10 Oct 2022

Five Rewarding Data Science Skills To Learn

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When you start a new career, especially in the world of technology, you will try to keep every skill in your arsenal to combat any tech circumstances. With a growing field, you don’t want to lack in the race – somehow you want to win the battle with your tech skills – every skill is essential at this point. One such field, that is evolving every day, every minute is data science. Due to the technological revolution, information is exploding all around and it presents exciting opportunities for industries to grow through data science.

Application Of Data Science In Various Fields

Health care, finance, construction, energy, e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, and several other industries discover valuable insights from big data through data science that will help businesses make strategic decisions & optimize the outcomes.

Data Science is applicable to several industries with gaming-changing results. Operational efficiency has increased exponentially, thereby leading to an increase in revenues and profit bookings. Data science professionals are in great demand in several industries to change the course of business and make it compatible with technological advances. In fact, studies find there will be 2 lakhs+ data science jobs openings by 2022. A great opportunity for youngsters and working individuals to upgrade their careers.

Here are 5 rewarding Data Science skills to help you gain an edge over the competitors:

Rewarding Data Science Skills

Mathematical Concept

As the demand for skilled data scientists is increasing across India, there has been an upscale in data science courses. I did a certified program in data science and when I landed my first data science job – I learned one thing. A good and deep understanding of Mathematical concepts is a must. In my professional journey, I felt its vital role in the data science industry.  A lot of bootcamps and data science online courses are short-term courses that will fast-track you to land a job instead of going through the traditional route of college or university studies. These courses and bootcamps will help you dive into the important elements of data science like statistical probability, predictive analytics, etc. If you have a good grasp and ability to apply mathematics to your data science project, you’re bound to get some great opportunities and the results will match your expectations. It’s a key skill that will pay off – you will not depend more on your seniors and receive an excellent salary package for the skills you possess in data science and have a deep understanding of how to apply in the business field.

Programming Skills

As data scientists, you will need to have some good knowledge of programming language – that’s what gives life to your data science projects. You should have the ability to transform raw data into something valuable insight. As data scientists today many people use programming languages like Python & R. But, you will come to learn that there is more than one way of doing things, more unique ways to solve your data-related problems, etc. You should not limit yourself to tools you use to help come to your solutions to gain valuable insights. There’s a variety of programming languages and skills that we can use for data science. Here are a few popular ones –  Python, R, Java, SQL/NO SQL, MongoDB, MATLAB, Hadoop, Scikit-Learn, Seaborn, and more. To get in-depth knowledge of Data Science, enroll in the Ekeeda Data Science course with 1:1 mentorship by fortune 500+ data science experts.

Watch ‘How Data Science Skills Are Share By Walmart Labs Data Scientist

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Machine Learning & Deep Learning

As a data scientist, you will have to collect raw data, work hard, do all brainstorm, and figure out ways to create actionable insights through data visualizations and reports.  If you wish to accelerate your career and receive an attractive salary package – you will need to get in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 

Today, a lot of companies insist on things such as – how to put on automation. This is where the Data Science AI machine learning –trilogy comes into the picture – the next wave of technology & its use. If you want to see how data science skills are paying off & see yourself reach new heights – this is where the catch is. Along with Machine learning and deep learning; you will need to push other data science skills.

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Constant Learning

Learning can never have a fullstop – especially, in the technologically driven industry, you need a constant form of learning. Your value as a Data Scientist comes from what knowledge you have and how it can bring value to the company. In order to do this, you as a Data Scientist will need to get into the game and analyze what will be the next moves in the data science industry. Although many concepts will be traditional and used to solve problems as the field of Data Science AI Machine Learning grows – new organizations and forms of businesses are coming up that design better and simple solutions.

For instance, SQL – a lot of people start with Excel and have now discovered SQL capabilities and making efficient use of it. That’s how you become a part of any trend – by standing in the game and asking yourself: how can I make it much better and easier? Be an avid learner!

MAANG Thinking

Companies like Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google are the technology trendsetters. Such companies are making every effort to dominate the tech revolution through cloud services & more. Such tech wizards are using their ability to expand their business into varied sectors. A lot of companies review the architecture & flowchart of work – better known for advanced performance with simplifying things. It refers to our context – Knowing what’s going to happen next. These companies have an eagle eye to measure things well in advance – They are constant learners, innovators and develop their infrastructure to meet the future demands of technology. 

Individuals & companies who constantly research, learn, and believe in bringing things into practice will be able to attain new zeniths of businesses as well as life.

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