05 Aug 2022

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A Quick Guide To Crack FAANG Interviews

A dream career goal for most of the techies is to secure a job at FAANG! Wonder what’s FAANG – It stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Yes! These are the most successful & great tech companies across the globe and tech wizards just throw in everything to bank a job in FAANG companies & settle down for an astonishing career in life. The reason to join FAANG is clear – lucrative salary, superb career opportunities, and a balanced & productive work environment.  Some benefits include health benefits, food, transportation inclusion, parental leaves, paid leaves, stipend for training, etc. The learning exposure and career growth at FAANG and other tech giants like Microsoft, Accenture, Uber, IBM, etc. are Unmatched and Unparalleled! The perks are like cherry on top of various advantages of working on Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. But everything has a cost to it. Although FAANG companies offer the perfect working environment to all the employees it requires a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, determination, and a mindset of a winner.

FAANG interviews are amongst the toughest interviews for techies & there needs a lot of practice for it. No wonder you do data science or software development, python programming, or Embedded and IoT, the roadmap to enter FAANG is full of hurdles to overcome. But in the end, it's worth chasing your dream! Sometimes the knowledge & skills are not enough to crack the FAANG interviews - despite your knowledge, there is always a chance that you still too cannot crack these interviews. FAANG interview process is not an easy-to-go task, and to crack it, you need to be prepared really well with all the required tech or non-tech skills. Ready to be grilled by experts regarding codes, data structure and algorithms, ML, Deep learning, Python, data visualization, and much more to crack an interview.

You need to have the best quality learning resources with solid interview preparation plans and strategies to crack the FAANG interviews. But, individuals whether beginners or even working professionals often find it difficult to get the right interview preparation plan into the dream company.

In this blog, we will provide you with some of the effective tips and strategies that will help you prepare for FAANG interviews:

Firstly, let us clear there is no magic wand that will help you crack the FAANG interviews. During the interview, there is a quick guide and practice that will help you improve your skills and show your skills in the best possible way. The key to cracking the FAANG interview will be structured learning, a lot of practice, and the knack to demonstrate that & present yourself in the best form to impress your recruiters and later process managers.

Do Research About The Company

When you prepare for a FAANG companies interview or any other renowned companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Adobe, etc. the first thing that you should do is thorough research about the company and its background. The type of product or service, company establishment, networking, clients, and branches. The next would be to target the job profile and understand the interview process – the stages, and expected questionnaire. You should get familiar with work culture, what skills they are looking for in a candidate with a particular job profile, a number of interview rounds, etc. If you do this, you will find yourself in a comfortable position to prepare well for the interview and it will boost your confidence to crack the FAANG interviews. Let us inform you – there will be generally 5 to 7 interview rounds in FAANG and other top tech giant companies in India.

Achieve Proficiency In Tech Skills

It is one of the crucial elements of any interview preparation – you need to get your fundaments clear and all require tech skills or subjects for the FAANG interviews. Make yourself familiar with programming concepts, especially coding skills. Companies will ask various interview questions based on the programming languages, especially the basic or even advanced concepts. You and choose any of the programming languages such as Java, Python, R, or C++ - which are highly in demand as per your preference or domain requirements. Get your programming fundamentals clear with it. Having proficiency in Data Processing is a must to crack FAANG interviews. It’s not just FAANG, even big technical companies focus on candidates’ data science skills during the interviews. From program flow and design to Numpy, Pandas, stats for ML, Data Analysis, Data Pre-processing, Basic of Deep Learning, Advanced Deep learning, MLOps, etc. everything has been learned. If you want to learn Data Science in the most efficient way – join Ekeeda Data Science Program which covers all the Data Science topics from basics to advanced level and helps you to prepare for interviews with top-notch companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The best part would be – it’s self-paced and you can complete it at your own convenient time and speed. Also, the 1:1 classes will help you clear all your doubts and move up the preparation ladder. Mocks Interview preparation sessions will help you gain an edge over the competition and crack interviews efficiently. Communication skills and English-speaking sessions will boost your confidence and understanding of how to deliver perfect answers during FAANG interviews.

You need to know that you’re often asked numerous questions based on the core CS subjects like Operation Systems, Computer Networks, and Database Management Systems, during tech interviews. Hence, you should prepare yourself well with these subjects and understand all the important concepts to do well in your FAANG interview.

System Design is another subject to learn for FAANG interviews. Though data science learning candidates can apply for senior positions like subject to learn for FAANG interviews. However, as a fresher, if you would have at least a basic understanding of Data Science fundamental concepts then it may provide you with an edge over other candidates during the interview.

Practice Programming Problems

Another thing that you need to follow diligently is to practice programming skills and solve as many programming problems as possible – to strengthen your knowledge and programming skills. It not only helps you to become familiar with the programming type asked during interview rounds but even increases your efficiency. And without any doubt, practice will make you near to perfect in Data Structures & Algorithms – hence the more problems you will solve, the more proficient you will become with DSA skills. You can also participate in various standard coding quizzes, hackathons, events and to get better programming exposure and boost your confidence.

Prepare For Questions Based On Technical Projects

One of the most common mistakes candidates do while preparing for a FAANG interview or any other tech interview is – they often tend to prepare for questions based on projects that they’ve mentioned in their portfolio. Candidates will be asked questions on projects, in technical interview rounds such as how you dealt with the challenges that arise during project development, questions related to tools and technical stacks used for the projects, its real-time applications, and the approach for project managing, etc. These questions allow the interviewers to assess your technical proficiency and other tech or non-tech skills.

Practice Mock Interviews And Test Series

One of the most promising ways to one-up your interview preparation level for FAANG interviews is to take mock interviews and solve test series. You can take the help of your mentor, seniors, friends, etc. to do mock interviews and get correct feedback for your performance. Moreover, there are various quality test series out there that you can opt to level up your interview prep. For instance, you can sign up with Ekeeda Data Science Online Training program that will help you learn data science and towards the end of the program, you will get free lifetime support on spoken English, Aptitude Tests, and Profile Building. Learn how to write emails, gain confidence & improve communication skills.
These are some fundamental steps that one should follow while preparing for the interview of FAANG companies. Other than that, some additional best tips to crack FAANG interviews are listed below:

  • Prepare A Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Participate In Coding Challenges
  • Work On Required Analytical And Soft Skills
  • Grow Your Professional Network And Take Referrals

FAANG companies will hire individuals who do well in their interviews. Assuming that you make it to the interview stage, your interviewer’s performance should be more important than any other factor to determine whether you get an offer or not. If you do well in interviews you will get an offer and if not you might be asked to attempt it again.

To maximize your chances of being selected for an interview, it is useful to have good competitive programming on your resume. Some recruiters will search for candidates who have these credentials, they should be more likely than average to be good at programming interview questions.

In the end, a job opportunity at FAANG is undoubtedly worthwhile and prestigious – but to get into your dream company or crack the FAANG interview you will need to level up your preparation. You need grit, determination, and hard work to achieve success!

All the best!!!

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