09 Jul 2022

My Career Switch To Data Science After A Decade In IT Field

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My Career Switch To Data Science After A Decade In IT Field

Getting into Data Science analytics was not even a distant dream for me. They say, ‘If it’s meant to be for you; you will anyhow land accidentally, and fall in love for the rest of your life'. The same thing happened with me – Chetan Mehra. I got into this profession accidentally but it was a remarkable shift in my career. Before getting into data science, I was an IT programmer. I was planning to complete my MBA but landed doing Data Science.

My Journey Into Data Science

It was 2015. I had 7+ years of experience in the software industry. My career was almost stabilized and couldn’t foresee any growth opportunities. Hence, I was planning to live up to my management dreams. But I always felt my long experience would bar me from getting into an MBA program. I was quite reluctant & worried and that’s when my friend introduced me to the new upcoming stream known as ‘Business Analytics’. My first step to getting into analytics was searching for opportunities within, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Firstly, not many analytics initiatives were happening in the company and secondly, the advanced analytics stream evolved as an extension to the BI division; so they couldn’t take a non-BI person. This was the time when I decided to upskill myself in the analytics industry and fit into the puzzle.

So, I Googled for online courses and came across Ekeeda Data Science Online Program. It's the best course with excellent data instructors from fortune companies. 1:1 classes will help you easily understand concepts and techniques. Mentors are simply awesome and will guide you through the right path and share their beautiful experiences. Capstone will help you exploit your true potential and the placement assistance team leaves no stone unturned to identify the best job opportunity in the market.

Through the entire program, I learned that the main skill that any data scientist should possess is the art of questioning and analyzing the information at hand – rather than depicting stories and big case studies. Although, my confused state of mind always correlated “Business Analytics” with “Business Analysis”. After a couple of sessions, I realized – the decision to join the business analytic program was taken based on gut feeling, rather than an informed decision. But I was keen on doing it and securing my career.

There were 2 stages of transition from mainframe to getting into data science - the first was to undergo the 24-week intensive data science online course and the other was the challenge that I face during the daily work schedule.
This six-month data science online classes were quite challenging but I was the best reward of my life. Multi responsibilities are the first thing that I had come across as soon as I enrolled in the program. It was a roller coaster ride for the candidates without any exception. The problem was tested as a part of the assignment and deadlines sent butterflies running into my stomach. 
The efforts to complete the project, the discussion, and mentor sessions with family & office responsibilities – all together affected my health but not my determination to complete it.

I still remember the days of attending office meetings, totally drenched, and then taking up the exam in tandem. But I soon realized God was preparing me for challenges that would come later in my career as a Data Analyst. This helped me clear the hurdle.

The next big challenge I faced was when I started looking for job opportunities as a data analyst. Hiring managers look for someone who comes with considerable experience in the non-data science stream. Thankfully, the capstone projects I did as a part of my data science online classes with prominent brands gave got exposure to my resume. The interviewer liked my confidence and the step used to develop a solution during the project. Thanks to awesome instructors who taught us as well as mentored us continuously to find great job opportunities in the market. In fact, I could see people apply & get selected by participating in data science competitions. Ekeeda is a great platform to boost your skills and find the perfect job opportunity in the most in-demand field in the market - Data Science.

Some Lessons That I've Learned As A Part Of My Journey:

  • Be Good In Domain – It’s important for any data scientist to be good in their domain else your analytics engagement will never be so successful. 
  • Sound SQL & Databases Knowledge – As a data scientist you need to know how to extract the data you require and transform it into the required form. 
  • Practice Patience – Data analysis has to be done from various perspectives. We don’t know the kind of pattern that exists inside the data. But when you follow structured data analysis with a little bit of patience, the data pattern could be identified.
  • Solution Provider – For me, it’s important to build a model. All the hard work put in by data scientists should be displayed in the model. You should know the context of the presentation such as – an adjusted R square or a ROC curve to the end-user.
  • Don’t Depress After Failure – Most of the work you do will fail in the initial stages. Don’t feel low and give up. Instead, lead silly or big mistakes and give your best the next time. Get in touch with good mentors. Data Science is vast and full of complexities, and you should learn to overcome failure.

Ekeeda Data Science course online offers the best mentors who will enlighten you with industry knowledge, remove obstacles and clear your path ahead.

Lastly, there are two important questions you need to ask before your career transition in data science:

Why You’re Planning For A Career Shift?

I came across many people who would come to me and say I’m shifting to analytics just because they have a problem with an existing job/company or manager. This can't be the reason to mess up for the rest of your life. Changing the workstream will not solve your problem instead try to see if find any interesting thing in your existing work.

Why Do You Want To Do Data Science?

If you think it’s a lucrative opportunity and every alternate person is behind, then you should re-think it! You will be getting into the field where the winds are rough and it’s not so easy to make a smooth sail during the initial days. You will be expected to keep yourself updated with everything and it’s very difficult for people to keep up with things. You need endless love for number crunching, analysis, statistics, and data interpretation to be a part of this field. 

Hope it helps you to think and make a successful data science career transition from an IT background.

Cheers. All the best!!!

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