01 Oct 2022

4 Nice Reasons To Participate in Data Science Hackathon

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Hackathon for data science is one of the best ways to display your data science skills, meet industry pioneers, win prizes and prestigious, and beyond that lay a roadmap for a successful data science career. Yes! Such hackathons could be a bit difficult to crack, especially for beginners.

What Are Hackathons?

Data science is an evolving field that needs continuous learning and practice time-on-time basis. The industry is in huge demand for skilled data scientists - equipped with desirable skills and help achieve business objectives with data-driven decisions. Experts say there will be 2 Lakh+ data science jobs by 2022 and it throws open a wide opportunity for aspirants and working professionals to fastrack their career in Data Science. Hackathons offer the perfect roadmap for it! 

Hackathons are power-packed events with intense competition & emergence of the greatest, making it ideal for data science enthusiasts to participate in the event. It introduces the latest trends and new-age data science technologies.

Origin Of Hackathon

The word Hackathon is derived from ‘Marathon’ which means a long period of activity, in shorter time duration to polish skills and emergence of pro data scientist. You will spend 1-2 days to build, create, display skills and deliver a challenge. The whole idea is to code together in extreme way – to start from scratch and end with work prototype.

It’s a competition wherein various teams of programmers, developers, designers & project managers come together to design and build software for industries. Once the tasks are assigned, the participants of the hackathon work in teams. Sometimes team will consist of just one person who will work independently. Most probably the teams’ members are 3-4 people – mostly front-end, a back-end, Data Scientists and businessmen. To participate in hackathons has a lot of benefits.

Folks, are you obsessed with number crunch? Want to exhibit your analytics skills to the world? Then here's your chance. Platforms like HackerEarthSmart IndiaUET HackathonMachine HACKAllWomen Hackathon, TechGIG and more help companies hire the best data science talent using the hackathon model. The top leaderboards will walk away with gadgets, prizes, certification to secure jobs in top tech companies and start-ups. Attend hackathons to learn, update your ML/Data Science skills, compete with fellow techies in hackathons & challenges and secure your dream jobs.

Fast track your career in Data Science, being guided by the sharpest minds in our industry.

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Importance Of Hackathon For Data Science 

Meet Industry Leaders

Hackathons are an excellent way that brings creative minds from various backgrounds together to work on complex data analytics and coding problems. In a short span of time, you derive a wide range of solutions, and proposals get produced – that will broaden the horizon of the participants.  It’s also a great way to get involved in Data Science Community and meet like-minded people. It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know industry experts, make friends from the top –tech companies & start-ups, meet people with the same goals & pursue the same data science technologies.

Shape Knowledge & Skills

Data science is vast and it cannot be summed up in a day or two. The three main fields are Computer Science, Statistics, and Business Intelligence. Not everyone will have a complete understanding of every element of these fields. With hackathons, data scientists can improve their knowledge & skills in various aspects. It will help you face real-world/practical situations & challenges. It helps you to grow as a skilled data scientist.

It helps to test the data science skills that you have learned through a certified data science program. Thus, it stands to be a great way to practice the data science skills you have acquired. The more you participate, the more you can polish your data science skills. By participating in such hackathons & competitions, you can get more curious to learn new approaches, and angles to solve a given problem. You can use your domain knowledge and showcase your talent.

Ground-breaking Ideas

Wherein pioneers and industry experts are at their forefront to discuss trends and technologies. Thus, data scientists will be exposed to an enviro, different from usual learning, to get more and more unique & innovative ideas. A problem-solving environment will encourage the development of new ideas. You might never know at what stage of data processing, mining, or visualization, you spark a new innovative idea in the data science field. Hackathons are a great way to gauge yourself & the kind of knowledge that you’ve attain in the particular field. A great way to improve and grow yourself exponentially as well.

Gain Soft Skills

Not many understand the importance of soft skills in the industry. By participating in hackathons, individuals will improve their knowledge in the given field and also grow their soft skills - most important in the corporate world. You learn soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. You will learn to create strong bonds, learn from others’ strengths & weaknesses, and learn how to work with a team and under a team leader role. It will also prove to be a great addition to your CV that helps you secure dream jobs in top data science companies in India.

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Data science Hackathons are difficult to crack, especially for beginners and mid-learners.

Need Some Tips To Crack A Data Science Hackathon? Watch Video

Source: Analytics India Magazine

Tips To Crack Data Science Hackathon For Beginners

  • No one is a pro; everyone experiments; just relax and focus on skills
  • You should have a demo product to win the game

  • For ML challenges, try to maintain over 90% or higher accuracy to taste success

  • Spend time on learning data and the process 

  • Communicate the obstacles with your teammates 

  • Use virtual communication platforms to maintain collaborative workflow

  • Make efficient use of Google Colabs or Jupyter Notebook.

  • Make use of visualization libraries such as Matplot, Seaborn, D3.js, Pixi.js, etc.

  • Develop and try to sell a business solution

Data Science Hackathon - It’s one of the most impactful ways to find relevant openings in the market; other than bootcamps & data science courses.

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