11 Sep 2022

Some Latest Trends in Data Science 2022

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Things and technologies that will help you build your career are getting right on track and technology is no more a barrier to shaping up your career.

New charts and dimensions have been created and all the more necessary things as per the rapidly growing technology have taken place. These things will not be sufficient in the case of the technologies and we will keep witnessing new and more innovative things. Companies all across the globe are witnessing a data revolution.

Data science has been an indispensable asset. With Data Science, companies don’t need to settle for significant choices based on poor estimates or little overviews. Instead, they are able to dive deeper and come up with a genuine piece of information which when put together comes up with desirable and data-driven results. That is truly what Data Science is all about – incentivize and changing the dynamics of business through raw but highly potential data.

This pattern of providing valuable insights into the mainstream business forms has developed fundamentally, with expansion in enthusiasm multiple times in the last couple of years. Data is giving companies a cutting edge over their rivals. With more information and skilled data scientists around, companies extract potential market data to compete against rivals and book high profits. 

No wonder data science is termed as the sexiest job of the 21st century and experts predict there will be 11.6 million data science jobs worldwide by 2026. Do you feel the urge to learn more about data science? Read: All About Data Science & Career Opportunities

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Here are some latest trends in data science

Small Data And TinyML

The rapid growth in digital data in a massive format that we generate, collect and analyze is termed Big Data. It isn’t just the data that’s big – the Data Science with ML algorithms we use to process it can be huge too. TinyML is a Machine learning that shrinks the deep learning networks, to fit in any hardware. Its versatile, tiny-form, and cost-efficiency makes it one of the most exciting trends in the field of data science. On-device ML has been used cases in a variety of places. From building automation to developing drugs, and testing, it will allow fast iterations. Pattern recognition, biometrics, audio analytics, and human face recognition are the areas where TinyML is applied extensively.

Upsurge in Cloud Migration

Companies are preparing for application migration by developing their on-premise application. This is mainly due to cost considerations, chip shortages, and the need for scalability. Companies are willing to migrate online transaction modules, data warehouses, web applications, analytics, and ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) to the cloud.

Businesses that have hybrid or multi-cloud deployments are focusing on data processing and analytics. By doing so, they are migrating from one cloud service provider to another without worrying about lock-in periods or needing to leverage specific point solutions.

Data-Driven Customer Service 

This is about how businesses take data and use it to provide more improvised and better customer experiences – increasingly worthwhile, valuable, or enjoyable experiences. It could mean cutting down friction and hassle-free e-commerce, more user-friendly interfaces, better product delivery experience, and software and apps, spend less time battling out orders and finding products. Transferred between different divisions when making a customer service contact.
Improvised Data Regulation

2 Quintillions of data is generated every single day across various industries in the world. That’s 18 zeroes. Won’t it bring your attention to the importance of data regulation? It has to be. Big data optimization can’t be neglected. With data governing every aspect of AI, ML, Predictive Analysis, etc. companies need to handle their data with utmost care. Data privacy is not a buzzword but it’s a mandate. Infact, CISCO reports say 95% of the companies today accept the benefits like competitive advantage and investor appeal due to more focus on data privacy.

With AI moving deep in the industries like shipping and logistics, banking, health care, etc. data cannot be taken for granted. Data privacy design will help create a robust approach toward data collection and handling while the machine will learn to do it all by itself. Data science and its technologies are growing at neck break speed and there are hardly any moves to regulate data privacy or make the safety and sanctity of the customers’ data.

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Training The Data Complexities

Everyone is in the swing after realizing that the data is the new oil and how important it is for companies to elevate businesses but most of the data collected go unused. Also called dark data, it is collected, processed, and stored under strict compliance. 80-90% of the data businesses hold is unstructured, and it becomes very difficult to analyze and come up with a desirable output.

Source: forbes.com

Thus, to build credible ML models, you need massive amounts of training data. There are certain areas where large data repository is unavailable and it may seriously hinder data science activities.

Transfer learning, GAN, and reinforcement learning will solve these issues by reducing the amount of training data required and generating sufficient data using which models can be taught. 

Data Science will include both practical and theoretical applications of various brainstorming ideas and leverage technologies like Big Data, predictive analytics, AI, stats for ML, etc.

We have discussed some latest trends of data science trends in 2022 and beyond. The big data and data analytics market is expected to reach more than $400+ billion by 2030.

The data science field is growing fast and companies are happily embracing it to make the most out of it.

Data Scientists are problem solvers who follow deep mathematical and statistical processes, to redefine business and head for great achievements. They gather data to determine the best possible solutions for both small and large companies. Data scientists possess valuable analytical skills across industries and have experience in Python, Java, C++, SQL, Machine Learning, Data Structure and Algorithm, Deep Learning, Data Wrangling, and Mathematics, learning these skills will show their grit and persistence to help companies make potential decisions. Reskills will lead to more and more great career opportunities to switch careers in one of the hottest fields in the market.

Thus, a career in data science is exciting, fun, and full of rewards. The best thing is that you don’t really need an established degree or specific educational background to start your journey in Data Science. All you need is the right skills, somewhat related experience and a passionate mind to grow. The current market trends show that data science course online is the best way to grasp knowledge and seek opportunities in top tech companies and start-ups.

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