06 Nov 2021

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How To Make Career in Blogging - Scope & Income

With over 4-4.5 billion people worldwide currently connected to the internet, there has never been a better time for businesses to include blogging in their marketing strategy. Not only does blogging drive website traffic and promote your products and services, but it also helps you build trust with your potential customers. It’s said, “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”, and the so-called ‘Digital Pen’ very well depicts the power of millions of writers and bloggers across the world. Other than writers, there are photographers, fashionistas, graphic designers, web developers, and lots of other creative professionals, who can utilize the power and display their talent online. With this freedom, you can start your blogging career in India or make money from your house, or while on the move. All we can say is, 'The sky is the limit for the possibilities.'
In today’s digital era, blogging is the most impressive, expressive, and money-making career which is gaining popularity worldwide. However, before you enter the blogging world, you should clear some basic facts. 
Since it’s the most opted online career globally, all you need is exceptionally good writing skills. Other than this you need a domain name and a great host provider to kickstart your blogging career. Globally recognized bloggers earn huge money through it. It’s one of the top ten 21st century career opportunities and the greatest way to pass on your information to millions at one go. Blogging is like fuel that will ignite your brand, product, or service. Through right and creative blogging, business or processes can do wonders and reach new zeniths
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Now that you've set your heart on how to become a blogger in India, let’s understand things right from the scratch!
What Is A Blog?
A blog is an individual web page on your website that gives a valuable piece of information into a particular sub-topic, product, or service. There are nearly 1.8+ billion blogs and websites across the globe. And millions of blogs are registered each day. 
What is Blogging?
Blogging means writing information and providing it to millions of potential users and generating revenue through it. It takes different internet marketing strategies to popularize your blogs. 
For instance, let's say you start a health & fitness blog on your retail website. One blog post will be titled, “The Best Health & Fitness Tips For 2021”. The post will tie back to your overall blog topic as a whole (health and fitness); however, it will also address sub-topics (foods, or exercise)
You can create a blog on any niche in which you feel you’re a pro in writing. However, the blog that you write should be intriguing and make people visit your portal again and again. There are hundreds of topics you can opt for blogging in India such as electronics & gadgets, e-commerce, health & fitness, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, real estate, celebs, etc.

Why Should You Start Blogging As A Career? 
Jobs in every nation are deviating exponentially due to the increase in population and lifestyle standards. Most of the countries suffer from recessions, unemployment, and economical hurdles. There is a dire need to find a second source of income. And blogging is a low investment business with big returns. 
Blogging provides you with good earnings and it's quite popular over the internet. All you need good headstart. People who work, or do business can opt for this amazing part-time career option and grab a wonderful chance to earn money. Also, blogging won’t require much investment.

How To Be A Blogger?
Blogging is not rocket science and you don’t need a technical stamp on your marksheet. People of any age, gender, region, and forte can start blogging. Basic knowledge of computers and exceptionally good writing skills to express the topic and entertain people through it is what you need. 
Even my neighbour who is 60 years is running a blog – retirement & investment plans for young guns of India and earns his additional income through it. So, blogging is one of the coolest professions which can be adopted irrelevant of your age, educational qualification, gender, or place you live. Blogging provides you with income even while you’re asleep; let your words do the talking! Isn't it great? So, this blog lets know career opportunities as a blogger and how to earn money by blogging in India.

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Things You Need To Become A Successful Blogger In India
Grit Determination – You Need good willpower and hard work throughout your career. There will be times when you struggle, won’t find a potential client and so on; however, you will be a great success later on.
Patience – You need the patience to see your seeds grow in money plants. Don’t lose hope eventually your hard work and dedication will pay off one day.
Good Website – Since you will blog consistently you will need a perfect platform to build your website. Look for sites that have easy setup and reasonable prices. Check out the features, flexibility, speed, space, and other important things before you plan to create a website with a particular platform. 
Good Hosting - You should buy the best and affordable hosting plan for your website. A good shared hosting plan with 1GB space and 5 GB bandwidth will cost nearly around INR 2000 and it's reasonable to start with.

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Key Facts About Blogging Career In India
Best Platform To Earn Money – Blogging is the most efficient and smoothest way to make money online using your sheer writing skills and talent. However, most of the newbies think blogging will be a money-making machine and write any scarp to earn a handful of money. Before going to earn part of blogging, you should indulge in high readings, grab a style, and understand the vast untapped market potential towards your blog post.
Consistent & Efficient – Many bloggers achieve large income due to their expertise and knowledge. However, initially, you may have to struggle but later you will reap benefits. The blog that is unique, matches the latest marketing trends and guidelines will surely show incredible stats after six months of continuous efforts. Blogging is all about consistency and efficiency for the long term. It is also about your determination and hardwork. 
Needs Hard & SmartWork – You can see many bloggers earning money; however, it's not from their first blog itself. Slowly and steadily they have crossed several stages before they reach new heights. If you do hard work and design a blog that is intriguing and connects the audience well, you will have that reach and likes. This will help you make large money promptly through advertisement and paid posts. You will have to get millions of visitors through commenting and SEO services to see the results of your hard work. Develop backlinks to your websites as much as possible through guest posts, quora postings, and other elements.
Not Meant For Copy Cats – Most bloggers try to imitate or literally copy the articles from other bloggers just to get the traffic on their blog in a few moments. But the job is not for copycats. You need fresh and authentic writing if you really want to taste success and see astonishing results for your brand or product. This is very good for the health of the blog as many search engines keep track & penalize the site that adopts plagiarism-based content or wrong techniques. It's simple if people start copying from your blog, then you're being recognized by them. So, don’t copy instead let others follow you. 
Choose Topics Carefully - Again if you pick a topic that is not your cup of tea, you will do machine writing. It won't pull traffic on your posts. It's better to do thorough research, discover your likes & interests, and accordingly pick topics to create a blog. Today, digital marketing is the hottest topic and there is a vast scope for blogging in digital marketing. Take time and but make a good decision about your topics and subjects. 
So, we will suggest the newbies make a thorough research about SEO Tactics and efficient promotional techniques to make your blog rich and reach the potential audience. You should try to assemble as much information as possible on topic, product, or service before you start blogging and start smartly a good career ahead.

Some Blogging Tips To Follow
With efficient blogging practices, you can even start your own business or pursue a wonderful blogging career in India. Here are some great blogging tips to follow and learn know to earn money through blogging in India:
Develop Your Skills
The first thing, before you turn out to be a successful and famous blogger, is there are some essential skills you need to develop and maintain throughout your career journey. Adapt a writing style, get thorough knowledge on SEO & Research, writing - grammar & spelling, marketing. Secondly, be patient, keep yourself motivated, learn to communicate well, and adopt organizational skills. 
These skills are important for those who plan to start making money through a blogging career. You will need to make sure your content is SEO-friendly and creates a brand value and image. It's important to keep your content simple, and communicative in order to target your potential audience.
There are various resources online that are free and useful to sharpen your skills such as: Blog writing courses - click here, SEO guides, Content planning courses. You can even take a headstart on writing powerful content through plugins such as Yoast SEO that will guide you, optimize your blog to ensure that it's SEO friendly. It will tell you what's missing if your content is great enough to post. Yoast also has a readability tool that analyze your content to make sure that it will be easy to read for your audience and other visitors.

Make The Most Of Your Content
Once you have identified your potential audience, it's time to start blogging and create a buzz about your product or services and their requirements. Other than creating your own niche, it's important to provide content on other websites too. If you want to start making money from blogging, then it's important to cross-promote your content and develop a solid readership. Since the audience is the key to your success, you need to create content as such that will help you build a strong and loyal audience. 
However, you should know that duplicate content might penalize you and your brand, thus, it's important you shouldn't copy-paste the content. Try to generate original and engaging content. Also, cross-promotion will help you to develop a brand image, display your writing skills, and what's the purpose of your product or service. The more backlinks you gain from other websites the better would be your Google rank on a particular keyword or say overall product search. Where and how you publish your content will also have a significant effect on your blogging career. 

Opt For An Internship
Taking up an internship is an excellent way to boost your writing skills and advance your blogging career in India. You may either look for an internship or find out broader segments like Digital marketing - PPC, SEO, Content Management, etc., it's totally up to you and your career options. Internships give a great opportunity to sharpen your writing skills from industry experts and take attractive blogging as a career in India. 
You will gain practical experience which you can add to your CV or LinkedIn profile or social networking platforms. At Ekeeda, we provide the best blogging in digital marketing courses for millions of individuals. Right from the comfort of your phone, you can acquire skills anytime, anywhere.  Thus, it's an effective way to get into your desired industry with enhanced key skills and taste success. 
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Increase Your Professional Network
Networking gives an abundance of experience and variation to your writing style. There are hundreds of experts across the globe who are available online to chat and discuss your loopholes & improve your writing. Secondly, on a physical note, the people you meet, the knowledge you acquire, and the skills you acquire, will majorly impact your writing skills. Whether you connect with fellow bloggers on LinkedIn or Facebook or you decide to visit events, all these will help you significantly boost your blogging career. Success stories, new ventures, product launches, case studies everything is an experience for you. Networking is strongly recommended if you wish to start blogging as a career.
Free Lance Or Part-Time Jobs
Now that you know all about blogging and its features, wondering how to earn money by blogging in India? Well! it's worth looking out for freelance or part-time work. Free Lance jobs are ideal for those who are committed due to responsibility or pursue academic studies. It has a flexible style, works on multiple projects simultaneously and you decide your working hours and priorities as your schedule. Part-time will help you to gain a steady income whilst learning new skills and techniques with a blog expert on board. By taking up a part-time job, you will continue to do what you love as well as earn money from it. If you wish to test the water and are serious about blogging as a career then the best option for you is freelance or part-time jobs. By creating content for companies or industries and getting paid for it creates a win-win situation for you. You will get good exposure and improve your reputation as a blogger and earn money as well. 
Other than working on your skills, keep up with the latest trends for your potential audience, network with peers and industry experts, and most importantly practice diligently, you will taste success.
Best Of Luck!

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