30 Jul 2021

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Is GATE Meant Only For Brilliant Candidates? Read To Know More

GATE is one of the most sought-after and highly competitive exams in India. Every year millions of candidates appear for the examination and therefore the competition level is quite stiff for the GATE examination. It covers a vast syllabus and a lot of aspirants aim to clear GATE for a promising future. There are a lot of concerns, and questions candidates wish to get clarity on this highly prestigious exam. Candidates often Google these questions but not every answer is meant to be answered by Google. Some questions are answered on your gut instinct and confidence. One of the common questions that candidates want to know before they apply for the GATE exam is: Is GATE Exam Meant Only For Brilliant Candidates? Can average candidates crack this competitive exam? Get answers to such questions and much more.
Often candidates think brilliant ones are more eligible for further studies, reserve jobs in the top Indian PSUs or research programs, overseas studies, etc.  Well! It’s the biggest myth and needs to be busted for candidates. Just because you’re brilliant or average won’t decide if you can appear for
GATE exam or not.  Before we discuss who can appear and crack the exam, let’s discuss what things are required to prepare for the exam, the efforts, the right study material, and proper coaching and subsequently draw a conclusion on this question.

Things You Need To Crack GATE Exam 2022

Sound Knowledge

To understand the depth of water you need to dive into it. Similarly, to know your capability and potential you have to get proper clarity on what the exam is about. Go through the GATE syllabus, GATE exam pattern, previous year papers of the GATE exam based on your subject preference, type of questions, and difficulty level. Also, you can discuss the toppers, their ranks, opportunities provided to get a better idea of the exam and draw inspiration from through their talks. By taking note of all these things it will help you prepare for the exam and bring confidence in you.

Right Guidance

Although GATE doesn’t seem to be ‘Mission Impossible’ for anyone; however, it's not even a cakewalk in the park. If you’re planning to enroll with a coaching center or sign up for GATE online classes make sure you do proper research and join with the best of the institutes in town. It should have good faculty, success ratio, and enriched experience in helping candidates to crack the GATE. You should check their teaching practices – for instance, if they provide a free trial, opt for it, and take experience. Educators should mentor you on your answering techniques; provide tricks and tips to crack formulae and how to improve speed & accuracy during the exam.

Know Your Career Goal

To stay happy in life, it's important you figure out your career goals. The best way is to pick a piece of paper & pen and list down all the important points related to How GATE can help you change your life and meet your career goals. Try to understand how the exam will open the doorway for various opportunities and how it's’ in sync with your learning goals. Show your mettle in preparing for the GATE exam. You can add or remove points as and when they strike your mind. Once done create a sticker note right in front of your desk. Keep them as a motivation and starting preparing for the GATE 2022 Exam.

Excellent Study Material

Choosing the right study material that covers the latest GATE Syllabus 2022 is like half the battle won. Before you start visiting bookstall vendors and the coaching centers, go through videos & blogs to find the best GATE books for various subjects. Online platforms like Ekeeda offer GATE study materials for candidates at pocket-friendly prices. Through pre-recorded videos, you can start preparing for GATE any topic, anytime at your own convenience. With live sessions, you can clarify all your doubts. This will help you prepare for the subject well and you don’t have to waste time in purchasing a variety of books & notes, pile up and refer during death overs. Also, you can get access to PDF notes, online mocks for GATE, and model/previous year question papers. Top educators have years of enriched experience who can guide you on your answering techniques, give lectures designed on the latest GATE Exam pattern and syllabus for you. Sign up today!

Sincere Efforts & Hard work

“It's important to work hard – there’s no shortcut around that”, rightly said by legend Sachin Tendulkar. If you sincerely study hard, listen to recorded videos, attempt mocks and model/previous year question papers and discuss with peers & professors regarding the obstacles in your GATE 2022 preparation it will definitely reap benefits. Lastly, have patience and don’t get panic or depressed instead focus on your end goal. Make sure you keep yourself mentally and physically fit to cope with the stress, anxiety, and of course the fear of the BIG Exam day. Try and take breaks at regular intervals, refresh and bounce back with a positive attitude that you can and will achieve your GATE goals. It’s difficult and not impossible! Go for it.
Now that you know the route map, you can gauge whether only brilliant candidates can crack GATE or its mean to average individuals as well. GATE can’t be labelled as an examination meant only for IITians, scholars, and top rank holders in engineering academics. Secondly, individuals from diverse fields can also attempt GATE to build a flourishing career ahead. There is no particular set of candidates who are more favourable to appear GATE and such highly competitive exams. All you need is thorough confidence, best study material, right coaching from top faculty, and a proper GATE Syllabus to manage to swim through the troubled waters.
There is no such formula designed for specific individuals to clear the exam; however, there are certain key points that will be common amongst candidates when they approach the GATE 2022 preparation. It would be as follows:


A confident candidate will always take a measured and right approach for their studies. They will be thorough with the GATE syllabus, pattern, and study material before they plan their learning schedule. Based on their plans there will sound confident in solving complex problems, and syllabus. In spite of facing tough assignments, mocks, and tests, they will maintain their calm and bounce with a positive attitude. There will be certain happiness in their expression and try to indulge more in studies after quick breaks.

Sincere Approach

Sincerity and determination to achieve something will be common traits amongst the engineering aspirants who prepare for GATE Exam 2022. Such traits are a sign of leadership, innovation, proactive to solve problems, and prosperity in life. 


There are a lot of individuals who have seen failure, but one great quality about them is “Persistence.” Nothing comes easy, even Dr. Kalam had failed many times before proving to the world that he is the ‘Missile Man Of India’. The entire world was laughing at the costs of “Mangalyan” till the time it successfully entered the orbit of Mars. This is the level of persistence you need in the exam.

Stop Nagging Things

Procrastinate things is a common quality amongst mediocre students; however, go-getters are way ahead of time. Winter vacation, summer vacation, college opening days just seem to be party and fun times for procrastinators, but not for achievers. Students who seriously plan to appear at GATE will complete their studies and syllabus on the same day and within the week or month. They will be ready beforehand for revision and mock tests. Procrastinators will only pile up things and baffle in the end. There are only six to seven months for GATE 2022 – The clock is ticking! So, hurry enroll with the best coaching center like Ekeeda today.

Quite Attentive

Whether you’re planning to study in coaching institutes or book your favourite GATE subject from top educators and study at home, make sure you’re attentive. While attending classes in person or listening to GATE online classes make sure you create notes, develop your own shortcuts, and more. You need to sort things and develop your own style of learning style. This will help you stay focused and quickly revise during the death overs or rather before the BIG exam day. 

On An Ending Note

We hope this blog will boost your confidence and let you attempt the GATE 2022 exam irrelevant of whether you top the list in engineering academics or not. No competitive exam is difficult compared to the amount of confidence, hard work, and determination you have to crack it.

GATE has a wide array of opportunities in various PSUs, management studies, Ph.D., M.Tech admissions, R&D and MS program, and more. Therefore, keep your excuses at the bay and concentrate on GATE 2022 preparation. Once you crack GATE you can live your dream life with pride, privileges, and perks. Sign up with Ekeeda and boost your preparation today!

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