15 Oct 2022

6 Steps To Create Smarter Mobile App Using Data Science

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With the rise in the use of mobile phones & increasing number of users, mobile apps have replaced desktops and laptops. For everything you have an app – right from ordering pizza to equity stock, booking railway tickets to watching a live soccer game – you’ll find an app for anything under the sun. Mobile apps have transformed the way a particular task is done. It’s quick, it’s easy, and at the click of a button!

No more painstaking job visiting restaurants, railway stations, or visit places to carry out things. You can do this all at your comfort and convenience.

Users love the convenience of mobile apps and they can carry things everywhere. People should use mobile apps to increase their knowledge in any field such as shopping, booking tickets, streaming videos, download documents, etc. There are various apps that offer customers the latest technology trends and how to use that technology so it can benefit them in the future. 

But ever wondered what the mechanism behind it is? How accurately Myntra predicts what do you love to shop for? Zomato knows which is your favorite meal? Do they spy on you? Relax! It’s data science behind it.

Data science is a study domain that deals with voluminous amounts of data using modern tools and techniques to find out hidden patterns, derive valuable insights, and make critical business decisions.

Data science uses complex Machine Learning Algorithms to build predictive analytics models. The data used for analysis will come from varied sources and be presented in various formats.

Data science is one of the most evolving techniques worldwide that address the pressing need of organizing unstructured data and derive valuable insights from it. It is changing the world and how business work. It’s the trendiest and high paying job in the market with a lot of prestigious opportunities in India and overseas. It is a very critical insight job from large data sets.

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Today’s users need more information than ever before and a quick turnaround time. To deliver the information in real-time, and feel authentic, the industry needs to design smarter apps. For this, you need to utilize your data science techniques and tools to bring efficiency to the process. Top data science courses online will help you gain in-demand skills and become industry-ready. Sign up today!

Here are six steps to create smart apps using data science concepts:

  • Personalized Experience - Modern customers believe in experiences that are tailored for them. With data science and machine learning, companies are able to target customers with personalized discounts and offers at the right time within their applications. It makes them feel more special and helps build brand trust.

  • Real-Time Monitoring - For the companies to react exactly when it happens, they will have to monitor promotional campaigns as and when it occurs. Companies will have to analyze promotions & campaign performance in real-time to better serve and get engaged with the target audience.

  • Embrace Data Science - Making data science accessible to everyone will be important for the success of data science. Empowering citizen data science will let data scientists help companies better target certain segments of customers & adjust key variables to optimize campaigns.

6 Steps To Create A Smart App

  • ML with Critical Business Systems - Machine learning models become valuable once they are embraced in our business systems to drive growth and book profits. You should even integrate data science pipelines with your website & customer service applications for better tracking and monitoring of customer activities and data collection.
  • Model Operations - You should keep your data models updated as new data will keep coming in at a breakneck speed. Data Science and Machine Learning models deliver the most accurate predictions. You need to continuously check the models if there are running properly in production & automatically capture data since data drifts and even models get outdated.

  • Make Data Science Reusable - This is an out-of-the-box strategy; but an excellent way to encourage collaboration across businesses, IT and data science teams will be making data science reusable by non-technical individuals. If you can create an internal marketplace with reusable templates it will help increase productivity, and data science scalability & help accelerate the model creation. Also, data scientists are able to embed these templates into dashboards & visualizations to empower citizen data science.

Data science is the need of the hour; It helps mobile apps to optimize products & services keeping customers as the top priority. Thus, there is an increased demand for skilled data scientists in the industry. Experts predict there will be 2 lakhs+ data scientists jobs by 2022 and it will provide excellent opportunities for young aspirants and working professionals who are looking to upgrade their careers.

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