16 Jun 2021

4 Good Reasons To Take Mock Tests Before GATE 2022 Exam

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Four Good Reasons To Take Mock Tests Before GATE 2022 Exam

“So, you’ve planned to put your heart, blood, and sweat for the GATE exam 2022. The weekend chillouts with friends or playing games, new movie releases or series – you’ve sacrificed nearly everything to get through GATE in your first attempt. Okay, maybe not each and everything. So, when the moment is here, at last, you feel like you’re suddenly blank and you’ve lost everything that you’ve studied all this while.

Wait! What! Is it true? How will you overcome your fears and recollect all that you’ve studied so far? The answer is ‘GATE Mock Test Series’. Today, there are online platforms like Ekeeda that help millions of GATE aspirants prepare for this competitive exam through GATE videos, live lectures to clarify doubts, PDF notes, and most importantly GATE online test series for rigorous preparation. These mocks are designed in such a way that they will not only test your eligibility but also your ability to analyze the problems. Through mocks, you can guarantee to score exceptionally well in your GATE exam 2022 and secure a spot in top-tier IIT, NITs colleges across India.

Importance Of Mock Tests for GATE Exam 2022

Online mocks will tailor your brain as per the requirements before you attend the actual GATE Exam. Mocks help you to gain confidence and time management in the best way to attain it. It reduces your exam fear, nervousness. It helps you figure out weak and strong areas. It helps you to develop a positive attitude for the exam. It’s an integral part of competitive exams and it gives a good idea on the level of preparation. You can spot your strengths and weakness at the end of every mock test for GATE. The key things to understand after GATE mock test would be as follows –

  • If you could finish your complete paper in time
  • If you had time to quickly go through the answers you have selected
  • What plan would you create to overcome your weakness and difficult areas

GATE Mock Test Series gives you an opportunity to revise your entire GATE syllabus right before actual exam day. Through a practice mock test, you can recollect everything that you’ve studied all this while for the BIG exam day. Online mock test for GATE will definitely save your time as well as prepare you mentally, physically for the BIG exam day.

Folks, if you’re serious about clearing the GATE 2022 in your first attempt, then it's important to know if you’re moving in the right direction or not. You must have heard, “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” and it’s implies very well for GATE preparation. When you practice more for GATE competitive, you will encounter your mistakes, reduce them as built good accuracy. Mock tests are just like real exams with the same pattern, timeline, and nearly the same questions as the real GATE exam. Mocks will clarify all your doubts and help you gain an edge over the competition. Mock tells you where you rank in your preparation, what needs to be improved, and which area of the subjects or topic you have excellent command on.

Here Are Four Good Reasons To Attempt Mocks For GATE 2022

Creates A Real Environment

One of the main reasons behind exam phobia is the uncertainty and unfamiliar atmosphere during the exam day. GATE Test Series offered by top educational platforms like Ekeeda are designed to match the real exam environment, you soon start getting used to it. The more tests you appear, the more familiar you will become with those 180 minutes of GATE exam day, the reverse timeline, and the fear of facing it. In the end, you feel less stressed and reduce your nervousness. Start gaining confidence with the tick-offs of the right answers and gain accuracy along with speed with Ekeeda GATE 2022 test series.

Builds A Good Memory

So, the exam phobia seems cleared. But what about the huge GATE syllabus? Preparing for General Aptitude makes you forget the specified subject topic and vice versa. When we tend to space out the learning process, we automatically retain information for a longer period of time. Since mock tests stimulate revision, it will result in better retention of the topic or section. Also, researchers have found that attempting GATE mock tests proves more effective than plain studies. Mock Tests pave way for a whole learning process and help in memorizing all the important topics. Practice Mock tests are better than simply studying the entire section or topic to memorize effectively.

Know Your Strength & Weakness

Is logical reasoning your favourite topic? Do you love solving it for hours? Well! For GATE preparation, focusing on your favourite area won’t work. You need to have a balance between your favourite subject and specified subjects. If you don’t find the balance right now, cracking GATE 2022 or any other form of the competitive exam would seem to be a tussle task. Mock Tests are 'Sense Of Tester' that reveal your exact strengths and weaknesses. It will also tell you which part should be focused more and when is the next time you attempt another test. Mocks give you a chance to improve your mistakes and gain better accuracy. You can revise, rectify and re-attempt mock for better scoring ability. It is advisable to attend a practice mock test in a very competitive way once you complete the Ekeeda GATE Online courses!

Efficient Use Of Virtual calculator

Do you use the virtual calculator on regular basis? If not, then attend the mock test for GATE 2022. Virtual calculators are very complex to use directly in such competitive exams if you don’t have enough practice. So, if you get used to it before the real exam, it will save your time and energy. Online mock tests will equip you with the tools that can act as the best weapons before you go for the real fight. Right? After taking 3-4 mocks, answers to four important questions becomes much clearer to you –

How To Plan For A GATE Mock Test?

  • Check the GATE previous year question papers
  • Divide the topics as strong, easy, and ones to be studied thoroughly
  • Keep a tab of daily & weekly targets and make sure you stick to the deadline
  • Check the weightage of questions by all methods and comprehend the important sections. However, also don’t leave any unimportant ones.
  • Create short notes, your own shortcuts while studying as it will be useful to revise before the exam.
  • Write down important formulae in your own unique style that will help you recollect instantly. Revise them before going to bed.
  • If you are stuck with any problem, keep track and make sure you find a solution

So, now you know the benefits of taking mock test for GATE. What’s clear from this blog is that GATE mock test, if not guarantee a spot in the merit lists, will definitely take you closer to it. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and attempt as many GATE Mock test series as you can!

All The Best For GATE 2022!

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