23 Jul 2022

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A Quick Guide For Career Path In Data Science 2022

Today’s economy has seen a paradigm shift towards data analytics and data-driven solutions or decisions. Nearly all the companies, government bodies, and sectors have started mining and collecting massive amounts of Data for process enhancement and growth. Thus, Data Scientists nowadays are in great demand and prove crucial in the success or failure of any company, or process. There is a data scientist behind every successful company.
Thus, a career in data science is exciting, fun, and full of rewards. The best thing is that you don’t really need an established degree or specific educational background to start your journey in Data Science. All you need is the right skills, somewhat related experience and a passionate mind to grow. The current market trends show that a data science course online is the best way to grasp knowledge and seek opportunities in top tech companies and start-ups.
In this blog, we will talk about the if and buts of the career path of data scientist and data science skills:

Is Data Science Good For You?

Well, it’s the most important question to get answered to before you step into the journey. Unfortunately, most blogs or ads on the internet enforce that the field of data science is full of demand, and high-paid jobs, however, the reality is – The path of data scientists is full of challenges and needs continuous learning efforts. You will have to learn complex topics & concepts in multiple fields, you need to be technical savvy during your career.  
If you’re keen to learn data science, then you should go for it. 

Here are a few questions that will help you set a learning path to become data scientist! 

Do You Love To Analyse? 

If you often analyze and stay on the ration side of everything then that’s a sign to be a great data scientist. For instance, when you read news on market, do you only read the story or check the stats as well? 

Do You Love Number Crunch And Statistics?

It needs to say that numbers and calculations are like the heart and heartbeats of a data science career. Although, you won’t need a Ph.D. in maths or statistics; you need to have a genuine love for numbers, maths, and statistics. 

Do You Have A Business Mindset?

It may seem tricky but it's quite important and you need to know that even if you’re good at numbers, it will only make sense when it has a business story behind it. You will have to dive into various business aspects and understand how business functions. Once you visualize it, you can convert numbers into actionable insights. Thus, if you’re business-oriented you’re on the right track. Go for it!

Do You love Computes & Coding?

To be a skilled data scientist you need to be madly in love with coding. For a data scientist to convert his or her thoughts into actions and algorithms, and predictions, he or she needs to write computer programs/scripts. A data scientist spends a lot of time in writing scripts/programs to analyze data or validate assumptions for new ideas and experiments.  If you can code for long hours and love enjoy doing it? Kudos! The job is meant for you! 

Do You Love Communication In A Simple Way?

One of the important parts of your job is to present your analysis and findings to a larger audience so that they take actionable decisions. You’ve to make stories from the insights you obtain and present them in a simple yet effective way. A good data scientist is a good storyteller!

Are You A Team Player?

It goes without saying, the data science field is vast and it’s not a one-man show. Data-science projects are complex, lengthy, confusing & full of experiments.  Thus, you need to have temper and curiosity to work with a large group of people with different skills such as data engineers, DevOps, leaders, domain experts, etc.

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Why Choose A Data Science Career Path?

Data science is termed as the coolest 21st-century job and we’re sure it’s quite a big reason for you to choose a career path in Data Science. Nowadays, any business – big or small, is always on the hunt to find people who will work on huge data, and comprehend and deconstruct it. To choose a career in data science means, respecting the various disciplines on which data science as a field has been built such as statistics, ML, mathematics & technologies, etc.
Few important factors for why you should choose data science as a career:

  • Excellent Salaries
  • Exceptional growth & market demand
  • Endless career opportunities 
  • No boring work instead challenging 
  • High prestige 
  • An integral part of future

Data Science has the power to transform industries and our nation. With limited resources of specialized Data Science professionals and great demand, it comes as a lucrative career.

Skills Required For Data Science Career Path

From Apple to Google and Twitter or Ola, everyone needs supremacy in Data Science Machine Learning. Thus, there is no denying the fact that Data Science is one of the rapidly-growing fields in the market. Although the jobs in the field of data science are seeing a continuous upward trend; however, there is a massive shortage of skilled data scientists!

Here are a few skills to climb up the data science career ladder:

Learn Fundamentals Of Data Science

You can only become a master of any field if you know the roots & fundamentals of it. Hence it’s important to learn the basics of the field.

Statistical Knowledge

Machine Learning algorithms are created with good statistics and mathematics. You need to have a good understanding and grasp of elementary-level of statistics & maths.

Programming knowledge

You should be able to code and love programming and computers. Python is the most widely popular language and you need to master it. Other than Python, you can learn C, C++, R, Shell Scripting & SQL.

Take a look at Ekeeda Data Science Program that will help you master languages like Python, C++, and Java!

Data Manipulation and Analysis

You need an experimental mindset, that allows you to find & explore different ways to manipulate available data & extract the most juice out of it. Thus, you need to learn various data pre-processing operations. Start with SQL, which is important for the Data science journey.

Create Data Visualization

You need to create effective and impactful graphs/charts out data, that convey the pattern by themselves. You will find paid & free tools available in the market for you to pick from. Some examples are PowerBI, Tableau, QlikSense, etc. You can also try open-source python libraries for data science and machine learning Matplotlib & Seaborn.

Machine Learning

ML is like the heart of Data Science. You should grab sound knowledge about different types of algorithms, how you can evaluate the effectiveness of algorithms, and finally which algorithms to use and when.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is an advanced version of Machine learning, and it draws inspiration from the human brain; for the complex use-cases & datasets. To be a good Data Scientist you need to learn and understand the complex concepts of Deep Learning.

Big Data

The size & variability of data has changed in the past couple of years.  Thus, you will be expected to understand the journey of data and how efficiently we manage it for any tasks.

Structured Thinking

Data science is a field of experimentation. Thus, you should learn to apply a clear & structured thinking process to evaluate and experiment with different approaches. You’ll feel lost if you plan to progress on random plans. Platforms like Ekeeda offer the best data science online programs that will help you sharpen up all your skills and become industry-ready. Try now!

Prerequisites To Become A Data Scientist

Although the data science domain open-heartedly welcomes professionals from all backgrounds and experiences, it still has some prerequisites to become a data scientist. Go through it before taking data science as a career.

  • Unconditional love for data
  • Analytical mind & quest for logical reasoning
  • Hands-on with computers & programming languages
  • Familiar with Maths, Statics & Linear Algebra.  
  • Fine Understanding of business operations. 
  • An attitude of a learner
  • Good Communication Skills

Different Career Path In Data Science

Data science is indeed a broad field that has a variety of paths and career options within it. It’s quite natural to get confused about which career path is suitable for you.

Let's explore some of the most promising Data Science career paths:

  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Data Manager 
  • Data Architect 
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst 
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistician
  • Data Modeller 
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Big Data Developer 
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer 

Is Choosing Data Science Career Right for You Or Not?

Choosing the right data science career path is not a simple journey, you need self-evaluation about the required skills for each path & form an eternal bond with your aspirations. And we’re sure you’ll make the right choice.

On A Concluding Note – 

Data Science is the most in-demand job field of the decade and it will rule for the next decade as well. With growing awareness of the field, the competition to secure jobs in top tech companies and start-ups is now at its peak. Follow this guide and genuinely self-evaluate, we’re sure you’ll make the right career choice for you.

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