20 Jun 2022

Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills

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Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills


About Communication Skills

It’s a well-known fact good communication skills are essential at work – that’s why ‘I’m good at communication seems to be a patent thing in every CV. However, many people wonder why communication matters a lot? Also, we all have the taste of bad communication at some point or other in life. What does it take to be a good communicator? And how to improve communication skills? 

Luckily for you, e-learning platforms like Ekeeda provide various career track courses along with career workshops, designed to hone your communication skills – such as learning how to create a killer presentation or improve your Spoken English.

However, before you get started with these career tracks, here are some handy tips to improve communication skills and be a good speaker:

Know Your Audience

To develop communication is not about talking for hours. You need to understand who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. You might be a whizz with facts & figures, but if you’re standing in a room full of creative brains, you might want to use lesser jargon and more visual aids.

It’s better to be concise and crisp when dealing with senior executives. Alternatively, you can be a bit relaxed while talking to your junior staff. It all comes down to being flexible and blending with the crowd. Try to read the room and prepare it in advance.

Before you attend a meeting or give a presentation, think carefully about who all are there, what are they looking for, and the best way to adjust your words, and body language to appeal to them. Good communication doesn’t mean you impose your taught on others but adapt your tone and make sure you send your message across.

Be Crisp And Concise

There’s nothing worse than blabbering about the topic when just a few words of wisdom & knowledge would suffice. People take time out of their productivity to attend a meeting or presentation, so it’s important to think about how to communicate and what you want to say in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Don’t cook up stories and then come up with stats or results that are irrelevant or hypothetical. It’s worth to consider the background of the people in the room before you start talking. Remember that the clearer you are, the more likely your ideas will land.

It’s also important to note that English is just a communication language and not a mandatory requirement. For instance, if you’re working with an international team, there are courses designed to help you better communication skills with diverse audiences. If English is the communication language, and you’re worried about clear communication, you may consider taking a course to improve your skills and confidence.

Stay To The Point

Clarity is the most important element of any form of communication. Just as it’s important not to use ten different words to explain one thing; good communication skills also rest on using the right words.

Firstly, you need to figure out: What exactly do you want to communicate, and what are the key points you want to keep? You should think in advance, prepare and structure your ideas accordingly to the point.

Make a plan of what you wish to talk about and the key issues you want to address. You could even share your objectives with people, so the individuals would have an idea on what you want to discuss – and how to stick around the topic. For more information, explore online and find out blogs and online forums about: How To Give An Effective Presentation.

Medium Is Very Important

Face-to-face communication is quite important to build trust and responsibility in any organization – it’s never good to email or WhatsApp. The point is, that you should whether now what you want to communicate is worth meeting or could just be discussed in an email or group chat. We can see, that the future of business communication is online, and you should familiarize yourself with how to write emails or make a corporate wats app or slack draft. Fortunately, you can google, and you will find several courses on this topic.

Follow The Habit To Listen

Good communication is a two-way street – great communicators are meant to be great listeners. When you listen carefully only then you will be able to build your opinion on a particular subject. After all, communication is about helping those around you to understand the work, and do their jobs better. Thus, it means taking people’s opinions into account.

Make sure you listen to the feedback and hear what your colleagues and senior managers are trying to convey to you. While giving a presentation, reserve some minutes for questions and discussions. If you’re in a meeting, don’t just keep talking and let others spread their message. Also don't be gender-biased, such as if you’re a man and think what a woman will say - it’s foolish. Let her speak and give her opinion.

When you're in the office, ask people how are they doing and what they say about the project, work, particular situation, or presentation so that you can follow up later. It's never a loss to ask questions, especially when you don’t derive any conclusion – it shows you’re interested and attentive enough.

Hope you now got some ideas on how to improve & build your communication skills. For the best career track programs, Sign up with Ekeeda – India’s top educational app and get industry-ready now!

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