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Seven Must Steps To Follow For GATE Electrical Engineering Preparation (EEE)

GATE is one of the most popular competitive exams in India. With every passing year, its popularity is increasing since it opens up new career avenues for aspiring candidates. It's a graduate-level exam being taken by engineering candidates who wish to seek admission in post-graduate programs like M.E. /M. Tech and Ph. D in top-tier IITs, NITs and IIITs. Also, GATE opens up avenues such as you can secure jobs in the top-rated Indian PSUs, fly overseas for higher studies or research programs, etc. provided you have excellent scores that speak up for you.
GATE 2022 will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur and the official notification has been released by the board in August 2021. Candidates can visit the official site or follow our blog ‘GATE Exam 2022 Dates Announced’ to get a clear idea of the various events.
Every student who aspires to give the GATE examination needs rigorous preparation way in advance before the BIG exam day. It will ensure you will understand the examination, the difficulty level, types of questions,
GATE syllabus, and accordingly be well prepared for it. Continuous learning and practice will help you fetch good scores in this tough competitive test. Therefore, a strategic GATE exam 2022 preparation is a must for good results.
GATE Electrical 2022 Exam
GATE is a post-graduation admission test for the IITs, NITs, and IIITs and thus, you can opt for a number of subjects for the competitive test. There are 29 subjects or papers you can opt for the exam and one of the most popular one that candidates aspire to take is ‘Electrical Engineering’. It’s one of the oldest and popular fields and every year thousands of candidates opt for this subject/paper in the examination. Due to the vast GATE exam syllabus, its needs meticulous planning and execution in order to crack the GATE Electrical Engineering exam. The blog will discuss few key points that will let you crack and score excellent marks in GATE 2022 EE Exam.
Our blog will explain what is the right approach for the GATE 2022 EE Exam preparation:

  1. Know The Syllabus

The first thing before you begin your preparation is to get aware of the GATE EE syllabus. There are eight to ten important sections in the Electrical Engineering Exam paper. It includes –

  • Engineering Mathematics

  • Electric Circuits

  • Electrical Machines

  • Electromagnetic Fields

  • Control Systems

  • Power Systems

  • Signals and Systems

  • Analog and Digital Electronics

  • Electrical and Electronic Measurements

  • Power Electronics.

These are the most important sections for GATE EE preparation. Your GATE paper questionnaire will revolve around these sections and you will get 65 questions for a total of 100 marks to answer. All these topics will be structured in three sections – Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude, and Electrical Engineering

  1. Know The Marking Scheme

The next thing is to understand the marking scheme for the GATE EE paper. For this, you should go through the GATE exam pattern and get a clear understanding of it. There will be three types of questions – Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Select Questions (MSQs), And/Or Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions. While the wrong answers for Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will carry negative marks there won’t be any deduction for numerical answer questions.
MCQs will carry 1-mark and 2-marks. For 1mark MCQs there will be 1/3rd mark deduction. Similarly, for 2-mark MCQs there will be 2/3rd of the marks deduction. GATE Score will be valid for three years from the date of announcement of the result. GATE EE 2022 Exam will be a computer-based test.

  1. Practice Engineering Mathematics Hard

One of the most important GATE preparation tips would be getting well prepared for the Engineering Mathematics section. Engineering Mathematics hold’s a lion share i.e 13-15 marks in the GATE EE paper thus its important to practice and prepare well for this section. The topics that you should prepare would be as follows –

  • Linear Algebra: Matrix Algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors.

  • Calculus: Mean value theorems, Theorems of integral calculus, Evaluation of definite and improper integrals, Partial Derivatives, Maxima and minima, Multiple integrals, Fourier series, Vector identities, Directional derivatives, Line integral, Surface integral, Volume integral, Stokes’s theorem, Gauss’s theorem, Green’s theorem.

  • Differential Equations: First order equations (linear and nonlinear), Higher order linear differential equations with constant coefficients, Method of variation of parameters, Cauchy’s equation, Euler’s equation, Initial, and boundary value problems, Partial Differential Equations, Method of separation of variables.

  • Complex Variables: Analytic functions, Cauchy’s integral theorem, Cauchy’s integral the formula, Taylor series, Laurent series, Residue theorem, Solution integrals.

  • Probability and Statistics: Sampling theorems, Conditional probability, Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Random variables, Discrete and Continuous distributions, Poisson distribution, Normal distribution, Binomial distribution, Correlation analysis, Regression analysis.

  • Numerical Methods: Solutions of nonlinear algebraic equations, Single and Multi‐step methods for differential equations.

The section is mandatory and one of the best ways to score good marks in the GATE examination. It's very important you prepare for the section well in advance. Most candidates tend to push to the topic and focus more on GATE specific subjects. However, it will be a great loss since it carries around 25-30% weightage of the total GATE marks.

  1. Pick The Best Books

It’s important that you choose the right books that will help you score excellent marks in the GATE EE 2022 Exam. You might wonder which are the best books for Electrical engineering competitive exams. It’s Simple! Pick the one that is easy to understand, explains in layman’s terms, covers the entire GATE Electrical Engineering syllabus, and most importantly has lots of examples. Don’t rush behind books with fancy names or foreign authors. Instead, consult your professors or seniors on which are the best GATE Electrical books. Also, good books will help you understand the types of questions and patterns. Internet will be seriously helpful to search for the best books and GATE Electrical Engineering study material.
Here is a list of recommended books that will be helpful for GATE 2022 EE Preparation:

  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by E.Kreyszig (for Electrical Engineering Mathematics)

  • Signals and Systems- Nagoor Kani (for Signals and Systems)

  • Signals and Systems by Oppenheim and Wilsky (for Signals and Systems)

  • Power Electronics by P.S.Bimbhra (for Power Electronics)

  • For Beginners- Power Electronics by MH Rashid (for Power Electronics)

  • Engineering Circuit Analysis by Hayt and Kemmerly (for Electric Circuits)

  • Electrical Machinery by P.S.Bimbhra (for Electrical Machines)

  • Control Systems Engineering by Nagrath and Gopal (for Control Systems)

  • Power Systems by Jb Guptha & CL Wadhwa (for Power Systems)

  • Power Systems Engineering by Nagrath and Kothari (for Power Systems)

  • MicroProcessors by Ramesh s Goanker (for Digital Circuits)

  • For Digital Electronics, refer to Digital Design by M.Morris Mano (for Digital Circuits)

  • Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney (for Measurement)

  • William .H.Hayt – Engineering Electromagnetics (for ElectroMagnetics)

  • Mathew N. O. SADIKU-Elements of Electromagnetics (for ElectroMagnetics)

  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad (for Analog)

  • Transient Analysis of Electric Power Circuits by Arieh L Shenkmann and also Chakrabarthi (for Circuit Analysis)

These GATE Electrical Books are designed in a way that will enlighten your knowledge and skill on every topic that is important for GATE EE 2022 exam. They are neither lengthy nor too brief and the concepts are very well explained. Thus, it saves a lot of time for revisions, mocks, and solving GATE Electrical Previous Year Question Papers.

  1. Carefully Choose The Study Material

Study material plays an important role in your aim to crack that lucky GATE score. Good study material from reputed vendors or renowned technical platforms or institutes online can help you get access to all the necessary information under one umbrella. It proves quite helpful to score high in the GATE examination. Thanks to the internet, everything is now at your fingertips. Take a smartphone, ‘Google’ the best GATE study materials online or coaching centers in your area and you will get hundreds of options once you hit the ‘SUBMIT’ button. However, not everyone is here to help you, some will only lure you with attractive ads, discounts, and vouchers. You have to take a call based on feedback, ratings and choose your study material carefully for GATE Electrical Engineering preparation. The study materials are made by following the finest authors and best books of all time. So, once you choose a particular online coaching center check if they provide a demo or free trial to experience their teaching standards. In offline, you won’t be lucky enough to get a free trial so be aware before you block your money.

  1. Learn Time Management Skills

GATE Electrical Engineering is one of the difficult exams and the syllabus is also quite vast. You won’t get much time to prepare yourself if you wait for your final year and then plan for your studies. It is better to start making preparation right from the 3rd year of the engineering degree. Also, from here one you must learn how to manage time. The GATE preparation tips for EEE will include –

  • Make A Timetable

  • Stick To the Deadlines No Matter What

  • Make Short Term Goals & Achieve Them For Specific Topics

  • Make Long Term goals To Finish Chapters, Sections in Certain Time

  • Revision should be a continuous process and it cannot be neglected at any point of time

  1. Stay In Touch With Toppers/Expert Faculty

Isolating yourself with GATE EE study material, videos won’t help you at all. Instead, be inquisitive in nature, it can help you prepare holistically for GATE 2022 EE Exam. You should remember to ask questions and get answers during live lectures or physical classes. Talk to toppers, or experts in the discussion forums, ask doubts in live sessions to get a perfect solution for a particular topic. Once you understand the topic, develop your own answering style in the exam. It will improve your concentration and focus the next time you sit down for GATE Electrical engineering preparation. Secondly, jot down the tips and tricks provided by toppers and GATE subject experts to solve GATE EE papers in quick time with accurate answers.
Hope you now have a better idea on how to prepare for GATE electrical engineering (EEE) and score excellent marks. Sign up with Ekeeda and boost your GATE preparation now!

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