29 Jul 2021

Importance of GATE Preparation From Third Year Of Engineering | Ekeeda

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Why Start GATE Preparation from Third Year Of Engineering?

Are you an engineering graduate? Are you looking for a great technical career or a job at PSU? Do you want admissions to M.E/ M. Tech programs in top IITs, NITs, and IIITS to hone your technical skills? Then, you should start preparing for the most promising competitive exams in India – GATE 2022. Yes, GATE preparation will not only help you secure a seat in the Master’s and Ph.D. program but also provide the right technical skills for further improvisation of professional concepts.  GATE competitive exam is not restricted to any university curriculum and is conducted by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore across India. Candidates from countries like Bahrain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and a few more can also appear GATE Exam.
In earlier days, candidates used to visit bookstalls to purchase
GATE books for rigorous preparation. It was time-consuming to visit bookstalls to get the latest version and also it would consume a lot of money. However, the internet has come as a blessing for these young aspirants. Today, there are many GATE online coaching centers and platforms like Ekeeda that provide exclusive GATE online courses to prepare for the exam. Right at the comfort of your home, library, or favourite study corners, and at your convenient time you can listen to the pre-recorded lectures and gain knowledge on how to prepare for this exam. The best part is, students can now enroll for GATE courses and start to prepare from the 2nd or 3rd year as well based on their caliber and acquiring skills. It’s the gateway to secure seats in M.Tech programs, PSU recruitments, fellowship programs, Ph.D. & management programs, and foreign studies.
Almost one million aspirants take up GATE every year and the number is bound to increase for GATE Exam 2022. So, you can imagine how the competition has intensified and you have to build a robust plan if you wish to see yourself in that ‘dream’ merit list. Although aspirants can follow different strategies, there is no magic formula to guarantee success in GATE. Experts and toppers would suggest, ‘Hard work, Planning and Early Start’ will maximize your chance to taste success. A good and eligible GATE score will offer a kick start to your career. GATE is usually conducted in the month of February every year. Since students in their 4th year of engineering get mere six months in hand, they’re quite reluctant and tensed. So, what is the ideal time to start preparing for GATE? Experts say that 3rd year of engineering will be the best time to start your
GATE preparation. Right from clearing your basic concepts to revisions, appearing mocks to engage in discussion forums, you will have wonderful advantages and ample time to appear for the GATE exam 2022.

Our blog will discuss a few of the advantages to start GATE preparation in the third year:

  • Starting early will help you to clear the basics which is the most important element of any form of competitive test. In the first years of engineering, you would be new and you can’t cope with the submissions, lectures stress, and eventually ignore the topics. In the third year, you will be familiar with engineering concepts and it will be easy for you to grasp minute things and concepts. You will have enough time to clear the basic concepts.

  • Most of the subjects that will help you score excellently will be from the 3rd and 4th years of engineering. So, if you will start preparing from the 3rd year and 4th year of engineering you will keep clearing the concepts. 

  • With early preparation, you don’t have to sit for long hours that will be mentally deteriorated and painful. Advance preparation will avoid last-minute struggle and frustration. With consistent revision, concepts will be fresh in your minute, you will be confident to solve problems related to new subjects. 

  • From the 3rd year you have ample time, so definitely you can gather the best GATE study material for preparation. Ekeeda offers advanced online resources in the form of GATE videos, PDF notes, mock tests, model/previous year question papers, and live lectures to clear your doubts. Through live doubt clearing sessions, you can engage in discussions with expert faculty to get instant solutions. You’re not in a hurry to take the decision. 

  • Starting early will help you solve test series, PYQPs over and over again that will eventually improve your speed and accuracy. You can spare time to create a timetable to watch and learn from video lectures at your convenience. All concepts, tips, and tricks will be at your fingertips for the GATE exam. Online mocks for GATE and test series will sharpen your skills and give you an edge over the competition.

  • With early preparation, you will be thorough with the GATE syllabus and GATE exam pattern. So, accordingly, you can allocate time for each topic and section. You will know which topics are covered easily and which ones need more time and constant revisions. 

  • You will be able to apply your own logic, shortcuts, and mind to solve the problems and note them down. This way you will save your time and energy while attempting your GATE exam. 

  • When you start GATE preparation from the 3rd year, you will have time to stay tuned with upcoming trends and problem-solving techniques. Early preparation will help you watch lectures and learn these techniques, stay updated with changes in the GATE syllabus or exam pattern. Because the teachings will be based on the latest exam updates.

Early preparation will definitely act as a booster and help you attempt GATE 2022 comfortably and confidently. As far as swimming through the troubled waters of GATE preparation is concerned, Ekeeda is always there to rescue you. Our exclusive GATE online lectures and study materials are designed by top educators who have years of teaching experience and efficiently prepare candidates for GATE. Sign Up and book your favourite GATE subjects with us. Boost your GATE 2022 preparation today!

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