07 Sep 2022

How To Launch A Lucrative Career In Data Science | Ekeeda

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How To Launch A Lucrative Career In Data Science?

Data Science is one of the most crucial elements to lay out your business strategies and make a remarkable change to business practices. Today, the data scientist is regarded as a top-ranking profession in any analytics company. In fact, Glassdoor ranked Data Scientists as one amongst the top 10 jobs in the industry for 2021-2022. Experts suggest there will be 11.6 million data science jobs worldwide by 2026; wherein there would be huge demand and supply in the market for skilled data scientists. By enrolling in Ekeeda Data Science Course, I found a smooth way to get the necessary data science skills and certification to launch a successful career. I wanted to take up a skill that’s in demand in the market and I could see that data science was a booming field. I always had an inclination towards the technical side and being an IT programmer it all the more created a curiosity in my mind.
I’ve enjoyed a variety of career in It. After completing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from VJTI, Mumbai, I worked at Accenture, Bengaluru as a C programmer for 5-6 years. I also had an opportunity to work in Singapore for a couple of years. My next stop was Wipro as a project manager, and later working with Axis Bank. I then worked for Bharti Airtel as a project manager. It was during my tenure that I decided to fulfill my goal of becoming a freelancer in a marketable profession. I was keen on analytical and critical thinking. But first, I wanted the training and professional certification. I checked various online courses and I came to know about Ekeeda from my office colleague.

The Best Data Science Online Training Program

Initially, I was planning to take a couple of data science courses, to full proof my career. But instead opted for Ekeeda's advanced data science program from basic to advanced. I wasn’t sure about whether to go for Python, R, or C++ or start with Big data. Ekeeda Data Scientist Master’s Program had all the courses included as a package, so it was pocket friendly. The 1:1 classes by industry leaders from fortune 500+ were an eye opener in this game changer in the market. Ekeeda Data Scientist course, had live mentor sessions, an industry-focused curriculum, and real-world projects that made my learning holistic and boost my confidence. This data science course online provides hands-on exposure to key technologies such as R, Python essential for ML, Deep learning, MLOps, Stats for ML, through live interaction with world-class data practitioners, practical labs, and industry-aligned projects. The program covers extensive data science online training, combined instructor-led classes, and self-paced learning. I really liked the 1:1 classes and mentor sessions. The instructors offered industry examples and it was the best practical knowledge ever that gave me a sneak peek into the real world. We could connect to the teaching & understand how the subject was implemented in the practical world.

The online training is concluded with capstone projects to help us master concepts of data science and Big Data. We worked on solving real-world problems thereby leveraging the skills and technologies learned throughout the program. These capstone projects cover all the key aspects of data extraction, cleaning, & visualization to model building and wrangling. Some of these examples included providing valuable, marketable experience in e-commerce, telecom, airlines, shipping & logistics, workforce analytics, healthcare, insurance, stock market, etc.

Manage Online Classes & Family

The flexibility that Ekeeda offered me helped to manage my work and family responsibilities. It was a little difficult to manage both with son and my studies, but I had great support from my mother. My online classes were during the weekend and weekdays I used to work in my office. My mother-in-law took care of our son over the weekends when I had classes. I also enjoyed support from the Ekeeda placement support team. I had a great experience. They were very proactive, and detail-oriented and always listened patiently to all my queries.

Dreams Come True

Making a career move to data science was a great switch for me and I had found my forte. Data science is the biggest tech revolution and the future prospects are great in this field. The skills that I’ve learned and developed include ML, Data Science, AI, and data analytics fields across various domains such as insurance, banking, finance & accounting, academics, healthcare, and retail for small and medium-scale enterprises. After updating my resume with my data science certification and real-world project experience, I started networking and applying on various online platforms – LinkedIn and Facebook. Soon, I started receiving calls from tech companies and start-ups in the data science field, especially in Python. I even contributed to freelance projects in various start-up companies from India and overseas. I now have a successful career in a top tech company with an excellent pay package. I work as a data scientist junior with MuSigma with senior managers quite impressed with my learnings & work patterns. The knowledge and skills that I gained from Ekeeda is simply unbelievable it has boosted my confidence and thrown open doors for a wide range of opportunities in the market. Looking forward, I am considering taking up another career track program. Ultimately, I want to become a subject matter expert in data science.
Ekeeda Data Science Course had helped me a lot to venture out to different areas I become happy and I really enjoyed my career right now.

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A Note On Ekeeda Data Science Program: Be Novice To Expert

Ekeeda Data Science program encourages students to master marketable skills such as: Statistics, Hypothesis testing, Data mining, Data Wrangling, Clustering, Data Pre-processing, Decision trees, Linear and logistic regression, Data visualization, Regression models, Stats For ML, Deep Learning, Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL, Python, and Java Programming languages, Recommendation engines, and Supervised and unsupervised learning.  Data science is one of the most prominent career choices for both aspirants and experienced professionals. Aspiring professionals of any education background like HR, Sales & Marketing, Finance, etc. with strong analytical mind-sets are the ones who could make a beautiful career in Data Science including IT Professionals, Analytics Managers, Business Analysts, Banking & Finance Professionals, Marketing Managers, Supply Chain Network Managers, and Beginners or Recent Bachelor’s or Master’s graduate.

Is it worth pursuing a career in data science? Well with so many exciting job roles of data scientists, the answer is YES! Finding out which career path in data science suits you, will totally depend on your individual strengths, likes, and dislikes. The Data Science career path in India is simply fascinating and shows no signs of getting bleak in the near future. Data Science will continue to shape and influence businesses and companies’ profits and growth.

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