03 Aug 2022

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What Is A Typical Life For Data Scientists

There are around 4 million active internet users across the globe who generate nearly 2.5-3 quintillion bytes of data every day. It's massive! This is potential data that can help companies turn the tables and lead to overall growth and book high-profit margins. Data is the new fuel that can drive your business and take it to new heights. This data is massive and a normal person cannot collect, filter, and come up with conclusions in data. The job opportunity is termed a Data Scientist who will gather and analyze data, using various types of data analytics and reporting tools to detect patterns, trends, and relationships & come up with valuable insights. He or she will use analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect large data sets. Data scientists will develop data-driven solutions explicitly tailored to meet the needs of an organization.

The Data Scientist job challenges your intellectual and analytically puts you at the forefront of new advances in technology. Being a high prestige job the package is equally attractive in the industry. Data Scientists have become more and more in demand since big data continues to be increasingly important to the way companies take decisions.

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Some Data Scientist tasks on a day-to-day basis include:

  • Find patterns & trends in datasets to uncover insights
  • Create algorithms & data models to forecast outcomes
  • Use ML techniques to improve the quality of data or product offerings
  • Communicate the suggestions to other teams and senior staff
  • Deploy data tools such as Python, R, SQL, or SAS in data analysis
  • Stay on top of innovations in the data science field

Today, Data Science has become the most trending job of the decade. There are a number of vacant positions in companies that wish to hire skilled data science professionals. In fact, experts suggest there will be 11.6 million Data Science jobs by 2026 and this opens up a massive opportunity for skilled and brilliant individuals to join as data scientists in different fields and business practices.

Data Scientist Job Profile

The job profile of a data scientist cannot be defined as one organizational role made up of a single academic degree. In fact, they have to deal with daily new challenges, and practices and come up with a profitable approach to given innovative & impeccable solutions. To solve the challenge, you need inputs of various skills, which include mathematics, Statistics, computer coding, programming, and other operational research. Data Scientists' work routine is quite flexible and variable. The only one who is adaptable to such a work environment will be just fascinated & love to work in this field. Their life fully revolves around data. It’s like the eat data, sleep and live data. The daily routine of a Data Scientist includes working with crude data, gathering it, converting it to bring valuable insights, and aiming to keep up with this field.

What Is A Typical Life Of A Data Scientist?

Curious to know? Well, Data science offers job roles in various fields like Data Analytics, Machine Learning Executive, Data Engineer, Architect, etc. Every job role offers a different work environment & challenges for the scientists, but the primary tasks are problem-solving, data wrangling, and data visualization. Let's discuss the common activities of a Data Scientist:

  • Approximately 60 hours of work per week 
  • Gathering the Data
  • Analyzing The Data
  • Driving out trends using tools like Python, R, Tableau, Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL, etc.
  • Make efficient use of computer codes to develop algorithms
  • Make solutions for the data problems
  • Creating prediction modes and data visualizations
  • Drawing out the desired concepts
  • Maintain the internal records of everyday activities

Data Scientists are mostly involved in providing solutions to problems and sharing their valuable insights on it. One needs to be flexible in work and be ready to drive inputs from anywhere from the surroundings. Thus, Data Scientists spend most of their time reading, learning, and visiting conferences, do networking with data professionals and industry experts.

Few Qualities For Data Scientists

They require a deep or rather bull’s eye for data understanding they are dealing with. They should learn how to align business goals with the new technological advances. They need excellent communication skills, leadership quality, and of course team player qualities which will help them share knowledge with the team, client and stakeholders. Once they identify the problems and draw out solutions, they need to communicate them in layman’s terms. He or she needs to communicate the best ideas and trends driven by data analytics. Their professional life runs parallel with the business goals of the company which helps to maintain work-life balance for data scientists.

Data Science has held its ground strong in the market and it can’t be tampered with by any latest technological advances such as ML, AI, or Embedded & IoT. Their main role is to solve real-life problems, came impeccable solutions to raw data, and use it for the utmost potential to meet business goals. The data science field really has a bright future, not only in terms of money but it will have a great impact on the economy of the nation. Data Science has attained an immeasurable standard, and they are paid an attractive salary and high prestige life. It's never too late to become one. Join the Ekeeda Data Science program and take your career to new heights! The sky is the limit when it comes to career opportunities in data science. So don’t miss a chance to build a career in the trending topic of the times.

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