31 Jul 2021

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GATE Preparation 2022 - Why Begin Early?

IIT Kharagpur will conduct the GATE 2022 exam and the official notification has been released in July 2021 for it. It contains information regarding important dates, GATE Exam pattern 2022, syllabus, registration process, cut off and much more. The registration process will commence from September 2021. For more details, candidates can visit the official site of IIT, Kharagpur or the official GATE website or follow our latest blogs on Ekeeda!
IIT Kharagpur has announced that the GATE 2022 will have an addition of two new subjects and from next year there will be a total of 29 papers/subjects. The two newly introduced subjects would be Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Combined) And Geomatics Engineering.
Nearly 1 million candidates are expected to attempt
GATE 2022. So, no doubt it’s termed as one of the ‘toughest’ examinations in India. It needs sheer determination and hard work from the candidates to clear GATE in their first attempt. Due to the vast syllabus, often candidates need a lot of focus and long study hours to clear the topic or particular section of their GATE subject.
With the changing times, technology has very well intercepted our lives and candidates can make optimum use of it. Through mobile apps, you can get access to GATE online lectures, PDF notes, and other study material to prepare right at your convenient time and location. Besides, there are live sessions and discussion forums online that will help you clear your doubts and move up the GATE preparation ladder. Online mocks for GATE and model/previous year papers will definitely give a boost to your performance.
Every GATE aspirant will follow a unique way for his or her achievement; however, there's no magic formula that would guarantee GATE examination success. Experts agree that solely hard work, planning, and beginning early, can maximize the possibilities of success. A recognizable score in GATE offers Kickstarter to the career of the student. GATE examination happens within the month of February, i.e. throughout the last semester (8th) of engineering. Hence, a student can have solely six to seven months if he or she starts getting ready within the fourth year of engineering. Most students are baffled while getting ready for the
GATE examination. Thus, experts say that the third year is the best time to start out GATE preparation. You'll be able to be part of institutes/universities that you wish to get in. Right from clearing your basic concepts to enough time for revision, appearing mocks to engage in discussion to solve doubts, you will have some great advantages and ample time to clear the GATE Exam.
So, folks here are some reasons why should begin GATE preparation early:

  • Firstly, you should target preparing for the fundamental ideas. In the initial two years of engineering, you are new to subjects, and you would need time to cope up with the ideas, submission, lectures, and other academic things. Coming back to 3rd year you'll be accustomed to the engineering ideas and it'll be simple for you to grasp new ideas. You'll have enough time to figure on the fundamentals.

  • Most of the high-grading subjects in GATE are from the third and fourth years of engineering. Therefore, if you'll begin getting ready from the third year you'll get double profit. Before getting into the fourth year you will pared well.

  • Preparing ahead can assist you to cope up simply with the ideas you'll be learning in your final year. This advance preparation will prevent you from getting into a section of struggle. You'll be assured enough to resolve issues associated with new subjects whereby different students are struggling to learn those ideas.

  • If you begin getting ready from the earlier days, you'll get enough time to assemble the most effective resources to study. You'll be able to find the best institute, best books and create correct notes. You'd not need to take any call in a hurry.

  • Most significantly, beginning early can offer you enough time for revision. In your final year where you also have other necessary things on your head, you'll not have to Invest your entire time in GATE preparation. You'll be able to spare out time from sometime table for revision. All ideas & tricks are on your fingertips.

  • You will be able to apply your own logic, shortcuts, and IQ level to solve the problems and note them down. This way you will save your time and energy while attempting your GATE examination.

  • When you begin GATE preparation early, you will have time to stay tuned with upcoming trends and problem-solving techniques. Early preparation will help you watch lectures and learn the new techniques, stay tuned to the changes in the GATE Syllabus or exam pattern. The teaching will be based on the latest exam updates.

Well! There is no specific set of rules designed for each candidate, or a specific date to commence your studies. It’s upto you when you take a serious call and begin your preparation, but it's advisable you should start as early as you can since the syllabus is vast, some topics are complex, and mostly the competition level is high. You also need time for concept clarity, revision, practice for mocks, and model/previous question papers. When you begin preparation, make sure you’re not studying for the sack of parents or show off to your friends. You have to be true to yourself and towards your dream goals. 
The preparation has to be consistent and for this -

  • Make proper notes for each topic/subtopic or subject because later it will be easy for you to revise.

  • In every 2 to 3 months, take a short revision. Since your preparation will span over a year or two, it's important to keep revising concepts, topics that you’ve studied. You shouldn’t forget the old ones when you march towards the new ones.

  • Practice more questions to acquire conceptual knowledge. For this, you can attempt as many mocks for GATE and Model/Previous Year Question papers as possible.

Early preparation will definitely boost your preparation level. You will be calm, confident, and consistent to overcome any barrier or complex topics. As far as swimming through the tough waters for the GATE preparation is concerned, Ekeeda will help you. We offer GATE online lectures and study material designed by top educators from IITs. These study material and GATE videos are aligned with the latest GATE syllabus and trends. Top educators will also share some tips and tricks to maintain speed and accuracy in the examination. Sign up now and begin your GATE preparation with us!

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