social circles and bring in users through referral

Earn Multiple Rewards

Earn Great Rewards

Get paid INR 1,000 for every successful lead and even win monthly bonuses.

What are the Incentives?


Monthly Subscribers

Minimum Monthly Income
(1k per paid subscriber)

(20% of TSV)

Min Monthly
Potential Earnings


No cap

No Amount

1k to 50k

1k to 50k


>=25 Subscribers

1000 Per Subscriber




>=50 Subscribers

1000 Per Subscriber

1 Lakh+

1.5 Lakh+


>=75 Subscribers

1000 Per Subscriber

1.5 Lakh+

2.25 Lakh+

Affiliate Referrals

For every affiliate who joins the Ekeeda using your custom link/coupon code, you earn 20% of their Total Sales Value.

Who Can Be an Affiliate?

  • Teachers
  • Changemakers
  • Freelancers/ Working Professionals
  • Others
Ekeeda Pro Benefits


If you have Whatsapp and internet to support a short email or msg, you are our Affiliate! That is all we need! We do not expect you to have any other infrastructure

NO! Since we are an online, LIVE-lessons product, we have the capabilities to cater to any customer from anywhere in the country. In fact, we have international customers too!

Absolutely, we would be happy to grow our Ekeeda community with your support.

Every Ekeeda Affiliate has a customized dashboard that they can log into. You will be able to track 4 metrics: number of registrations, number of trials attended, number of paid conversions, and your income.

Payments are made on monthly basis to all Ekeeda Affiliate. Details of payment are visible in the affiliate dashboard.

Our Programs

We help you in unlocking your professional careers

Explore Ekeeda Pro

A career driven ecosystem, customized as per your needs, helping unlock milestone after milestone towards achieving your professional goals.

  • You wish to build a sustainable career with all the requisite skills and learnings.
  • Have a career in mind, but that’s about it?
  • Trying to find the right career path, but still confused?
Explore Ekeeda Pro

Benefits of Joining Ekeeda Pro

  • Career Driven Content
  • 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • Internships
  • Mock Interviews & Placement Support
Benefits of Ekeeda Pro

Benefits of Joining Ekeeda

  • Unlimited Video Access
  • Mock Tests and Quizzes
  • Query Discussion Forum
  • Live Doubt Solving Sessions

Explore Ekeeda:

  • Your goals and direction are clear but need some help on route!
  • Need academic help and practice?
  • Looking for some particular skills/upskilling?
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Download lessons and learn anytime, anywhere with the Ekeeda learning app and learn on the go.

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