19 Jul 2022

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5 Best Data Science Online Courses For Self-Paced Learning

These courses that I would take you through are for the ones who wish to start their data science journey right from scratch: A few days ago I wrote a blog:  All About Data Science & Career Opportunities

Definitely, once you aspire to be a skilled data scientist you look for the best Data Science Programs online in the market to gain the necessary tech skills and secure jobs in top tech and start-ups. So, in this blog, I will explain why online courses are so important part of my journey and how they helped me clear the fundamentals and learn the advanced concepts of Data Science, Python, visualization tools, libraries, data structure, algorithms, etc. That blog on Data science career opportunities garnered a lot of attention and many of you asked what courses you should take if you really want to pursue a career in data science. Most of them were e-learners and looking for a self-taught data scientist course online.

So, in this blog, I will list the five best data science online training programs that I would recommend for beginners and even working professionals.

1) Advanced Data Science Program: From Novice To Expert

This will be the first course I would have recommended for beginners and aspirants who wish to kickstart their journey as data scientists in 2022. Ekeeda Data Science Program is designed for aspirants and working professionals that will teach you simple to advanced skills, to work on complex and big sets of Data. This data science course will help you clear the basic fundamentals & introduce Data Structure, Control flow, Functions, and Advanced Concepts. With unlimited career opportunities and great packages waiting around for you, Ekeeda Data Science Program is something you can look upto for a bright future. This is not just an introductory level tutorial, but it goes in-depth and teaches you how to use data science practices for industries and processes. The course is taught by world-class data practitioners who use algorithms in real-world projects so that you can gain industry-level knowledge.

After finishing this course you’ll learn:

  • To understand Mathematical Models that will help in capturing information from data

  • Understanding the fundamental concepts of supervised & unsupervised learning Algorithms

  • Develop skills to use Python Libraries such as Numpy, Keras, Sklearn, Matplotlib & many such libraries.

  • Master Programming Languages Like C++ and Java

  • Stats And Python Essentials For Machine Learning

  • Basic & Components Of Deep Learning, Algorithms & Advanced Algorithms Of Deep Learning

Why This Data Science Online Course?

This is an excellent course for anyone who wants to learn the basics to advanced level of data science concepts, work on big data sets, coding skills, deep learning, and stats for ML.

To view this course you can click: Advanced Data Science Program: From Novice To Expert

2) Tableau 2020 A-Z: Hands-on Tableau Training for Data Science

The next course I would recommend is the Tableau 2020 A-Z: Hands-on Tableau Training For Data Science course. This is another great data science online training resource that will help you become a proficient user of the world’s most powerful data visualization software — Tableau. It goes in-depth and teaches you how to use Tableau for data science purposes. You’ll learn everything about the different features of Tableau, how to connect to various data sources, perform basic & advanced analytics, create stunning visualizations, and more.

After finishing this course you’ll learn:

  • All the features of Tableau
  • How to connect to various data sources: Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, Google Analytics, and more
  • How to perform basic and advanced analytics
  • How to create stunning visualizations with ease

Why This Tableau Course?

This course is great if you want to learn Tableau or if you are already familiar with it & want to learn how to use it for data science purposes.

To view this course you can click: Tableau 2020 A-Z: Hands-on Tableau Training for Data Science

3) Applied Data Science With Python Specialization

This third on the list clears the basics of data sciences, and how to effectively handle & analyze data. Learners should have at least some programming experience and a basic comprehension of Python. It’s one of the most useful online data science courses 2022. This skills-based specialization is for learners with a basic understanding of Python or programming who want to use popular Python toolkits like Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, nltk, and networkx to apply statistically, ML, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques to gain insight into their data.

After finishing this course you’ll learn:

  • To Conduct an inferential statistical analysis
  • To Discern whether a data visualization is good or bad
  • To Enhance a data analysis with applied machine learning
  • To Analyze the connectivity of a social network

Why This Applied Data Science Course?

Simple! This course is great if you want to clear the fundamentals of Data Science or if you're already familiar and learn how to handle data effectively and efficiently on board using python programming

To view this course you can click: Applied Data Science With Python Specialization

4) MIT Data Science and Statistics Certificate

This Data Science Certification Online Course will introduce learners to the most demanding cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, data analysis, and data science. You will solve complex challenges and drive data to make better decisions.  It consists of courses related to data science and statistics. You will build essential knowledge of methods and tools used in data science. This MIT Data Science & Statistics Certificate is taught by instructors with years of experience in computer science. They will give you sophisticated and rigorous training in data science. You will be able to get a job with no compromise on the quality of education you’ve acquired.

After finishing this course you’ll learn:

  • To master data science skills, statistical methods, & ML algorithms.
  • To analyze data for making data-driven predictions using probabilistic modeling and statistical inference.
  • Build ML algorithms to extract meaningful information.
  • Learn about unsupervised and supervised learning methods.

Why This MIT Data Science Course?

This program brings a high-quality curriculum & hands-on approach to learners from worldwide. You will receive the program certificate after completing the courses and pass a virtually- proctored exam.

To view this course you can click: MIT Data Science and Statistics Certificate

5) Data Science For Everyone

Data Science for Everyone will teach aspirants data science with no coding involved. If you’re not sure about what data science actually is and what its applications are, this course will enlighten you. It will introduce you to the world of data science, the different roles & responsibilities a data scientist may have, and what work data scientists do as part of their career. You do not need any prior experience in order to take this course.

After finishing this course you’ll learn:

  • You’ll uncover: data collection & storage, data preparation, exploration & visualization, and experimentation & prediction
  • How and where to extract data from, what data looks like and how to efficiently store them, and how a data pipeline can automate the process.
  • Experimentation & prediction step of the data science workflow.
  • Differences between supervised & unsupervised machine learning & its uses.

Why This Data Science For Everyone Course?

You will learn everything you were ever too afraid to ask about this fast-growing data science field, with no need to write a single line of code. In hands-on exercises, you’ll learn about the different data scientist roles, foundational topics like A/B testing, time series analysis, and ML, and how data scientists extract knowledge & insights from real-world data.

To view this course you can click: Data Science For Everyone

There are a number of online courses that can help you clear the fundamentals of Python, Deep Learning, ML stats, Databases, ML Ops, etc.  If this is something that fascinates you, then why wait? These data science online training resources are the perfect platform to kickstart your journey as a self-paced data scientist!

Kickstart your learning journey today.

All the best!

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