20 Aug 2021

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How To Crack The GATE Civil Engineering Exam? Things You Need To Know

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering popularly known as ‘GATE’, is one of the most sought-after competitive exams in India. If you're one amongst the millions of aspirants who are preparing for GATE then the rest is for you.
Let’s talk about
GATE Civil engineering which is one of the oldest and popular engineering branches, firstly let us tell you that along with Civil Engineering there are other branches as well such as Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science & IT, etc. Amongst all of these Civil engineering has a vast syllabus and you will need to put in a lot of effort to crack the GATE 2022 exam. Weightage distribution of every subject in Civil Engineering will be uniform and thus, it's tough to crack it. We are sure many questions might be running through your mind such as What will be the GATE Civil Syllabus, What will be the GATE exam pattern, Which are the complex topics/subtopics, What is the GATE cut off 2021, How to create Civil engineering GATE exam preparation strategy, etc. Relax! We’re here to answer them all.
Before we give answers to all your questions, there are few things you need to know about GATE Civil engineering. 
GATE is an entrance test conducted by the seven IITs - Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Chennai, and Roorkee along with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. GATE 2022 Exam will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur, and its going to be held in February 2022 (tentatively). IIT, Kharagpur has released an official notification in July 2021 and the application will begin from September 2021. Every institution is renowned and famous for certain Civil engineering specializations and thus it will provide great help in determining the Subject wise question weightage. 
So, now let's go back to the question that you are eagerly waiting to get answers, and then work out a robust study plan to crack
GATE 2022 Civil Exam
When Is the Right Time To Start GATE Civil Exam Preparation?
GATE is a competitive exam that is basically a summary of all the things – formulae, theorems, basics, and advanced concepts that you’ve studied in four years of your engineering term. So, if you always dreamt of clearing GATE and pursue M.E/M.Tech or secure job in top India PSUs, then you should keep a track of things that you’ve studied in your first year of engineering. Make sure you keep the engineering study material handy and don’t sell it after moving to the second year. As per the new rules, even a third-year engineering student can appear for GATE Civil exam. So, imagine the importance of sticking to your basics and utilizing them to the utmost potential to solve the GATE exam.
Mastering your core engineering concepts during your Undergrad course will be the first step in
GATE preparation, which many candidates still struggle to do so. Most candidates plan to study for GATE once they appear in their final sem which could be a delayed call. So, assuming you fall in the majority, follow our blog till the end.
Will I Be Able To Crack GATE Civil In The First Attempt?
Of course, it's possible for you. It all depends on when you begin your preparation, and how you begin it. What kind of study material you will refer, the GATE preparation books for Civil Engineering, your engineering books, and of course guidance from expert faculty, or toppers. If you’re attempting GATE in 3rd or 4th year then make sure you have kept all your study materials intact with you. Along with this, you need external guidance – such as top educational platforms like Ekeeda provide GATE Civil online classes designed by expert faculty from IITs. You can get access to PDF notes, online mocks for GATE civil, model/GATE previous year papers, and live lectures to clarify your doubts. Even if you’re trying to give an entire year for GATE, you can’t rely too much on your guts and intelligence. At times you need the right coaching, live sessions, or discussion forms to derive answers to complex questions and of course the best GATE study material which has popular reviews/ratings and not labels from fancy or foreign authors.
How Should I Start Studying For The GATE 2022 Civil?
Now, on a true note, firstly let’s forget about what you do, whether you’re in the third or fourth year of engineering, working professionals, or reserve an entire year for GATE 2022 preparation. We’re assuming the fact that you’re completely spending the next 6 to 7 months for the GATE exam preparation. In such a scenario, how should you start studying and what should be your preparation strategy will be the thing we would discuss here. As we said before, the GATE exam is conducted to secure a spot in premium institutes such as IITs, NITs, and IIITs across India, and therefore you should learn from the best. That’s why Ekeeda is here for you. The key to success is to enroll with us and we will provide the best GATE preparation material for Civil engineering for individuals. Our handpicked faculties from IITs design GATE online courses and study material keeping in mind the latest trends and GATE syllabus. You just have to learn from one of the best GATE online coaching in India - Ekeeda!
Let's move ahead
GATE Civil Syllabus
Though the exam deals with the four years of engineering education, there are things from your UG syllabus which will not be included in the GATE Civil Syllabus. There might be concepts that got recently updated or sometimes there will be things in the GATE syllabus which you may have missed and choose other selective subjects. So, knowing the syllabus will be the first step. Find the complete GATE Civil Syllabus - HyperLink
Subject Wise Weightage
Knowing the subject-wise weightage of every subject for the GATE Civil exam is very important for a good study plan. By knowing the weightage you will understand how vast is every subject and determine the weightage ratio to it. It helps in efficient and smart GATE civil preparation.  Now that you have an idea about the subject weightage marks, the next thing is to look into the weightage ratio. For this, our subject experts have allocated numbers for every subject based on the number of topics/subtopics included in that subject of the GATE civil syllabus. It means if you spend time wisely on certain subjects you will be able to score higher marks in the GATE examination.
Which Books Should I refer for GATE Civil?
If you need a GATE self study plan, apart from academic books, try to collect recommended and latest books for GATE Civil preparation. Textbooks are vast and not filtered according to the GATE examination needs, although they may be useful but will consume a lot of time. Thus, there are tech educational platforms like Ekeeda that provide online GATE coaching for Civil Engineering with a dedicated syllabus and upcoming trends. You can get access to study material like PDF notes, model/previous year question papers, mock tests, and live lectures that will improvise your GATE preparation 
Everything needed for the GATE will be available on the plate – what you study, which topics to focus on, which chapters to concentrate or omit, which topics are important for mock, chapter wise mocks, subject wise and complete mock test, nearly everything related to GATE Civil is included in our package for you. It means if you listen to Ekeeda GATE online lectures and refer to study material, practice diligently cracking GATE would be a piece of cake for you.

GATE Civil Online Preparation
Online classes are powerful tool for any form of studies or competitive preparation, especially in this COVID-19 lockdown scenario. Today, you need to realize the fact that the entire nation has moved almost all classes to online. So, its not just along, all your competitors watch online lectures and prepare of various exams, or competitive exams. It’s always better to do online classes on your laptop or smart phones since you will get quick access to internet and you can learn at your preferred time and location.
The key is to spend the same amount of time and energy in
GATE online classes just like the way if the class was offline. To pick the best online coaching for GATE Civil you can do a bit of research on internet, or talk to your peers or GATE experts. Also, you can follow the review & feedback of the candidates of particular app or online platform to build an opinion.
Follow Subject Priority For GATE Civil
Subject priority should be determined in reference to the weightage to vastness ratio. If you study 100 questions from structural analysis, there would be more questions with other concepts to you. So, focus on subjects which have considerable weightage and ones that are complex.
Top rankers will won’t give miss to subjects like Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude, Structural Engineering, Water Resources, Geomatics Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Structural engineering that would constitute more than 50% of the marks. Thus, effective preparation is not just about mugging up lessons, its about realising what you should study and how to study.

Prepare For GATE While At Work Or College Studies
If you’re GATE aspirant, either a college student or working, then cracking the exam is not an easy task. Just need to realize there are plenty of competitors, lesser time, and more complex studies on the task list. You need at least 10 months of perfect preparation because there will be other works such as office work, submission, semester, etc, that will interrupt you. Remember that there are plenty of GATE aspirants say who would be willing to sacrifice their sleep or luxury to crack this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You will not be alone in the race, you have to buckle up your shoes to make sure you win it with a competitive edge.
Tips & Tricks To Follow For The GATE Civil
The GATE exam syllabus is quite vast and there are plenty of things to remember such as lots of formulae, standard values, concepts, etc. So, you can follow these simple tips and tricks while preparing for the GATE civil exam:

  • Mix up the distinct subjects in your studies. Don’t try to stick to one subject and then move to another and then another. Studying multiple subjects will give you desired break and leads to better focus.

  • Create keynotes & sticky notes and keep them in your study room with important formulae and standard values. It will help you remember things, concepts easily

  • Prepare notes in such a way that you use different inks to marks things. It helps to catch the important points quickly when you revise

  • Attend chapter-wise, subject-wise, and a complete GATE test series. Go step by step, don’t wait to finish up the studies, and then appear mocks. Attend tests gradually after every chapter and subject. This will help you evaluate performance on regular basis.

  • Talk to your fellow mates, toppers or attend group discussions to get clarity on concepts. Ekeeda live lectures can help you clear your doubts and move up the preparation ladder. Top educators from IITs will give solutions to your doubts and deliver excellent results in the GATE examination.

Efficient Ways For Revision
Revision should be an integral part of your preparation. Let's say you have studied two chapters from Environmental engineering on the first day, then you decide to mix up and study the strength of materials, and so on, when you start your third day with environmental engineering subject before you start the 3rd chapter, you should revise the first two chapters. This practice should be followed throughout your GATE civil preparation. After you complete your entire preparation, give at least one month or preferably two months for total GATE syllabus revision and constant practice through mocks and model/previous year question papers.
Good GATE Civil Score
It depends on the difficulty level and your GATE civil preparations. However, experts suggest anything above 60-70 will get your rank in three digits. And usually, GATE scores between 25 and 30 will be the range in which cut-off would be determined.
Why Ekeeda
Ekeeda believes in producing brilliant minds and thus, provides the best GATE online coaching for Civil aspirants. Our handpicked faculty from IITs will provide the right coaching and study material designed with the latest GATE syllabus and trends. The tips and tricks will help you give quick and accurate answers in the GATE examination. You will also get access to live lectures, test series, internship certificates, model/previous year question papers, and call support from top educators to move ahead in your preparation. Also, Ekeeda GATE preparation material for Civil engineering is available at pocket-friendly prices to individuals. All you need is a good smartphone/laptop and a stable internet connection to begin your preparation anytime, anywhere!

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