09 Sep 2021

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What Is The Scope Of Mechanical Engineering In India?

Mechanical engineering is one of the prominent branches of engineering that have contributed to several tech innovations in India. It's one of the oldest branches of engineering and it deals with concepts of thermodynamics, fluids, mechanism, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineering also includes the application of mechanics, material science, physics, and applied maths.
The field has a vast scope and the recent development in collaboration with the automation process has helped to develop state-of-the-art motor vehicles, aircraft engines, motor parts, manufacturing units, and other industrial machinery. Apart from the machinery and vehicles, with the new learnings from various mechanical engineering subjects, you can immensely contribute towards the development of power and construction equipment, engines, and complex machinery systems. Other than designing and manufacturing, the maintenance and testing of machinery equipment are also a part of the responsibility of mechanical engineers.
Today, due to the rise of modern technology mechanical engineering has witnessed new importance. More and more students can enroll for BE in Mechanical Engineering and opt to explore the untapped domains such as robotics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, etc. There is a great job offer or placement opportunities for a large number of engineering graduates who wish to take up mechanical engineering as a stream.
From automobiles to heavy-duty machines, modern aircraft to drones, a variety of modern systems are designed under expert mechanical engineers. You will not find mechanical engineers limited to manufacturing, testing, and assisting units anymore. Mechanical engineers are now in high demand in various industries and firms with open arms and given attractive compensation packages, provided aspirants should be skilled and highly proficient in their respective fields. Thanks to the internet era, you can find
online courses for Mechanical engineering from reputed platforms and coaching institutes in India. You can book your favourite courses, and start learning at the comfort of your home or favourite study corners.
In this blog, we will discuss the scope of Mechanical Engineering and its future prospects:

Rising Trends & Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering
Today, mechanical engineering is no longer restricted to just producing and testing heavy machinery and equipment. Due to technological advancements, there are various domains under which mechanical engineering has been pursued by passionate and dynamic engineers in India. Some of the most promising sub-domains under mechanical engineering include robotics, new materials, nanotechnology, geomechanics, computer-based designs, etc. Robotics & Mechatronics are highly pursued sub-fields and both combine the knowledge & skills of mechanical engineering with other fields to deliver excellent and user-friendly products. Tech Education Platforms like Ekeeda provide top-of-the-line online courses for Mechanical engineering subjects designed by expert faculty who have years of teaching practice. You can subscribe for online courses for Mechanical engineering and start learning any topic, anytime!
Let’s Understand What Exactly Are Robotics & Mechatronics
Robotics - It's an interdisciplinary stream of engineering, it combines mechanical engineering with electrical and computer science to design and develop robotic systems, along with computer systems to control the phase. With Artificial Intelligence already incepting in every front, the Robotics field is on a steep rise and it’s expected to grow in both reach & demand during the coming decade.
Mechatronics – It’s an interdisciplinary engineering branch that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering & IT (information technology). Such engineering verticals take care of designing complex systems, assist in process automation and further testing of the systems that are put to use in various processes of companies, industries, and units.
Current Market Scenario
As per industry experts, the average salary of mechanical engineers falls anywhere between 3 to 4 lakhs per annum. Your skills and intelligence will add value to your compensation package. For instance, knowledge of robotics, nanotechnology, geomechanics, etc. can help you draw better pay packages that will eventually lead to a satisfied and happy lifestyle.
The blog will take you through some of the jobs prospects in various industries, divisions, and companies for mechanical engineers:
When we talk about various job roles in mechanical engineering, it can be classified into segments as given below:

Design – Under designing, Mechanical engineers would be responsible to draft technical sketches and diagrams through tools or computers. Thus, the first aspect is, engineering drawing, physics, and mathematics have to be strong enough for good sketches or computer-based drawing to be selected for such a position.
Production – Production engineers usually take control of consultation and supervision in the manufacturing of machines and their parts. If you’re a graduate who wishes to enter the sphere of manufacturing techniques and production processes, it would be a perfect role for you.
Analysis and Testing – Under this segment, engineers would be responsible for the analysis and testing of various machines, systems, and equipment. Mechanical engineers would be responsible to detect faults and provide instant solutions that will come up in the manufacturing or designing processes.
Installation & Maintenance: As a mechanical engineer, you need to have complete knowledge of the installation of machine parts for industrial locations, with proper maintenance as per standard provisions and guidelines. The installation and maintenance segment can be meant for those aspirants who are strong in practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.
Research & Development - It’s the most exciting and brainstorming role of the mechanical engineer. Although every department needs a little bit of research, as a mechanical engineer from the research & development segment, your responsibility is to include research and implement findings to develop new products using the latest technologies.
Thus, you can see there is a promising scope of mechanical engineering and the job prospects also looks good. Being a fundamental discipline and required by almost every field of study, mechanical engineers are always in high demand. Take a look at two of the top recruiting industries that are always on the hunt for brilliant and skilled Mechanical engineers across India:

Automobile Industry
People are fascinated about new and concept cars, it's termed as the fastest growing industry in India that offers a variety of job opportunities for mechanical engineers. From designing concept cars to manufacturing, testing and maintenance are key departments to secure a job. Top automobile brands have begun to invest in recruiting fresh talents for research & development of transport systems such as driverless cars, advanced GPS, bullet trains, tube trains, hyperloop, and more. Thus, individuals with the right skills and passion will have a great scope in the automobile division which is quite a bright and promising field, and eventually, lead to building a sound career.
Aerospace Industry
From design fighter planes to satellites and robots, the aerospace industry is speeding up in terms of innovation and inventions due to the help of mechanical engineers. The technological advancements in the aerospace industry are rapidly growing its reach and thus, the need for skilled and talented mechanical engineers is always there with immense practical knowledge. The industry offers some of the most promising roles in designing to manufacturing, testing, and R& D. You get an opportunity to use principles of physics, mathematics, aero modeling, and more to develop innovative systems for better designs and production efficiency.
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