30 Jul 2021

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Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Begin GATE Preparation

GATE is one of the most prestigious competitive exams in India and it's conducted to test the comprehensive understanding of candidates in various undergraduate subjects in engineering and technology, and postgraduate level subjects in Science. GATE 2022 will open doors for various job opportunities in top private companies, MNCs, PSUs, and more. With GATE scores you can qualify for CSIR Laboratories & CSIR funded projects to be provided with a Junior Research Fellowship.
GATE is an annual competitive exam and thus needs a lot of preparation & practice to clear in the first attempt. A good study plan, the right GATE study material, and of course best coaching will help you ace your preparation and secure a spot on the merit list. Often, candidates are panic and feared after looking at the vast GATE syllabus and topics. Relax! Our blog will provide you with some quick tips to follow before your
GATE 2022 preparation.
GATE 2022 Exam will be organized by IIT, Kharagpur and it’s going to be conducted in February (Tentative). You can see how the clock is ticking and thus, you need a robust study plan to crack GATE 2022.

Few GATE 2022 Preparation Tips:

Firstly, let's understand that GATE is not like a semester exam, and mugging up lessons won’t let your crack it. For instance, if semesters are short-term MFs, GATE is like long-term MFs. To crack GATE 2022, you will need patience, persistence, and a proper plan that's executed efficiently.
Here are few things to keep in mind when you study for the
GATE 2022 Exam -

Start As Early As Possible

GATE exam requires long-term study efforts and it would be great if you start as early as possible. You will get time to study topics in-depth and revise them at regular intervals. You can devote a big chunk of your weekend to GATE 2022 preparation and keep your weekdays reserved for quick revisions. Start preparing with your basics and fix the fundamentals. Your every minute, hour, and the day will contribute to an effective preparation, thus don’t delay things. Be Consistent!

GATE Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Don’t do any guesswork and study for the GATE examination. Instead, be clear with the GATE 2022 Syllabus and exam pattern. Shortlist the subjects and topics based on the level of difficulty and understanding of the subject. Categorize the topics based such as easy and difficult scoring areas. This will help you decide which topics need more time and revision. Your core subjects cover the major part of the syllabus and need more attention. Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis will improve your overall score, so don’t miss these two parameters as well. As far as exam pattern is concerned – GATE 2022 has both MCQ and Non-MCQ types of questions. Also, there would be negative marking for marking except for numerical-type questions.

Proper Time Management

It's said, "time is money", however, ‘Time Is Score’ when it comes to competitive tests like GATE. So create a timetable that will use your time effectively and help you establish your goals more comfortably. Keep in mind your existing and future study goals to slowly inch towards your aim. Analyze the time required to cover the GATE 2021 syllabus and reserve it for every topic and task in your GATE preparations. In short, mark your territories, and start achieving them one by one.

Figure Out Your Strengths & Weakness

Once you make a study plan, the next step for GATE 2022 preparation is to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. If you're good at a particular subject, it doesn't mean that you may be pro in other areas too. For this, you will have to focus on how to increase the probable chances of scoring more in your GATE 2022 from the weaker areas. Build on your strength and start finding solutions for your weak links. It could be the best GATE 2022 preparation strategy to score better and faster. Boost your preparation!

Prepare With Online Classes

Covid-19 has hit the schools, educational institutions a big-time, and they are shut for an indefinite period. Amidst this lockdown, one of the best ways to prepare for GATE 2022 is to attend GATE online classes and learn at the comfort of your home. Top educational platforms like Ekeeda offers excellent study material with the GATE 2022 syllabus and pattern. Their top educators' design lectures and live sessions that will mentor you on your answering techniques. Sign up and start preparing for GATE now!

Take Up Online Test Series

Online Test Series is one of the best ways to improve your GATE 2022 Preparation. Ekeeda provides GATE Test series that will brighten your chances of scoring higher marks in the exam. These are curated by expert faculty after proper research and contain questions from previous year question papers as well. It will help you determine your strengths and area of improvement. Once you figure it out, you can work on them and ace the exam. Solve numerous mocks and improve your performance after every test. Multiple revisions through online mocks for GATE will build relationships and better scoring ability for you.
Wish you good luck for GATE 2022. Get, Set and Go for it!

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