16 Jun 2021

How To Make the Most Of GATE Online Coaching Classes

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How To Make The Best Use Of Online Classes For GATE 2022 Preparation?

GATE is considered as one of the toughest examinations of India and needs immense dedication, hard work to clear in the first attempt. GATE is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Technology. IIT, Kharagpur will conduct the GATE Exam 2022 and soon an official GATE notification will be released informing about important dates for application form release, registration, admit card, exam date, answer key and result. Also, you can check the GATE exam syllabus, pattern, subject wise weightage, cut off and more through this official GATE notification.

Today, with the inception of technology and the rising digital age, the education segment has seen a paradigm shift. Pre-recorded videos, live lectures have now become an integral part of the education system. It has enticed a lot of students and every day, there are new digital learning platforms mushrooming in India - right from school lessons to coding lectures, college to coaching for some of the most prestigious competitive exams like GATE. Today, every form of education is available online, especially on your smartphones via mobile app. You can learn wherever and whenever you want, whether it's a college campus, travelling, while sitting on a beachside, or any of your favourite study corners.

The rising trends show that digital learning or online classes are here to stay for a while and it helps students acquire knowledge in the most efficient way and boost their preparation. Our blog will discuss how engineering students who are preparing for the GATE exam can utilize these online courses in the most effective way and gain edge over the competition.

How GATE Online Classes Are Different From Traditional Coaching?

  • Online classes will be available 24*7
  • Online classes can be taken at the comfort of your home, or college campus
  • Online classes use new and easy-to-understand techniques for students
  • You can save thousands being spent on textbooks and other irrelevant study materials
  • You can prepare for GATE subjects with to educators who will simplify concepts or topics for you.
  • Live sessions will give instant solutions to your doubts and help you ace your GATE subjects

With so many advantages, online classes are surely the new-age way to ramp up your GATE 2022 Exam preparation. However, it's your sheer practice and self-motivation for what you wish to learn and how much you want to excel in your preparation. In order to make the most of these online courses for you, it's important you work out a study plan, consistently attend lectures, and make optimum use for the GATE exam preparation.

Tips to make the best use of GATE online coaching for you:

Make A Study Plan & Have A Goal

For everything in life, you need a goal, discipline, and plan to achieve it. Online lectures will too need one to set a goal, work out a study plan, and of course streamlined efforts to meet them. E-lectures are completely at your discretion. It’s important you listen to the lectures, understand the concepts, try solving the practice questions and do revisions for holistic preparation of your GATE specified subjects. So, before you start preparing build a plan on which topics or subjects you would be studying, and based on this you can line up your online lectures too.

Create Your Own Notes

Just like offline classes, faculty in online courses will also try to explain concepts and topics in a layman’s term. They use real-life experiences and modern techniques to help students understand the topics better and faster. So, while attending lectures make sure you make quick notes, write down the shortcuts, tricks to crack formulate. Such notes will keep you focussed in the class, learn better, prove great for revising the subject, and bridge up the loopholes in your preparation. Thus, jot down all the new things you have learned, especially ones that are complex and need more time for preparation. Creating notes will be of great help when you have to do quick revision right from the BIG exam day.

Stick To Deadlines & Time Management

Although, you can download online lectures and watch later in your leisure time; however, don’t keep a relaxed attitude especially while preparing for competitive exams like GATE 2022. Make sure you manage your time and don’t get distracted by parties, hangouts, or web series. Since everything is on the palm, candidates might easily get swayed away and end up surfing on the net or spending time on social media chatting, watching videos, etc. It’s ok to take breaks but don’t go off the track. You should make sure you complete every topic as decided and reserve time for quick revision as well. Time management plays a key role in your GATE exam preparation

Choose The Right Online Classes

Today, there are hundreds of the GATE online coaching centers and various platforms that claim to be the best. However, it's important you do a bit of research on the internet, talk to your friends, and then make a thoughtful decision. Something to watch out for:

  • Time since when GATE online coaching classes exist in the market
  • Faculty and their teaching experience of coaching centers
  • Video quality and other services offered by the educational platforms
  • Toppers who learned from the particular classes or coaching institute

Such factors will help you to narrow down your search and pick the best online class for GATE exam preparation.

Why Ekeeda is the first choice for GATE preparation online?

Ekeeda – A leading tech education platform offers a free trial to give students an experience of the teaching practices and video quality of various GATE online lectures. Some features -

  • Subscribe & Watch HD pre-recorded GATE online lectures anytime, anywhere
  • Live doubt clearing sessions by industry experts to engage in discussions and get instant solutions
  • Lectures & courses designed by expert faculty, top GATE rankers and IITians.
  • Comprehensive & updated GATE Syllabus for various subjects.
  • GATE test series to evaluate your performance and work on the area of improvement
  • GATE mock test & PYQPs to practice after every topic or online courses

Ekeeda GATE Subject-Specified Videos

Over the years, Ekeeda has handpicked the expert faculty with enriched experience in designing GATE videos. These videos will help you understand concepts, create notes, learn shortcuts for formulae, and more. Since, you can pause & play videos anytime, its’ definitely a great advantage over physical classrooms wherein once missed will make you struggle all over the preparation time for the competitive exam. Isn't it annoying? So, sign up and subscribe to Ekeeda GATE online lectures today! Watch them at your convenient time, and day for revision or further clearing the concepts. Candidates easily overcome the barriers in their preparation path only to pass with excellent marks.

Ekeeda Doubt Clearing Sessions

Most of the top learning platforms like Ekeeda provide live doubt clearing sessions for individuals who face obstacles in their preparation journey. Such sessions are important and conducted by top faculty members who will help students sail smoothly through the troubled waters of any particular topic. While some lectures are conducted at the end of sessions, others might have a designated time to sign in and attend the classes. You can interact with these experts and get instant solutions to your doubts. Such sessions are very important to attend if you wish to get full clarity on the GATE subjects you would be studying for.

Ekeeda GATE Test Series For Self-Evaluation

Some individuals feel attending lectures and doing revision is all it takes to prepare for competitive exams. However, mocks and PYQPs are the real challengers take will test your skills, accuracy to attempt questions in the GATE exam. Ekeeda GATE test series is an ideal way to evaluate your performance and know where you stand in your preparation journey. It's an excellent way to overcome your barriers wherein you can simultaneously engage in discussions with expert faculty as well as attempt mocks to improve your performance. With top faculty and experts, you can learn the tips and tricks to maintain speed as well as accuracy while attempting your GATE Exam 2022.

Hope these tips will help you make optimum use of GATE online classes. Rest it's advisable to enjoy the classes by studying at your favourite corners. Don’t’ overburden yourself with exam phobia, instead stay relax, healthy and learn consistently to score excellently in GATE exam 2022.

Sign up with Ekeeda and book your favourite GATE online courses today! Do GATE preparation online with the top educators who design exclusive GATE mock tests, videos, PDFs notes and live lectures to gain an edge over the competition.

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