29 Jul 2022

How Did I Develop A Passion For Data Science And Machine Learning | Ekeeda

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How Did I Develop A Passion For Data Science And Machine Learning?

Today, I would be sharing my story of how I developed a passion for Data Science Ai Machine Learning and kick-start a great career out of it. I’ll take you through a bit of my background - I'm studying Electronics And communication Engineering At VNIT, Nagpur. Currently, I'm in the last semester, I wasn't been able to complete it due to some obstacles in life. This amazing story starts after the end of the 6th sem; when I was going through the new subjects in the 7th sem. I realized that a lot of subjects in 7-sem were related to data science, subjects such as Python, Machine Learning, AI, Data mining, analytics, etc.

Coincidentally, Data science had been getting a lot of hype and mileage from the media during this time. Since I was clueless about the subjects, I did research to find blogs and articles on them. This, helped me develop a keen interest in the subjects and I wanted to learn more about Data Science. Although I wanted to learn Data Science to score outstanding in 7-sem, later I found it’s a world full of opportunities.

By doing intense research and reading blogs, and articles I actually learned a lot about data science; however, after some time there seem to be a dead end in my knowledge seeking. I had registered for many blogs, newsletters, and articles from various websites on Data Science – but the field is so vast and complex that you might wonder where to begin. There a certain thing that I couldn’t understand and I was left with a bouncer. This is where I felt like I need some thorough guidance from industry experts.

Since there was zero hands-on in my college, the matter was more bit of serious to me. Although, I knew coding to a certain extent neither it was good nor sufficient to step into the industry. It was more of knowing a few lines of important code that would let me crack the exams. The field was fascinating and I decided to make a career in data science and machine learning. 

This is when I googled several data science courses online that provided in-depth knowledge and industry-oriented teachings for data science with machine learning programs. After research for a couple of days, going through the reviews and ratings, feedback, faculty experience, etc. I zeroed in on Ekeeda Data Science and Machine Learning Program which was simply the best pick on data science learning. This course was designed by industry experts keeping in mind the latest trends and AI Machine Learning Data Science techniques. The course focused more on hands-on experience & had a lot of assignments. I had to keep researching various ways to solve the assignments, this led me to explore more in my free time & get good exposure to a lot of practical experience. This kind of hands-on teaching practice especially through 1:1 classes, allowed me to accelerate my learning rate by a lot.
My experience was just completely different. Being able to attend live classes and interact with the industry mentors/coaches was very different than merely watching some pre-recorded lectures. It was also very easy to get my doubts cleared by a coach (they were just a message away) and interact with them.

I had learned so much from Ekeeda Data Science and Machine Learning course which also includes a part of Machine learning, that during my last semester Python lab exam I was able to finish faster and come out as the topper in the entire class. It led me to drive a new passion for coding and data science. At this stage of life, I left that I was actually able to understand coding and was meant to build some great coding structure. It felt like I was learning concepts and utilizing them instead of memorizing them through the course.

Before taking this data science online course, learning seemed to be a boring affair. But in just a few days, I was able to reignite my passion for data science and machine learning – today, I truly enjoy it. I got placed as Machine Learning Engineer at top global tech company having an office in India. Thanks to the placement assistance team who left no stone unturned to find me the dream job opportunity. Now, I learn something new about it every day – I’m loving it!

This is how I manage to land a job as an ML engineer in 6-months. I hope you like reading my story and that I was able to give some value to your passion & fuel your dreams in AI Data Science Machine Learning magical field.

Have a tech-innovative day.

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