16 Jun 2021

How To Prepare For GATE 2022 Along With University Sems

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How To Balance Your GATE 2022 Preparation And University Exams?

Dear Applicants,

Firstly, a big thumbs up on your decision to attempt the GATE 2022 Exam. Hope you’re all doing fine. Many of you might be wondering that we have semesters and GATE Exam in near future, and how can we tackle them together? For some, it would be like we had studied certain topics and subjects long back, how and when to revise them for better preparation? Another area of concern would be the topics and syllabus which is left to be covered yet. Well! Amidst this wave of tension and nervousness, there are some motivated individuals who might make a daily schedule but are unable to stick to it. Butterflies will run in your stomach and anxiety will be at its peak while preparing for the GATE Exam 2022.

We come across numerous issues that act as hurdle in your GATE preparation journey. Relax! We are here to help you overcome your barriers one on one.

How To Create A Between GATE 2022 Exam And University Exams?

Around 1 million aspirants appear for the GATE Exam every year and this year also it’s no different story. One thing that gives a sigh of relief for aspirants is that the ‘University Exam Dates’ are common across India i.e mostly in December every year. And GATE falls in the February month of every year so you have straightforward two months for rigorous preparation. The point is that exams like GATE are competitive exams and expect you to come out better and stronger in your knowledge and skills. It doesn't want you to run a race to come first. The GATE Syllabus is quite vast and be the real tester of your academic knowledge and skills. Hence for a time being, we would suggest you should change your study gear according to the traffic needs. Take a close look at the tentative semester dates, submissions, vivas, other tests and accordingly create a study plan. Allocate dedicated hours and time slots such as weekends, particular hours of mornings, or late nights for GATE exam preparation. Just like we do while driving a car - As soon as we come across a freeway we switch to top gear and cover as much distance as possible. The same thing implies to GATE preparation - as soon as you have spare time, accelerate your study gear and cover as much topics as possible. Smart moves will give smarter results. Starting with those subjects which are common to the university semester exams and GATE 2022 will be a good idea!

We Create Only Study Plans But Are Unable To Deliver It. What Should Be Done?

We know most of the engineering aspirants are facing the issues. It’s very genuine in our academic world. To come out of such things and obstacles we need to keep ourselves motivated. We need to believe in our hard work, potential and often boost our confidence. We have to decide whether we wish to live a sedentary lifestyle or a well-settled one? Whether we want to join a herd of sheep or lead this herd? When you want to be the leader you have to be all charged up till you attempt your GATE Exam 2022. As far as study plans are concerned, initially try to make small plans and make sure you stick to the deadlines. Don’t make an entire week plan as you won’t be able to dedicate enough time because of college submission, tests, lectures, and semester preparation. Instead, keep weekend plans or alternate day plans and follow them religiously. Try and stay reluctant as you will maintain a balance in your studies and won’t give a big break in your GATE exam Preparation. Don’t assume that GATE is in February and stay relax. Clear all your small concepts, fundamentals, formulae, etc. then and there itself. Make sure you complete the entire GATE Syllabus to score good marks in your exam. Many tech educational platforms like Ekeeda offer live lectures to clarify your doubts from expert faculty. Also, you can make the optimum use of Ekeeda GATE preparation online courses since it’s lets you prepare for any topic, anytime! Try to study as if GATE is on the verge and switch gears, revise concepts, practice mock tests, GATE test series, PYQPs and make an excellent GATE preparation.

What Should Be Done After You Finish Your University Exams?

Since you were busy with your university preparation all this while, definitely you must have lost a grip on the topics and concepts. So, the first thing is to revise whatever you have studied for GATE. Once you’re done with the revision, it's time to take mocks, test series, and most importantly solve as many GATE previous year question papers as possible to analyze your performance. Find out the questions which you couldn’t attempt in the timeline. For questions that went wrong, don’t just mug up answers, instead, try to understand the question and see in how many different ways it can be asked. Look up to PDF notes, GATE online classes, reference books on the GATE exam to try and find out the answers on your own. Also, don’t run behind one or two topics and sections in your preparation journey. GATE is not like topping a chart in college to create that brilliant guy impression in everyone’s mind. Even if you score 80 & above you’re in the top league of the game. Take the Ekeeda GATE Test Series to determine your potential and gain accuracy. Secondly, don’t feel dejected if you score low. You might have score 40 today, but slowly and steadily with practice, focus, and hard work you will inch to the score of 80+

One mistake that most candidates commit is that they complete their GATE Exam syllabus and then take mocks; however, it will lessen your score. Take the mocks as and when defined. Mocks on regular basis will help you compare your preparation with your counterparts and practice time management issues. The best way to revise is to take as many mock tests as possible to analysis on every question in detail.

In the end, it would be better to say, “The final verdict depends on your hunger and desperation to taste success”. It’s your life and how you wish to shape it depends on your preparation for GATE. Want to secure admission in top-tier IITs, NITs, IIScs for M. Tech or Ph.D. programs or secure a job in prestigious PSUs, else wish to fly abroad for higher studies; you are the captain of your ship.

How To Prepare For GATE 2022?

There are “NO Free Lunches”, it all comes with hard work and passion. You will have to slog hard, burn the midnight oil and give up all your comfort zones to crack GATE Exam 2022. Thanks to the internet today everything is available at the click of a button. Don’t get duped by book vendors and coaching institutes who will only lure you and later you may find there was nothing fruitful in the study material. Instead, sign up with top tech educational platforms like Ekeeda and take a free trial today. Experience the teaching style, study material, and then opt for the best GATE preparation online tools to ramp up your preparations. Attend live instructor-led classes, analyze performance with GATE mock tests and attempt GATE previous year question papers. Ace your preparation with the best GATE online coaching classes in your town!

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