21 Sep 2021

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Use Of Virtual Calculator For GATE 2022 Exam

‘Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering’ popularly known as GATE is the most sought-after competitive test offered by top-tier institutes and colleges across India. It is conducted for Master of Engineering (ME), Master’s in Technology (M. Tech), and Ph.D. admissions to top-tier Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and other institutes/universities across India.
In the forthcoming year, IIT Kharagpur will the GATE 2022 Exam. The exam conducting body has released the official notification in August 2021. It will contain information regarding important dates,
GATE exam pattern 2022, syllabus, registration process, cut-off, and much more. The registration process will commence from September 2, 2021. Candidates can fill up the GATE application form online and pay the fee to appear for the exam. For more details, candidates can visit the official site of IIT, Kharagpur, or the official GATE website or follow our latest blog "GATE Registration: How To fill GATE Application Form, Documents Required"
IIT Kharagpur has announced that the GATE 2022 will have the addition of two new subjects and from next year there will be a total of 29 papers/subjects. The two newly introduced subjects would be Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Combined) And Geomatics Engineering.
Before you begin your GATE preparation, it's important you have good knowledge about the GATE syllabus and exam pattern. It helps you understand which are topics & sub-topics, the weightage, marking scheme, and how to reserve slots for particular topics and lay the preparation path. General Aptitude (GA) will be a common and compulsory section for all the 29 GATE papers.

GATE 2022 Syllabus will consist of three major sections – General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Core-subject Specific section for nearly all the papers. GATE 2022 exam pattern includes the number of questions, types of questions, section, and the marking schemes for all the 29 papers/subjects in the examination. Candidates who wish to appear for GATE 2022 should familiarize themselves with the GATE paper pattern, entire syllabus and of course marking schemes.
GATE exam consists of 90% of the numerical problems and at some point or another, calculators will be required to solve the problems. Candidates appearing for the competitive exam will not be allowed to use any other form of calculator other than the virtual one, that will be provided on their screens. You can use the virtual GATE calculator at any point of the examination. It is easily accessible and it's available just above the question palette. Experts say you need to have enough practice of using the virtual calculator For GATE so that you save time and provide accurate answers during the exam. Many
GATE online classes and tech platforms provide training to make efficient use of GATE calculators. To understand this better, we will have to have proper knowledge of it.  Our experts will help you understand the GATE calculator, guidelines to follow, and Do’s & Don’t of GATE calci:
About GATE Calculator
GATE calculator was introduced as an important feature in the 2016 examination. The upcoming GATE 2022 will have the most advanced virtual calculator, and here are few features of it:

  • In 2022, the candidates appearing for the GATE examination will be able to find the keys for simple operations on the right-hand side of the calculator.

  • On the left-hand side of the GATE virtual calculator, the keys for all scientific functions and operations are given.

  • For the inverse, the candidates don’t need to press SHIFT or INV keys because the inverse function has been given separate keys.

  • All the trigonometric functions will be given together

  • All the hyperbolic functions are grouped

  • Above the top of the GATE 2022 virtual calculator, two display boxes will be given. The op box will indicate the sequence of keys pressed.

  • The second box below is there to indicate actual values that are entered or obtained after calculation.

  • The position of the inverse function will be placed below these respective functions. For example, the signing will be positioned below sin on the calculator.

Guidelines On How To Use GATE Virtual Calculator:
These are some common concerns related to the use of the GATE Virtual Calculator:

  • There is no provision for answer infractions, therefore, NAT questions will require answers only in decimal forms.

  • There will be no separate keys for the conversion of polar to rectangular and vice-versa; hence the candidate needs to use the appropriate conversions using the GATE 2022 Virtual calculator.

  • There is a limitation of the GATE calculator under which the complex number cannot be represented on that but related to complex numbers such as power systems or any other area that can be solved GATE 2022 Virtual calculator.

  • Matrix calculations need to be done on a manual basis since there are no provisions for it to be done on the virtual calculator offered in the examination.

  • You cannot use the keyboard during the whole course of the GATE examination.

Here are some Do’s And Don’t Of GATE Calci:
Do’s Of Virtual GATE Calculator:

  • Press “C” before a new calculation

  • Try and use already defined operations like a log, Exp.

  • You can use the memory function to calculate the cumulative totals.

  • Type an equation using parenthesis and other mathematical operators.

  • Be sure to select the angle unit before you begin any calculation

Don’t Of Virtual GATE Calculator:

  • The keyboard operation is disabled.

  • Modulus operation performed on decimal numbers with 15 digits would not be precise.

  • The range of values supported by the calculator is 10(-323) to 10(308).

  • The output for a factorial calculation is precise up to 14 digits.

FAQs related To Virtual GATE Calculator:
Are calculators allowed for the GATE examination?
No! Any form of calculator is not allowed in the GATE exam. You can’t use mobile phones, physical calculators, smartwatches, or any other electronic gadgets for calculation. During GATE 2022 candidates will be provided with a virtual scientific calculator which has to be used to answer the questions.
What is GATE Virtual Calculator?
For the GATE exam, there is a virtual calculator provided to the candidates instead of physical calculators. The virtual calculator is the same as the scientific calculator but it's available on the computer. It is done to reduce the chances of cheating.
How do you solve equations with a virtual GATE calculator?
For using the GATE virtual calculator, you will need to open the calculator in another tab along with the question papers of the GATE examination.
How Is The GATE score calculated in 2022?
GATE score is calculated using a formula i.e out of 1000. The marks of the candidates will be the number he or she gets in the exam i.e out of 100. The GATE result indicates both the GATE score and marks obtained by candidates.
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