07 Sep 2022

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How To Be A Python Developer Without A Degree?

Do you want to be a Python developer? Are you worried about your education? What will you say in your interview about studies? Fret not! In this technologically advanced world, tech companies are embracing your tech skills rather than a high-end degree. Of course, even a degree is important but it's not a mandate to enter this exciting world of Python programming. Don’t worry about getting any degree in Python, you can now be a Python developer with more emphasis on skills and efficiency rather than unwanted hurdles like a mandatory degree. Our blog will help you figure out becoming a python developer without a degree.

Most of the job descriptions carry a required certification in Python programming, or a degree in computer science, or related to the field, which acts as a gateway to enter the world. Yes, there is an ever-growing breed of self-learning Python developers. Python is one of the most popular general-purpose languages and given the lack of qualified faculty in universities or institutes, aspirants are themselves learning the language online – thereby making a killing out of the abundance of job opportunities in the market for skilled Python developers. So, just don’t think that a degree is a mandate for Python. You can now become a self-taught Python developer. 

The blog will introduce the top edtech platform to learn Python basics for data science and the tips from where you can kickstart your beginning:

Learn Programming Languages

The industry is witnessing demand for top programming languages like C++, Java, Python, and R. All the coding, scripting of operations, and processes, are done through any language flexibility as per their needs. Thus, from Java to Python, there are several programming languages to choose from when you’re learning computer science. Data Science is the hottest field that requires Python and heavily relies on this unique, swift, and easy Python language. Since you wanna become a programmer, we would advise picking Python – the best language for data science.

Study Data Structures & Algorithms

Once you’ve understood the Python programming language, the next step is to familiarize yourself with data structures & algorithms. Data structures will improve storage efficiency, help swift fetching, and organize data. Algorithms are the assets of operations & instructions. They will be applied to data structures to get the desired output. Several top tech companies such as Google, Accenture, IBM, Cognizant, and Microsoft come up with data structure and algorithm questions in their coding interviews. Join Ekeeda Data Science Program to learn Python and get the hacks to crack interviews in top tech companies and BIG start-ups!

GitHub For Storage & Sharing

Git and GitHub help in building on the popularity of open-source tools & programming amongst developers. Git and GitHub are two collaborative tools that are very useful for Python developers. Many Python developers make efficient use of GitHub to store their code & share it with a larger community of users.

SQL and Database Management

Who doesn’t know about SQL? It’s a domain-specific language used to communicate with a database. In addition to mastering Python programming, it's important Python developers should learn SQL, NoSQL, and other elements of the database management system. SQL is a programming language used to develop a database & communicate with the information & data stored within. Python developers benefit by learning SQL, NoSQL, and database management to create the data architecture of a given website or URL and platform.

Developer Tools & Frameworks

Github, Azure, Node.js, Django, Angular.js, React JS, Vue,js are some of the most efficient developer tools and frameworks to use. Aspiring Python developers should learn these developer tools and frameworks to make life easy in the process of developing websites, software, mobile applications, etc. Within the Python programming language, there are numerous frameworks for web development that are important to study and learn. Like Python libraries for data science and Machine learning such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc., frameworks easy to develop a product by offering built-in tools and specialized functions to create a desired product or service.
Now, you would think about where to learn about these elements. There’s way too much and way less time when the industry is moving at a breakneck speed. Relax! There are so many online courses, coding boot camps, YouTube videos, etc. to build your knowledge

Learn Python Online

Traditional education is going through a slow death. No one has such a lot of time or money to spend on a four-year degree to gain knowledge and expertise in a field that is readily accessed online. The perfect resources to gain something would be online courses designed by top edtech platforms like Ekeeda, Udemy, Coursera, Great Learning, etc. Each one of them comes up with amazing courses along with owing unique versioning and course structure designed by fortune 500+ experts. Coding boot camps are yet another amazing way to build one’s skills & capabilities in any career. For beginners and professionals with an investment in programming, coding boot camps are also a great way to build a career without a degree. One way to become a Python developer without a higher degree would be learning the essential skills of Python development through coding boot camps & certificate programs from such top players in the market. To know about the best data science course online – click here

Internet Forums

Last but not the least, the best way to gain expertise and in-demand skill is to interact with a like-minded community. For instance, you can search for a self-taught Python developer and will have an interactive session with him or her. Through this, you can exchange ideas, code snippets, and application logic. But you need to make sure that mere learning will not help, you will need to build something practical that you can say you've created proudly. This is where certified programs like Ekeeda Data Science Program come into the picture.

Build something meaningful with your expertise in the capstone projects. Once you become comfortable enough with technology, try to work on a project that will implement all your learnings. For instance, you can build a blog website, you can create a photo slider, can design a fun game, or have some fancy web features like Picart, Vimeo, photo maker, etc. Create an account on GitHub & publish your projects, share them with the Python community and get feedback on them. Once you have sufficient projects under your belt, you can start applying for jobs and display your projects and skill implementation.

Youtube Videos Or Online Programs

Although, Youtube will help you gain knowledge, but it cannot give access to job opportunities. For this, you need a certified program. The placement assistance will help you crack jobs in top tech companies and start-ups. The career-building sessions, soft skills sessions, and capstones will improve your knowledge and confidence in giving the best interviews in the companies.

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