09 Jul 2022

How I Became A Data Scientist From Software Developer

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How I Became A Data Scientist From Software Developer

To be honest, my inner voice always said you’re good at numbers and you can crunch them! No matter how many wrong paths I took, my boat gracefully sailed all the way to the Data Science shore where I was meant to be in life.
I wouldn’t say I have reached new zeniths of success, but yes I’m sure I have secured the correct path for a great career ahead! Of course, this journey is filled with a lot of ups and downs. I would love to share it.

Read my full story to know more about what a software engineer is and how it all start? I was in my final year at college, and honestly speaking I had no clue what profession I would choose after my graduation (just like a typical Indian). I bagged an internship at a start-up as a ‘Video Editor’.  I do like the idea of creating stuff, but I never had the thing for core editing and software development. The only thing that inspired me to do an internship was my passion to post videos. After two months of creating videos, I started to get the feeling it's monotonous and that my creativity will come to end someday. It’s not like I was not doing well, but I could not see myself doing that for the rest of my life.

Discovery Of Data Science

In 2018, as I recall I attended a conference where aspiring data scientists were throwing upon the popular question: Which programming language is better R vs Python Vs Java? One of them stood from the audience and said, ‘You can find an answer nowhere else but on – Ekeeda’. That’s how I was introduced to Ekeeda. From that day onwards I have been spending most of my time learning and grasping knowledge on Ekeeda about data science. But the real challenge was yet to come: Which is the best data science online course, who will teach me, industry experts or amateurs? Will I be able to get job opportunities in the market or not? What salary will I draw upon a certified program? These were some bamboozle bouncers thrown at me.

Did I Manage To Get A Job In Data Analytics Yet?

No! So it was still not the time to celebrate. The journey starts with – no matter how long or short the struggle is real and always worth it.  I started to apply for data science jobs and besides that, I also started looking for predictive business analytics courses since I was out of college by this time.

I even picked up some basic courses on Ekeeda, Excel to MySQL techniques for business. Initially, I struggled but I kept trying. Remember, even if you win or not, you take knowledge – so keep on participating in the competition. In my case, I realized, I was able to perform the best since there was a deadline on it. Therefore, I would thank Ekeeda for laying a path through and sticking to this path it landed me into wonder, trust me.

Word of caution: Data Science analytics job is a research-oriented field don’t just pursue it because there is a lot of hype behind it. If you don’t like exploring your brains off on a particular case/topic in order to yield few but meaningful information, sorry to say this field is not meant for you.

My Advice After My Experience

Never think of life as a 9 to 5 job, think beyond and try to think as an entrepreneur it works for you. Successful data scientists won’t restrict themselves to building models. One will try to understand every front right from data processing, to meeting with clients, implementing new techniques to other vital roles in the analysis process.

Tools and techniques are also really important, however mere using them won’t achieve success. One should be able to efficiently communicate the insights drawn if you wanna achieve leadership and success.

On A Concluding Note –

People who want to be successful in their careers should learn to “Use Data Science rather than study data science”. Essentially, one should not only be good at providing solutions to problems but also be able to identify data issues. By using data science, you can structurally solve these problems. A data analyst proves good with their ability to work on problems. So break free from whatever chains hold you back and plunge into the world of opportunities with Data Science today!

There are millions of jobs in data science and analytics in the market. All you need to do is: Figure out your area of interest, upskill and find your dream job!

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