20 Dec 2021

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Ten Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

Blogging is a great and impressive career for today's youth. Being a professional blogger means you will be your own boss, flexible time schedules, and the best part is you can sit in any part of the globe and blog. All you need is a laptop and a swift internet connection. Sounds like one of the coolest professions. Huh? Many people feel that blogging is only a part-time profession that gives you quick money or it is a hobby for individuals. Be there is a professional side to it and our post will help you discover the amazing side of ‘Professional Blogging’, and how to become a professional blogger.
Through blogging, you can earn quite a lot of fame and money. The more popular you are amongst the reader, the better you can generate revenue for yourself. It's a simple as that.  We’re happy. Because you’re one of them who actually know there is something called ‘Professional blogging’. 
If you are one of those who are excited to take blogging as a full-time profession and how to become a professional blogger, then this post is for you. 
We will discuss ten important things to know before starting a blog, so here we go: 

  1. Follow Your Passion

Blogging & Passion are like made for each other things. There are two types of people who will start blogging as a career. One who will be passionate to earn bread & butter to run a family. Others who are passionate about the topic and can put their soul into writing.
So, if you’re the first type of blogger, who would believe in making loads of money and be willing to pick up this career, you better need to re-check your instincts. Well! The second one doesn’t need to give a thought. Since writing would be in your blood, you tend to be a successful blogger in near future.  You’re are the one who would change the dynamics of business, reshape society values, and more. 
Passion will motivate you to upgrade your knowledge skills in the blogging niche. Are you aware of one of the common characteristics of passionate bloggers? – Well! They are hungry for a valuable piece of information, innovation in their area of interest.  If you’re a passionate blogger you will give your 24X7, dedication, hard work and it will reflect in your blog. And if you’re not hungry for information, then you seriously need to give a second thought to blogging as a career for you. 

  1. Blogging Need Good Writing Skills

Writing skills are the most crucial element in Blogging. You might have the best of knowledge on the subject or topic; however, if you don’t have the skills to mould the topic, pull the audience then it’s not worth it. Along with passion, the right way of expression is always important in blogging. 
Writing skills are something you are either born with or else eventually you cultivate on your own. You can always have a scope to upgrade your writing skills by reading books, writing a bit every day, and following top bloggers.  Think about it! Blogging requires brainstorming and a lot of writing till the time you attain perfection. So, if you hate typing or writing then blogging then it is not the profession of your choice.
Secondly, one might have good verbal and communication skills, however, not necessarily they can blog or write posts. As a writer, you need to develop skills to quickly adjust to the writing style variations across different niches. When you take blogging as a full-time profession, you might have to change your niche for better prospects and career growth. So, you should have the confidence and skills to adapt to the change and be a proficient writer in any form of subject or topic and be comfortable with the new niche.
There are plenty of blogs out there and the only way to stand out would be to have a niche and stick to it. With a niche, you will be better able to identify who your ideal readers are, and how you should target them with quality and engaging content. Writing for your niche will help you attract readers that are genuine waiting for your content and develop a specific interest in it.

  1. Blogging Needs Grit And Determination

When you take blogging as your profession, the coolest thing would be – I’m my own boss. Well! But it’s can prove lethal against you. There will be no compulsory time schedule and discipline to follow. That’s where laziness and arrogance come into action. In blogging as a career, discipline proves to be the key component to taste success. You should fix a schedule for work such as at least 5 to 6 hours of dedicated work and productivity. And then spend the rest of the time upgrading your skills through reading books, listening to interviews, following blog posts and pundits.  After that it’s all your time – whether you want to hit the gym or relish at Mc Donald’s happy meal it is totally your call. Enjoy the Feast time! 
You should have a proper plan in place and keep a proper goal – such as the need to increase followers or traffic, or else income. If you don’t have anything to achieve, then your energy will be down and you won't find any motivation to write a superb blog. In the end, you should list down things you need to carry ahead for the next day. You should prioritize the tasks and accordingly work towards them. Bloggers usually find it boring to work from home. So, it's better to visit offices frequently, or favourite places like a beach, garden or building terrace. It drives you to be determined and disciplined in the field.

  1. Blogging Won’t Give You Instant Success

Many people think blogging is one of the get-quick-fame things online. You might publish some posts with jazzy lines, drive traffic to your blog and Google or Bing will pay you for it. Are you one of them? Huh, give a second thought. Its’ far from the real-life truth. Blogging needs a lot of patience, grit, determination, and smart work. When you take blogging as a profession, your focus should be on developing quality content and mainly solving the purpose of an audience of the clients. If you plan for a permanent seat in the profession, you should be patient and consistently come up with a great piece of writing. It takes a span of time to reap benefits and make a name in the industry.  You should be such a kind of individual who can handle criticism and rejection in a cool fashion, but also take a sense of responsibility to improvise in the back of the mind. You should not get depressed and instead treat failure as the opportunity to learn and improve from it.

  1. As a blogger You Need To Be Consistent

Like we discussed earlier, hard work and consistency is the key to achieve success. Blogging can give results unless you are consistent in your efforts and writing. You should never let your blog look complex, unorganized, and machined. You need to have a fix style of writing, generate enough curiosity amongst the readers, and most importantly have a particular publishing schedule and stick to it. 
When you publish a blog consistently, it will help your readers to know when to expect a new post and build retention ship amongst them. In the long run, it will increase your readership immensely and can impact your likes further. You might get few comments or at times not a single one. However, don’t be disheartened as long as you have put your soul in writing and people read the blog it's 'OK'. Keep on posting new and high-quality posts on your blog. Inconsistency will play a spoilsport for your image and hurt your reputation.

  1. Blogging Means Social Connect 

As a blogger, you will need to get connected and interact with various other bloggers that are pro in the profession – both in your niche and outside the fence. It’s one of the best practices to expand your network and reach a wider audience. Over the years, bloggers form a well-knit community that will rescue them at any time. They will help each other through link-outs, guest posts, social sharing, etc. We would recommend you should follow other blogs, share their content on your social networking, and join blogging communities from various niches, and across the globe. Through good planning, you can create brilliant social media strategies for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Quora, LinkedIn, and more. There are social media platforms that will help you enhance your social media presence by creating branded content to make it reach millions of followers. So, make optimum use of it.

  1. Embrace The Change In Blogging

Blogging will never be the same over the years. Since the inception of Google blogging has seen a revolutionary change. With Google carrying out its algorithmic updates, a lot of things are changing every month, every day, every minute since then. Bloggers who fail to adapt to change will hit miserably; forget about the income, they might get out of the league. What you have written one year before, cannot stay uniform throughout. With the ever-increasing demand for quality content, the average writer will face tough times. The expectation is more on the customer experience, understanding their needs, more communication with them, and then plugging in your product or service. No more machine writing is expected to increase traffic towards your site. 
You need to have an eye towards what’s happening in your domain niche and change accordingly if it requires. As more and more people come online, and the awareness of process, companies are rising, it

  1. Blogging Is To ‘Be Authentic, Be You’

One of the most important elements to remember when you start blogging as a profession is to be authentic and be you so that your readers would see who you are. They need to build a character in their mind as a person who can help them make the right decision, who is interesting, full of innovation, one who is inspiring and gives the right suggestion. Eventually, you need to develop and express your own style and voice, and shouldn’t be afraid of society. Write what you love, tell it exactly the way it is, never hide the truth and enjoy your moments. Blogging is hard work but when you put your soul into writing it would be like a cakewalk for you. Secondly, don’t try to enact or copy popular bloggers in the market. You need to create your own unique style, that people are fond of reading and waiting for it. Don’t worry if you won’t gain results in the initial phase, we’re sure there would be definitely more towards it if you’re real and authentic. Once you get some readers, don’t forget to compile your email lists and of courses, plans for monetary gains. Good Luck! 

  1. Don’t Use Blackhat Tactics 

Black hat SEO tactics are used to rank a website by violating the guidelines set by search engines. Black hat SEO techniques will attempt to manipulate the Search Engine algorithms to increase a site’s ranking on the SERPs. Browsers like Google or BING have made it very clear which are the types of practices that will be against their terms and conditions. Paid links, spam comments, duplicate content, article spinning, cloaking, keyword stuffing, are some of the Black hat practices that are in use. Although, you may get quick success and results; however, it won’t be useful in the long run. Google’s Penguin is an auditor that would catch hold of this someday or the other. We advise you should refrain from all these and other forms of black hat practices being widely used in the markets. If you want to build a long-term relationship you need to be authentic and work as per the guidelines. 
Once your blog gets popular you will get several sponsored post offers; however, don’t accept immediately. You need to wait and judge if the product or service you’re promoting will return value to your readers or not and then accept them. 

  1. Blogging Needs Good Presentation

A good design is a must to present your blog. Your blog design can influence a lot on how readers will perceive your content. It will seriously make or break the audience and their impression. If your blog is not tidy and complex to read, viewers will quickly lose interest in it. 
Google’s algorithm prioritizes more on mobile-friendly content and sites. People spend more time on smartphones and gadgets. So, make your blog mobile-friendly and responsive to make sure you create a pleasant environment for them. It should have good captions, headlines, colour codes, font style. It should start with curious openings, engaging body content and finally, end with the right information. Other than this, try and talk to designers again basic knowledge of HTML and CSS knowledge would be preferred for professional bloggers and non-technical marketers. These skills would be quite helpful to enhance the appearance of your blog and fix simple errors on the blog.  
Identifying your niche, learning basic SEO, learning about copyright issues, are some other practices you need to follow before you step into the exciting world of blogging.

Future Of Blogging
When you decide you want to take blogging as a career, the first thing that should hit your mind is –What’s the future of blogging? Can I secure my future with these skills? Will I get good opportunities in the market? Are some of the questions you need to get answers to.
Trust us. Blogging won’t perish so soon. At least for the next 2-3 decades. Instead, the field seems bright and gonna rock. The hunt for potential and quality content has been increased exponentially, especially since the inception of online marketing, smartphones, gadgets, and technology. Smart devices, swift and cheap internet connections, and an increase in literacy rates are prime factors that demand high-quality content. There are hundreds of niches, pick the one that fascinates you! 
These were a few things to know before starting a blog. For best blogging tips, follow Ekeeda – India’s top tech educational app. s seems a tough competition now. You should be unique yet quickly accessible. You should focus on building brand image, loyal readership, and healthy professional relationships with other bloggers.
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