30 Jul 2021

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How To Make the Most of GATE Online Test Series? 

GATE is one of the sought-after competitive exams for engineering graduates that provides them with excellent career opportunities in public sector organizations (PSUs) and in the field of research. Some of the PSUs and research organizations that use the GATE score for providing jobs include ONGC, NTPC, GAIL, HPCL, PGCIL, BHEL, BSNL, HPCL, NHPC, BARC, DRDO, etc. GATE is usually conducted in January or February every year. It's a single system-based paper that is conducted for three hours and it usually tests the comprehensive knowledge of the applicants on undergrad engineering topics.
IIT Kharagpur will conduct the
GATE 2022 exam and it has released the official notification in July 2021. It contains information regarding important dates, GATE Exam pattern 2022, syllabus, registration process, cut off and much more. The registration process will commence from September 2021. For more details, candidates can visit the official site of IIT, Kharagpur, or the official GATE website or follow our latest blogs on Ekeeda!
IIT Kharagpur has announced that the GATE 2022 will have the addition of two new subjects and from next year there will be a total of 29 papers/subjects. The two newly introduced subjects would be Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Combined) And Geomatics Engineering.
Although, there is a lot of stuff available in the market for
GATE 2022 preparation; one of the best practices is to take test series for such a competitive exam and what will be the best option other than Ekeeda - A leading tech education platform that provides the best online series for GATE 2022 preparation.
Why GATE Test Series?
GATE online test series is crucial for one’s preparation because it lets you do proper revision and brushing up during the death overs. Besides, it gives an accurate idea of where you stand in the competitive preparation. It’s a great way to alter your existing plans and make a robust approach for the exam. Test series plays a vital role while studying for the GATE exam and the preparation won’t be complete without a proper test series.
What Should Be Your Approach?
Firstly, you can Google and find the best GATE online classes that offer test series. It’s quite an important step and will impact the course of your GATE preparation. The number of students who are taking the GATE test series is increasing day by day and it proves to be a valuable strategy to score excellent marks. Every now and then, aspirants of the GATE competitive exam have a lot of concerns and questions. Since you’ve already plunged into the test waters, it’s advisable to stay calm and keep swimming. Our blog will help you address all these concerns that students are often confused and tensed with. We will try to provide answers to various questions that would cross your mind during the course of your GATE 2022 preparation.
When Is The Right Time To Take Up GATE Test Series?
Well! Looking at the current scenario you have 5-6 months of time to cover the GATE Syllabus and prepare for the exam. However, experts suggest to take up a test series in the last 1 to 2 months would not be a good idea. The best time to sign up for tech platforms like Ekeeda and start attempting test series would be around 1 to 2 months once you start your GATE preparation. The purpose of a series is to provide thorough revision and evaluation as soon as you start with your preparation. Try and attempt a portion of the syllabus at regular intervals and finally give a full test towards the completion of the GATE 2022 syllabus, it will definitely serve the purpose of the test series.
How Do I Effectively Use Test Series To Increase Performance?
Test series is an important part of your preparation, but giving mere tests won’t help you. Instead, the real thing is to analyze after the test. If you find any mistakes, try and mitigate them to improve your performance and scoring ability. Take screenshots of the questions which are tricky and make a note of them. Do consistent revision after every 15 days to make sure you won’t repeat the same mistakes. Few key points to remember while taking the test: Avoid taking few breaks in a test, use virtual calculators, learn shortcuts to improve your speed, discuss complex questions with peers & professors, never procrastinate on things, start by taking subject wise tests, and lastly try to finish each test 15-20 minutes earlier to the time schedule to recheck your answers. Wish you good luck with your GATE 2022 Exam
Which Are The Important Points To Remember While Taking Up The Test Series?
It’s always a better idea to prepare for a test before you take it because it will provide you with the right analysis of your ability and knowledge. Thoroughly revise the subjects, formulae, theorems, concepts, graphs, and shortcuts before you appear for the tests. Make sure that you’ve covered all the topics that the test will examine you. It will not only help you attempt more questions but also boost your confidence. 
Don’t make too frequent use of scientific calculators while appear for GATE Test Series. It will save you time during tests, but you won’t be able to develop a proper habit of solving questions without any use of calculators in the exam. Just like it’s important to appear for the test, it’s equally important to analyze your performance and learn from them. Once you complete any test go through the solutions provide by Ekeeda. It offers live sessions to get in touch with the expert faculty regarding your doubts and obstacles where you will be stuck around. There are
GATE online lectures available for all the aspirants on various GATE subjects and dedicated test series for better and robust preparation.
What Are The Ways To Improve Your Accuracy And Speed In The Exam?
When you commit silly mistakes you tend to lose marks in the competitive exam that will eventually lead to low scores. It’s better to read questions twice especially complex ones to try and figure out the trick behind it and then attempt. Conventional papers are full of confusion and complexities, read them carefully. Plan your answer before you take a start to write it down. Use your own shortcuts, be well prepared with the tricks to crack formulae to score more and accurately. Try and take test series at regular intervals to test your speed of attempting questions. When you take up the Ekeeda test series, you can use the question-wise analysis to check and work on your accuracy. Take a screenshot of the time spent on the questions by a topper and compare it with your test. Check the marks gained or deducted from that question, its difficulty level, and all other key areas where toppers are gaining an edge.
How To Make A Valuable Addition To Your Knowledge With The Test Series?
Once you've appeared for a test, try to attempt questions that you weren’t able to attempt in the series. Mark these questions, try to figure out the requirements, and accordingly start preparing your answers. Revise class notes and see if there were new concepts or you have studied prior. If they’re based on new concepts or information, do value addition to your notes. If you have already studied and forgotten in the exam, means you have to revise thoroughly. Ekeeda test series gives an overall analysis to help you design a picture of your test performance, scoring ability, and speed.
Which Is The Best Technique In The OMR Sheet For Better Scoring?
Some students try to figure out answers and then start marking on the OMR sheet at once, but in this attempt, you might fill some wrong bubbles in haste and thus lose marks. If you fill OMR with each question, it will consume time and break the flow as well as continuity of solving questions for aspirants. Thus, the best way is to fill the OMR sheet once you complete each page of your question paper. There would be two leaves of question papers, so after completing one leaf you can fill the OMR and then proceed to the next leaf.
How Many Tests Should I Take In A Month’s Time?
It would be fair if you take the test every once a week especially during weekends, complete one particular syllabus till you finish all the subject-wise tests. Once you’ve done with the studies, you can increase the frequency of syllabus tests but don’t take too much for a day. Time the two tests with proper breaks before you attempt the next. Also, give at least one test in the time slot of the actual exam.
What Will My Rank Indicate In The GATE Test Series? And What Should I Do If It's Good Or Bad?
Never get swayed by the results, either good or bad. Although rank will be good to judge your performance in test series what matters is consistent improvement. Low ranks in some topic or subject-wise tests don’t mean you’ve not worked up to the potential. It simply means a few topics were taken up in the test. So, even though you perform well in full syllabus tests and mock tests, you may lack in that particular topic. Ekeeda test series will help you find out where you lack or analyze how top rankers take an approach to the test series. Your aim should be to improve your score in successive tests of the same topic or syllabus. 
On A Concluding Note:
Our Computer Based Test (CBT) gives you a real and good experience of the GATE exam. Students will get a chance to remove all the negativity, fear, and anxiety about the exam. When you prepare with top GATE online classes like Ekeeda, it will help boost your confidence and let you really stand out in the competition. You can plan your strategy; determine the key area of focus and tackle the complexities of the GATE exam. Your revision will play an important role, and it’s should be the mandatory plan of action in accordance with the test series. We put a lot of effort and research into designing the test series for every topic and subject. All efforts that you will put in the GATE 2022 preparation will reap the benefits provided you study sincerely and with the right guidance. Ekeeda test series is an opportunity to seize the GATE. Practice, improve knowledge and maintain speed with our test series. Sign up and make the most of our test series today. Improve your chances of scoring excellently in GATE Exam 2022!

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