28 Jul 2022

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Some Of The Top Data Science Companies In India

Are you done with your data science course? Wonder which tech company or start-up you should begin your journey with? Well! The data science industry is thriving around and thus results in accelerated demand for skilled data scientists across India. However, there is something companies might look for. The best data science companies in India will look for candidates who will have a blended mix of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence(AI), data analysis & significant scientific methods in their practices. Because the core goal of these companies is to extract value from data.

Data scientists in such firms perform various operations by combining these fields with the skills and expertise to analyze the data. Ever thought about how do system capture such voluminous data? The data sources are usually smartphones, tablets, computers, sensors like smart watches, bands, health care equipment, gadgets, etc. Today, data science has taken the industry, businesses, and processes by storm. Data science contributes to nearly every industry because each business in today’s era highly depends on data. If you’re an aspiring data scientist who wishes to secure a spot in top-tech companies or start-ups for an astonishing career; then learning about top data science companies in India will be a wise move! And if you study data science and become a certified professional, you’re guaranteed to come across challenging yet rewarding work in terms of salary and an amazing career.

Here Are Some Of The Best Companies For Data Scientists In India:


If you haven’t shopped from Amazon yet, then do it. Who doesn’t know one of the biggest e-commerce giants in the world? The company is amongst the top data science companies worldwide. In India, Amazon relies on skilled data scientists for various operations like supply chain management, fraud & fake review detection, inventory and sales forecasting, operations and execution, advertising & PR, and HR analytics. If you love the thought of working in such a fab role, then brush up your skills in the data science program and apply for the company. Amazon India is presently looking for skilled data scientists for its several offices in India.


Wow! Wow! Be careful there is an audit going on, hope you’ve paid your taxes on time. Which is the agency? Deloitte. God damn it? Pay all the amount right away and get rid of it. Hope you must have got an idea with our little skit here. Deloitte offers services like consulting, financial advisory, tax, audit, and enterprise risk across the world. As a data scientist, you will undertake several analytics projects, that will be multi-disciplinary in nature. You will simplify complex & large data and make sure it’s easily understood by the clients. If you love number crunch and breaking down complex data into simple and meaningful information, then surely this role is for you. The data scientist at Deloitte is the ideal job to kickstart your career.


One of the biggest platforms to network with CXOs, peers, and mentors across the globe. Infact, LinkedIn was one of the first companies that would have a team of data scientists. It’s a sought-after company that is always in demand for skilled data scientists. LinkedIn is a social networking service that allows users to grow their professional networks and even personally. If you enjoy spending hours decoding hidden insights from large sets of data to help businesses in making smart decisions, then this is the ideal job role for you!


Genpact is a professional services company that blends real-world expertise & collaborative innovation to make business work better. It has 1500+ brilliant data scientists working on a centralized hub model. These professionals carry out vast data science operations with the focus to improve customer experience. Genpact is ahead of all the data science providers with parameters such as Penetration & Maturity. It means the company is firmly established & great product consumption in the market. Also, the data science teams have worked on some of the most exciting and popular projects. Over 40% of the data scientists at Genpact work on advanced analytics. Best place to level up for young and aspiring data scientists.


The name itself has power and millions of aspirants still have a distant dream to work in this tech giant. Guess what? Here’s a million-dollar opportunity. Whether you’re a graduate or not? Just enroll for quick data science online certification and brighten your chances of getting hired at IBM. IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation and offers consulting & multinational technology solutions to clients all across the globe. Does your ideal job description involve finding, integrating & maintaining a large voluminous data that is used to derive operational insights & creative efficient company solutions? Then IBM is the ideal place for you to take a career headstart.


It’s the largest solution provider of decision science & analytics. MuSigma is headquartered in Chicago, US with its offices spanning across the globe. It has a central delivery hub in Bengaluru. As a data scientist at MuSigma, you will involve in data analysis, data refining, simplifying, and finally evaluating the results. Seems interesting? Then probably you should join the MuSigma data analytics team now!


Another popular e-commerce company, Flipkart has a huge demand for data scientists. It’s because of the company’s growing scale of business and need for the massive amount of data interpretation. As a data scientist, you will improve the Net Promoter Score by working on key business insights. You will also create and maintain the data based on the information associated with the domain. If you think you have the passion to do it, then you will be a perfect fit in the company’s puzzle to deliver the best customer experience. Flipkart hires data scientists to fill various positions in the Analytics department.


It’s a dream for a techie to get hired at Accenture. Accenture believes that big and complex businesses can benefit from the efficient use of their own enriched data. So, they should take the help of experts known as data scientists. If you have a passion for defining strategies and delivering on them with the help of the resourceful use of integrated data, then Accenture is the ideal place to be. This major global professional service provider has a lot of data scientists opening for business process specialization and data management to name a few.


Citrix is a US-based MNC that provides services across India including networking, cloud computing technology & SaaS. Citrix believes to undertake several data science projects to help the firm get a competitive edge in the global market. It helps firms make efficient use of data to promote decision-making & anticipate exact results. If you think you can help the company achieve its mission, then be a part of the talented Citrix analytics and research team.


Who doesn’t wanna shop at Myntra? From shoes to jeans, tops, and shirts of various brands you will find anything under the sun at Myntra – the online fashion icon. Do you want to be the data scientist for this global fashion brand? Data scientists at Myntra are responsible for measuring the company’s performance. They even look after improving customers’ decision-making by relying on data science & advanced analytics. If you are well-versed with classification, segregation, and data maintenance, then Myntra might just be the place for you.

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There is clearly a surge in the demand for skilled data scientists in India, and it's termed as the sexiest job on the globe. There will be 11.6 million data science openings worldwide by 2026 and it’s a huge opportunity for aspirants. And this tends to increase the gap between the demand and supply of these skills professionals. If you are a data scientist looking to be associated with some of the top tech companies and start-ups, then signing up for top data science online courses would be the need of the hour. So, which is your favourite pick in these top data science companies in India? Figure out and start living up to your dreams.

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