29 Jul 2021

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Myths About GATE 2022 Exam


Today, most parents want their “Ghar Ka Chirag” to lite up their lives with a wonderful career. For this, they ask their children to prepare for various forms of competitive exams such as GATE - It is one of the most prestigious & highly competitive exams in India. But it's natural for people to have stereotypical views on every exam, and GATE is no exception. There are many myths that linger around, while some are real, most of them don’t exist – it’s surrounded by a bubble of myths by people who don’t want to work hard and achieve something big in life.
Relax! Our blog will help you bust some common myths about
GATE 2022 Exam

What is GATE?

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering popularly known as GATE is a national level exam for engineering graduates to secure their admission in post-graduate programs like M.E, M.Tech, Ph.D, etc. Its’ conducted every year by the GATE Committee comprising of IISc, Bangalore, and seven IITs with financial aid offered by MHRD and government agencies. GATE Exam 2022 will be conducted from 5-7 Feb and 12-14 Feb 2022 (tentatively). The admission process will soon start by September 2022 and candidates will have to wait to collect their admit cards.
Before you jump into the preparation, let us clear some myths for you: 

GATE Is Tough

People have created a whole lot of misconceptions on the difficulty level and mental stress about GATE. Most students feel the GATE exam is too tough and it's only for brilliant & extremely talented students. Normal students are way out of the league. Well! It’s a myth because every year thousands of students clear GATE and get good jobs in PSUs, enter research & fellowship programs, or fly abroad for higher studies. Although, the success rate might vary for every individual; however; it’s possible to crack GATE for even a mediocre student – provided he or she is determined and studies consistently and sincerely with high-quality study material.

Skip Non-Technical Subjects

Technical subjects will definitely have their own importance - your skills will be tested and performance will be gauged through the subjects. But, non-technical subjects are also an integral part of the GATE exam and if you don’t have enough practice it can cost you majorly. Don’t listen to people and concentrate fully on technical subjects. Instead, reserve some time for the non-technical syllabus such as GATE Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics as well in GATE 2022. It will help you score the extra marks and secure your seat in the Cut Offs. Non-technical might not be a great part of the syllabus but it's surely not worth ignoring it.

More Questions, More Marks

In a way, attempting maximum questions will surely help you secure your seats in Cut off. But, if you attempt questions by mere fluke it won’t guarantee maximum marks. Thus, more questions are fine only if you are confident and feel correct. Otherwise, you will lose marks due to negative markings and greatly impact your GATE score. Don’t even think to attempt a question if you’re not sure of the answer. Just try the questions that you’re confident to score and then spend some time to gauge answers in a quick revision round. The more correct answer you provide, the better would be your score and chances of entering the merit list. Sign up with top educators like Ekeeda who provide online mocks for GATE, GATE online lectures, PDF notes, and live lectures for various GATE exam streams. Boost your preparation now!

Refer Too Many Books

Many GATE aspirants tend to buy every textbook suggested by their friends, professors, or bookstall vendors. Students believe they need to gain more knowledge from as many sources as possible and refer to maximum books. However, it’s the biggest myth to bust, as one needs to focus more on understanding concepts, and topics in an easy way rather than referring to concepts from different books and confuse themselves. They should enquire and collect one or two GATE study materials to avoid any confusion and stick around these books for rigorous preparation. Try to avoid the bookish hustle and refer to the coaching study material to meet your competitive goals. Ekeeda offers a complete GATE package for various subjects at pocket-friendly prices. Sign up today!

Study All Day & Forget Hobbies

A lot of students and peers would advise you to revise the syllabus a day before the exam. Firstly, let us clear GATE exam syllabus is vast and it can’t be revised in a day. It’s just impossible! If you try to revise the entire syllabus, then by end of the day you will get completely exhausted and couldn’t remember anything you have learned. This physical and mental stress will hamper your performance and you’ll be unable to give your best during the BIG Exam day. Another myth for GATE aspirants is to leave their hobbies aside while preparing for the exams. However, it's better to focus on the quality of study rather than the number of hours you put into your studies.
You can surely take breaks, spend time with friends or family, go for a movie or a beach walk, play with your pets or any sports, as long as it works as a stress buster and helps you regain your learning power. Also, you will have to keep a tab on your diet since it requires long physical hours to sit for
GATE preparation

On an ending note –

The key to achieve your dream goals is hard work, determination, and passion. But it should not be at the costs of physical and mental stress, and secondly, fear should not linger around in your mind. Instead, once you should enter the stormy waters of your exam preparation, try to adapt to the situation and accordingly, learn to swim safely through it. 
Hope this blog has helped you bust a few myths that float around for the GATE 2022 Exam. 
Good Luck For GATE 2022!

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