05 Aug 2022

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The Ultimate Guide: Data Scientist Salary In India

The job role of data scientists is in great demand worldwide and it has taken the employment world by its storm in the last couple of years – nevertheless, even COVID-19 couldn’t impact the job role. Experts say data scientists are amongst the top three job roles with an opening of around 11.6 million by 2026 and the average salary of a Data Scientist in India is around ₹10 LPA. The qualitative job market keeps evolving across different industries that rely more on Data Science and Machine learning, along with AI techniques to accelerate their business growth. Thus, the industry is willing to offer salary packages and benefits for the aspirants.

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Who Is A Data Scientist?

A data scientist is a professional who will convert huge volumes of available information from various sources and turn them into valuable insights & provide solutions to various business problems. Data scientists have paved the way for nearly all types of businesses that will deal with data and help them solve problems related to humongous volumes of raw but potential data. For instance – predict the taste of users and show them the best or coolest denim that will set the mood for customers to buy it instantly. Data Scientists have great mathematical and statistical knowledge, and they have excellent command over statistical software & programming along with detailed concepts on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Wrangling, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Data Warehouses, Data Visualization among others.

Required Skills For Data Scientists

  • Data Architect - Data Modelling, Applied Math and Statistics, Design Skills, Machine Learning, Databases, and Cloud Architecture
  • Deep Learning Scientist - Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning Frameworks, Neural Networks, Data Modeling And Evaluation, Computer Science Fundamentals, And Programming
  • Data Engineers - Database Systems, Data warehousing, Machine learning, Data APIs, Python, Java, and Scala 
  • Core Data Scientist - Python, Java, SQL, Statistical modeling, Data Manipulation and Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer - Information theory, Python, SQL, Statistical modeling, Java and Hadoop, Cloud computing
  • Machine Learning Engineer - Statistical Modelling, Deep Learning, Optimization, Calculus, Applied Mathematics, Neural Network Architectures, Physics, Data Modeling, and Evaluation
  • Business Intelligence Developer - Data Visualization, Python, Statistical modeling, optimization
  • Data Analyst - SQL, R or Python–Statistical Programming, MS Excel, Tableau, Data Visualization, Presentation Skills, Statistics

Data Scientist Salaries: Things To Look

Data Scientists work on different data-driven projects wherein they will be involved in the end-to-end product cycle, and determine key insights to accelerate the business growth. Right from data acquisition to data visualization & communication to the management, the demand for skilled data scientists is quite high and they have been able to draw excellent salary packages. Data Science & Analytics Salary will depend on various factors like – certification, job location, skills you have achieved, prior experience, soft skills, industries, and companies you get employed in. For the next couple of minutes, we will explore all the crucial factors and help you take the right decision before you choose your career in Data Science.

Here, we have segregated the blog into three important parameters to help you better understand the average salary of data scientists in India:

Data Scientist Salary In India: Experience Wise

Data Scientist Salary In India For Freshers

It’s the starting point of any career and data scientist is no different. As fresher, data scientists are the ones who will just complete their certification or are making a shift in their careers and totally new to the field. The salary of data scientists at the entry-level will affect the median salary of the profession and it’s important to discuss. The average salary of a data scientist in India as a fresher will be from - ₹4 to ₹7 LPA

Data Scientist Salary In India For Juniors

Data Scientists with 1 to 3 years of experience will be termed as junior data scientists. This group covers most of the data science population and their salary is regarded as a standard package. This group of data scientists have worked both on novice and important data science projects and are slowly gaining experience to someday touch the new zeniths of life. The average salary of a data scientist in India as a junior will be from - ₹8 to ₹12LPA.

Data Scientist Salary In India For Seniors

Seniors are already in the industry for quite a while and a team of experts is working under them. There will be project managers, assigning tasks, taking reports, and most of the time coordinating with stakeholders & clients on behalf of CDSO (Chief Data Science Officer). Senior data scientists are the ones with a broad range of skills and experience working with crucial data-driven projects. The average salary of a data scientist in India as a senior will be from - ₹12 to ₹18 LPA

Data Scientist Salary In India For Experts

The chief data scientists officer or principal data scientists are amongst the decision-making, game changers, and inventors who usually form the top layer of the data scientist hierarchy. They will head the data science division, and projects within the company and are responsible to draw important conclusions, and business insights from data or information extracted, wrangled, and presented by the team. The average salary of a data scientist in India as an expert will be from ₹19 to ₹24 LPA.

Data Scientist Salary In India: Location Wise

India ranks second in terms of job and career opportunities for skilled data scientists, with over 1 lakh+ data science jobs available across top tech companies and start-ups in India. The average data science salary in India is ₹10 LPA.
Here are a few cities in India that offer the highest pay for data scientist jobs: 

City  Salary Per Annum
Gurgaon ₹10-₹11 LPA
      Mumbai               ₹9-₹11 LPA
   Bengaluru ₹9-₹10 LPA
New Delhi ₹8-₹10 LPA
Hyderabad ₹8-₹10 LPA
Noida ₹7-₹9 LPA
Chennai ₹8-₹9 LPA
Pune ₹8-₹9 LPA
Kolkatta ₹7-₹8 LPA
Ahmedabad ₹6-₹7 LPA
Jaipur ₹6-₹7 LPA
Chandigarh ₹5-₹6 LPA
Coimbatore ₹5-₹6 LPA

Data Scientist Salary In India: Company Wise

Company Name Average Data Scientist Salary In India (0-15 Yrs of Experience)
Google ₹10-₹34 LPA
Microsoft ₹11-₹30 LPA
Accenture ₹10-₹22 LPA
TCS ₹5-₹15 LPA
HCL Technologies ₹5-₹15 LPA
HP Invent ₹10-₹16 LPA
Deloitte ₹7-₹25 LPA
KPMG ₹7-₹20 LPA
IBM ₹5-₹25 LPA
Capgemini ₹4-₹12 LPA
Wipro ₹4-₹18 LPA
Siemens ₹7-₹26 LPA
Infosys ₹5-₹21 LPA
Tech Mahindra ₹4-₹16 LPA

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On A Concluding Note –

The work profile and data scientist salaries are quite promising for talented and brilliant aspirants. If you think you have the passion & enthusiasm to embark on a great data science career path, then it’s time to make your best move! You can consider taking up the best data science course to achieve data science skills & enter the world of data science in style. Opportunities are on all the time and the market demands skilled DS professionals. Go on and make the right career choice today!

Good luck!!!

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