29 Jul 2021

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How To Prepare For General Aptitude In The GATE 2022?

GATE is considered as one of the most sought-after competitive exams in India. It acts as a gateway for masters, doctoral programs, PSUs, and other prominent job opportunities in India. GATE 2022 Exam is scheduled to be held in February 2022 and it will be administered by IIT, Kharagpur. There will be three sections for GATE 2022 – General Aptitude – 15 marks, Engineering Mathematics – 15 marks, and Specific Subject – 70 marks.
Most Individuals think they can crack the GATE examination based on their subject-wise papers; however, sections like General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics carry equal importance and will also help you score excellent marks to secure a spot in the merit list. So, if you're looking to secure maximum marks for the GATE Aptitude section, our blog will provide you with the best preparation tips that will address your concerns and boost your scoring areas.
Here is a brief detail on how to prepare General Aptitude for
GATE Exam 2022:

GATE Exam Pattern 2022

There will be three sections i.e Engineering Mathematics, GATE specific subject and General Aptitude For GATE 2022. IIT Kharagpur has announced that the GATE 2022 will have addition of two new subjects and from next year there will be total 29 papers/subjects. The two newly introduced subjects would be Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Combined) And Geomatics Engineering.
The table given below will give you information on some of the important details regarding
GATE exam pattern – 



Exam Mode

Computer Based Test (CBT)


3 Hours (180 Minutes)

Sectional Limit


Total Number of Subjects (Papers)



2-3 General Aptitude and Core Discipline or General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Core Discipline

Types of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCOs)
Multiple Select Questions (MSOs) and/or
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Number of Questions

65 Questions (10 GA + 55 Subjects)

Distribution of Marks in all Papers EXCEPT papers AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH and XL

GA: 15 Marks + Engineering Mathematics: 13 Marks + Subject Questions: 72 Marks 
= Total 100 Marks

Distribution of Marks in papers AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH and XL

GA: 15 Marks + Subject Questions: 85 Marks 
= Total 100 Marks

Marking Scheme

All the questions will carry 1 or 2 marks
For MCQs with 1 mark: 1/3 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.
For MCQs with 2 marks:  2/3 mark will be deducted for every incorrect response.

Please Note: There won’t be any negative marking for Multiple Select Question (MSQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions.

Preparation Tips For GATE Exam 2022: General Aptitude

The General Aptitude section will consist of 10 questions with a total of 15 marks and if you prepare thoroughly, it will be the best scoring area and give you the right head start in your GATE 2022 Exam. General Aptitude will be divided into two sections: Verbal Ability & Numerical Ability. Let’s understand these sections in detail:

Verbal Ability

  • Consists of English Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Syntax, Critical Analysis, and Inference capabilities.

  • It includes figuring out the correct or incorrect sentences, error detection & sentence completion. Prepare with verbs, tenses, voices, direct & indirect speech, etc. Be well-versed with foundational English Grammar & composition rules.

  • Your Vocabulary will be tested with the help of word groups & verbal analogies. Other than synonyms and antonyms, you should focus on multiple meanings of words, different contests, and if required a statement, in which context it's being employed. 

  • Be thorough with arguments or cases from which you expect to draw inferences, counter-arguments, connect pieces of information. There will be possible assumptions, statements to weaken or strengthen the stipulated argument. Learn to deal with complex cases, misleading arguments and conflicting statements. 

Numerical Ability

NA is all about computation, estimation, reasoning & data interpretation 

  • Few topics to brush up include Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Types of numbers, Speed & Distance, Simplification, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Average, HCF & LCM, Simple & Compound Interest, Clocks, Time & Distance, Basic Geometry, Ages, Logical Inference, Cost-Profit, Directions, Radix Numbers, Data Interpretation.

  • Advanced Topics include:  Quadratic equations, the advanced probability will rarely asked in a complex way. Take some time to go through it.

  • Data Interpretation requires you to apply and analyze multiple concepts in tandem. Your basic numerical ability, critical analysis & problem-solving skills will be tested.

  • Tip: Solidify the fundamental portion through problem solving and short time mock tests. Attempt longer time exercises with one or two mocks in every two days.

  • Practice with innovative learning techniques like flow charts, diagrams, mind maps, games, quizzes or puzzle to help you quickly memorize formulae and theorems. Attend live sessions to clarify doubts through various GATE online classes, learn from pre-recorded videos, assessment tests & try to rectify mistakes from feedback sessions.

Some Tips To Prepare For GATE 2022 General Aptitude Section:

General Aptitude is the best section to score provided you prepare smartly on the topics. You will have to practice diligently to make a sureshot scoring. Most candidates will underestimate the GA section and will tend to lose 15 marks. It's better to prepare rather than regret in the end. Candidates can follow these simple tips given below:

  • Keep a good hold on maths to score on numerical ability. Even, if you're not so good at maths, you can still ace the topic with the right guidance and practice. For verbal ability practice grammar and reading habits. 

  • You can command the GA section in one single day – you need constant practice for this section. If you practice for a couple of months, you can easily solve it in just a few minutes.

  • Practice at least 20-30 questions of various topics, difficult level every day

  • Focus more on topics and inner solutions rather than mugging up. If your basics are clear you can answer the trick questions as well. All you need is a calm and focused mind to figure out the hidden answer.

  • Learn to visualize the problem and you can reach a solution better and faster. At times, the answer is quite easy but if the question is twisted you tend to indulge in tedious calculation and forget it.

  • Speed has to be maintained along with answer techniques. So it's advisable to do quick calculations. You can practice by taking up tests, a number of questions solved per day, and calculations in your mind.

  • Revision and Practice are the two great mantras to crack any form of competitive exam. So, follow keep persistently!

Key Takeaways From GATE Aptitude 2022 Section -

You have three hours (180 minutes) and 100 questions (approximately 1.5 minutes for every question to be answered with the last few minutes for revision. So time management will play an important role. You will have to devote more time to optimal paper. So, it's advisable to sort your GATE Aptitude section in the first 15-20 minutes, since your mind is fresh and runs faster. Leave tricky ones aside and start ticking off the easy ones. Complete the optional sections, take a quick one-minute refresher and get back to attempt the rest GATE Aptitude questions.

  • Take a brief look at the overall General Aptitude Sections for GATE 2022 Exam and tick off the easy questions on ratios, percentages, averages, graphs, etc. at the start and then move to the complex ones.

  • Reserve time of around 10-15 minutes to take a quick glance over the calculations, markings, graphs, and diagrams, and all the difficult questions. 

  • Temperament: Don't be too scared or nervous, relax and have a positive & calm approach. It really improves your performance. 

  • Take it as a challenge and build a strong GATE preparation plan

Buckle up! It's time to give your best for the GATE 2022 exam!

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