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What Does A Career In Python Look Like?

Python is a general-purpose programming language and often, programmers fall in love with Python due to the increased productivity that it provides! Python is used in web development, data science, automation,  and many other fields. From Instagram – the world’s largest app for photo frenzy people to the software that controls self-driving cars most of them use Python for varied purposes. Now you may wonder what can you do with Python. How to shape up your career? How to find suitable Python jobs available in the market?  What will be the Python programmer salary? And a lot more questions might pop up in your mind. Relax! No need to panic we are here to help you. Python presents a number of paths to find excellent career opportunities. While some of those potential Python jobs are obvious such as being a Python developer – there is other exciting Python programming jobs role in the market.  In our blog, we will propose a few of the Python jobs you can consider when you have learned and mastered the Python language.

Today, Python has become one of the easiest & best programming languages to learn if you want to advance your career. Most of the market research will show that there is rising demand for people who know the Python language. So, if you spend your time, and effort learning it then you won't run out of jobs in the market. In fact, it's termed the best programming language for data science. Anyone who wants to master data science and write swift codes should learn python for data science.

Programmers fall in love with Python because of the fact that it helps increase productivity. Since there is no compilation step, the edit-test debug cycle will be incredibly quick. Debugging Python programs are easy:  a bug or bad input will never cause a segmentation fault. Instead, when the interpreter discovers an error, it raises an exception. If the program doesn’t catch the exception, the interpreter prints a stack trace. A source-level debugger allows inspection of local and global variables, helps evaluate arbitrary expressions, set the breakpoints, steps through the code a line at a time, etc. The debugger is written in Python itself, which will testify the Python’s introspective power. The quickest way to debug a program is to add a few print statements to the source: the fast edit-test-debug cycle makes this simple approach very effective.

Types Of Python Developer Jobs In The Industry

Python programmers have a variety of job roles in the market such as software developer, machine learning engineer, and a lot of programming professionals. Python is the most popular object-oriented programming language that has a variety of features at tasks like building DMS (Database Management System), running AI, and Deep learning. To get knowledge on Deep Learning, Python essentials for ML, and SQL sign up with Ekeeda Data Science Program today!
There has been an alarming skill gap across the globe including in India which makes companies look to potential talent in the market. Every professional plays a crucial role, such as software developers who will write code for server-side operations of software applications. Data Analysts will have an excellent understanding of mathematics and statistics. For interpretation and data analysis, they will take the help of python libraries for data science and machine learning such as Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, and Seaborn. An ML engineer will be the one who has the ability to make machines perform tasks just like humans. Basically, ML engineers will utilize their ML knowledge and creativity to design and implement software to simulate tasks like face recognition, anomaly detection, classification, clustering, & making predictions.

Experts predict Python will overtake all its competition – in just a few years. That, of course, will be a wonderful moment for having learned Python or anyone who is looking to add it. The job market for Python developers is skyrocketing. So, it has become more evident that Python will be more than favourable amongst the developers, and it's what employers what.

Python professionals can use their programming skills to create software apps for various purposes. They can even make mobile applications or computer software programs that will benefit individual users or organizations. Python professionals develop & maintain sites for functionality and efficiency. They will also routinely inspect the websites for troubleshooting purposes. With their exceptional data science skills, Python programmers will protect, organize, and preserve a company’s data structure. They are also capable to build large databases that will help businesses gather data and manage.

Python Developer Salary In India

MNC companies are on the hunt for skilled Python programming language experts and it has pushed the search for Python Jobs; salary searches are high to the top of popular job portals. The Python developer job roles vary from Data Scientists to application Developer, System Administrators to DevOps Engineers, or Web Developers. For working professionals, salary is the most important element to pick a job, of course even the company prospects matter, but most of them keep it second to think. The salary of a python developer in India varies based on the amount of experience a person has. The more experienced the develop, the more attractive the take-home package for him or her. There are also other determining factors when it comes to the salary of a Python professional. Python Developer salary in India can be affected by multiple factors. Let’s see some primary salary affecting factors: Experience, Job Location, Kind of Job Role, and last but not least Skillsets achieved. 

So, let’s get introduced to the average salary and the pay trends in the world. As the experts, the annual salary of Python jobs for beginners would be ₹450000. The average salary of a mid-level Python developer salary would be ₹9,00,000 and the salary for an experienced person would be around ₹11 to 12 LPA. 

Isn’t it exciting? Start learning Python with Data Science Program today!

Educational Needs For Python Developers

Most Python programmers will have a 4-year degree program in computer science, mathematics, or a related field. But there are millions who have to enroll for a regular coding camp or achieved great heights through a well-rounded portfolio. The most important educational qualification for Python professionals is their skillsets and skills achievement. How well you can demonstrate proficiency in Python and its related skills to clearly communicate your thought process would be top skills expected to be displayed in the interviews and working life.

Work Experience For Python Developers

There are various stages of experience for Python programmers. Python is used in web development, app development, ML, AL, scientific computing, and academic research. We can say the credit for its growing popularity is due to the Data Science that embraces Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Industries like education, healthcare, and finance are today making efficient use of machine-learning applications to bring innovation to their processes and organization.

At Beginner Stage I - there would be python professionals from 0 to 2 years. Candidates are expected to make a simple web app from scratch. In addition, check if they have done any projects in Python. Some examples could be a program that reads a CSV file and displays a formatted output, a blog, or a message board.

Stage –II Python requires professional experience of around 3 to 6 years. These professionals will have expertise in writing complex logic in Python as per industry standards. Knowledge of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 & object-relational mapper (ORM) libraries plus experience in data visualization tools such as Tableau and Qlik and Query languages like SAS, SQL, and Hive will be an added advantage. You need good exposure to AWS or other cloud computing services and knowledge of Big Data technology such as HDFS, Pig, Hive, Spark, and Scala that proves beneficial. Also, strong unit test & debugging skills and lastly an understanding of the threading limitations of Python will be expected from skilled python programmers.

Python Developer Skills

If you want to become a successful Python developer, you must continue to boost your skills. You should learn continuously, practice, and upskill. Here are some skills for python developers necessary to enter the desired field. A python professional will work for the server-side development; they might even be a part of the development team that will assist the front-end developers. Thus, full stack python developer skills will prove effective in the long run and make you stand out from the competitors. In order to be effective as a qualified python developer, one should have knowledge about the fundamentals of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The basic knowledge of fundamentals will help you know the user interface and visual aesthetics of the application better. This way you can give more reliable insights.

ML will be the next big revolution in the field of technology. If you have a solid base on the basics of ML it will give a boost to your resume and help you stand out from other developers. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the innovation every tech person will be looking for. Data and developers seem to be made for each other. A developer will deal with huge data sets every day from different codes to modified versions. Therefore, proficiency in version control software such as GIT, Django, Jenkins, etc. will help developers to keep themselves organized and improve efficiency.

Although Python comes with its own test automation framework, it’s better to understand that you should be familiar with the concept. Test automation enhances your work and as a Python developer, you will be responsible for debugging errors. It helps to increase efficiency and speed. In today’s big tech wizard companies, data structures and algorithms are much preferred. Data structures and algorithms will enhance the efficiency to solve coding queries or real-life situations. Every employer looking for a Python program will skill to produce quality work in a short time. In your journey to be an outstanding python programmer, you will have to keep in mind that only the tech skills of a python developer are not sufficient, you also need communication skills to crack the job interview for a big company. Organizations look for certain soft skills to determine your personality, behaviour, and approach.

Hope you got a glimpse of what a career in Python with Data Science looks like. Enroll in Ekeeda Data Science Program and sharpen your tech plus soft skills today! Yes! The program is designed such that provides complete assistance on placement and FREE lifetime support on spoken English, Aptitude Tests, and Profile Building. Learn how to write emails, gain confidence & improve communication skills.

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