29 Jul 2021

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How To Calculate GATE Score 2022?


Hello Aspirants!

First of all Ekeeda would like to wish everyone best of luck for their upcoming GATE exam 2022. Candidates always get confused between GATE Marks and Scores and end up misinterpreting their results. Candidates should understand that they are two different entities of the same family. Broadly speaking, GATE Marks is calculated out of 100 and GATE Score is obtained out of 1000. GATE Cutoff is decided on the basis of the highest score obtained in the exam. After the evaluation of answers, raw marks will be considered for calculating GATE Score. For some papers, GATE 2022 will be conducted in multiple sessions of different difficulty levels hence score normalization process becomes a necessity.  The candidates need to know that GATE Score is calculated with the help of Normalized GATE marks. For all those papers conducted in a single session, only actual GATE marks will be valid to calculate the GATE Score. There are some parameters which are needed to be considered for example multiple session papers, 3 parameters will be used to calculate the scores which are as follows:

  1. Actual Gate Marks,

  2. Normalized Gate Marks

  3. GATE Score.

For single session papers, only 2 parameters will be used to calculate the score:

  1. Actual Gate Marks

  2. Gate Score.

What are Actual GATE Marks and Normalized GATE Marks?

As it is mentioned above that three parameters are taken into consideration while calculating the marks for the papers conducted in multiple sessions or slots whereas only two parameters are used while calculating the marks for papers conducted in a single session. For Example: Every year due to the maximum number of candidates opting for ME, CE papers these two exams are conducted in multiple sessions i.e. in the morning and afternoon shift. So while calculating the scores of these papers the authorities will use three parameters.

  1. Actual GATE Marks

When the actual scores are calculated by following the marking scheme i.e. 1 or 2 marks will be awarded for the correct answer and 1/3 or 2/3 marks will be deducted for wrong answers. While calculating actual GATE marks it is very important to keep in mind that there is no negative marking in case of Numerical Ability Questions.

  1. Normalized GATE Marks

The normalization is done by assuming, “in multi-session GATE papers, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all the sessions.” This fundamental assumption is taken for calculation of normalized scores because the test takers are large in numbers, and the allocation of the session is random.
Also, it is ensured in multiple session papers that the number of candidates allotted in each session is of the same order of magnitude. Based on these mentioned methods and various other methods the authorities have reached the formula which is used to calculate the GATE Normalized Marks.

Special Case

Don’t judge people on their GATE AIR, ask them their GATE Score. All India Rank varies according to the paper and category of the candidate. A few special cases from GATE 2016, are given below-
AIR 124 CE GATE 2016 (GATE score 847)
AIR 70 IN GATE 2016 (GATE score 768)
AIR 96 CS GATE 2016 (GATE score 856)

How GATE 2022 Cut Off derived?

GATE Cut Off is derived from GATE Scores for admission to M.E/M. Tech and Ph.D. programs. Apart from IITs, some participating institutes accept admission on GATE marks. GATE cut off scores are also considered for employment in PSUs, direct recruitment to Group A posts in Central Government. The cut off is announced separately by participating institutes for admission to postgraduate programs. For qualifying the examination, the cut off will be declared by IIT Guwahati and will be mentioned on the scorecard. GATE cutoff for each paper depends on various factors mentioned below:

Total Number of candidates taking that paper,
The difficulty level of GATE question paper and
Total number of available seats and Category under which the candidate is seeking admission.

GATE Score Predictor:
To calculate the GATE Score Predictor for calculating scores candidate can follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open the official link of the GATE score predictor (to be released once the GATE exam is over). Login using your Google or Facebook account.

  2. Enter your GATE 2022 registration number and date of birth.

  3. Select the category, date on which you appeared in the GATE 2022 exam, exam slot, GATE paper, expected GATE marks out of 100, and the difficulty level of the GATE exam from the options provided for easy, difficult or moderate.

  4. Once you complete filling all the above information, click the ‘Predict Now’ button. The GATE score predictor tool will display your probable score.

GATE Score Calculation Tool:
The basic details that the candidate would need to provide input to the Score Calculation tool for the calculation of our expected score are date of examination, subject paper, slot, and category, for the calculation of expected rank. If a candidate provides accurate information then they can get the nearest score. The GATE Score Calculator for a year is available for the candidates only for a few days.
We hope this article provided all the relevant information on
GATE 2022 Score Calculation, Predict Rank and Marks V/s Scores. On that note Ekeeda wishes all the aspirants best of luck!

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