31 Jul 2021

Strategy For Working Professionals To Crack GATE Exam 2022 | Ekeeda

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Strategy For Working Professionals To Crack The GATE Exam 2022

Suresh managed to crack GATE while he was in his final semester, and for him, it was one of the happiest moments in his life. He soon started working with top Indian PSU, and over there he was stunned to see that many of his working colleagues were also preparing for the GATE examination. So, out of his curiosity he collected all their opinion and merging it along with his experience, he came up with proper guidelines for aspirants to crack GATE Exam 2022 even while at work.
It's quite obvious that learning full time after taking a drop will give you the best and most of the time for GATE preparation. Today, with platforms like Ekeeda you can book exclusive GATE online lectures for specific subjects and start preparing at your convenient time and location. There are doubt clearing sessions wherein you will get instant solutions by top educators from IITs. These educators have years of experience in preparing individuals for the GATE competitive exam. However, today our blog will focus exclusively on GATE exam preparation while working across any vertical.

GATE Preparation For Working Professionals And College Studies Or Drop
Firstly, let's understand preparation for GATE with college studies involves attending assignments, tests, exams, college lectures, etc. However, with the advent of the internet, studies are now fully in control of individuals. Through online lectures and apps, you can attend tests, lectures, and assignments right at the comfort of your home or favourite study corners. However, when it comes to a job you have a stipulated amount of time, and it's quite different. Though there are some positives and negatives with both situations, here, we will focus on the positives and negatives in preparation while at work. Our blog will help you to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives for GATE preparation.
Difficulties You Will Face When You Prepare For GATE While At Work:
Most of the bosses are meant to be strict in nature and willing to screw your happiness. So, your mood is generally low when you get back from the office, you're tired and deteriorated. You have less energy and focus level; however, this is not the case when you return from college.
Since you're a working individual definitely money is not an issue for you. So, you tend to go for movies, subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime to spend hours watching series, or tend to party out with friends. But it will adversely impact your preparation level.
While at the job, somewhere you lack the killer spirit to crack the GATE. That's because somewhere in the back of your mind you know that even if you don't crack the
GATE exam, you still have a job in hand and delve into any other career opportunity. It creates a comfort zone and it proves to be the worst thing for your preparations.
How To Minus The Negativities And Focus On Rigorous GATE Preparation?
Try to worship your work and finish it on time. Maintain a low profile and stay away from the limelight. Don't be too good or bad in his or her yes, in any circumstances you will get more work. Stay neutral and just try to complete your working hours. Don't be over-emotional or achievers for the organization, else you'll be trapped.  
Weekends are to grab the opportunity and come back in the preparation race. If you wish to achieve something in life, weekends are the most important days of life. Try to cover most of the
GATE syllabus on Saturdays and Sundays, Listen to pre-recorded GATE online lectures, and cover certain topics, sections as early as possible. Remember it’s a race against time, so make the optimum use of your weekends to cover as much GATE Syllabus as possible. Don't waste time on movies, series, or hanging out with friends, outings, or partying. Moments can be created later when you crack the GATE exam.
Close your eyes and imagine your life over the span of the next five to seven years. You will marry, there will be additional responsibility, insurance premium, child education, investment plans, etc. Can you manage all this in your current job? No, definitely not and you should try to give your best shot. You can risk it now or never!

Benefits Of GATE Preparation While At Work:
Your working colleagues won't waste your time just like your friends did in college. We're don't say your friends are bad or don't have any focus; however, it's a genuine tendency to hang out and do time pass with friends. But when you try to prepare for competitive exams like GATE, you need to minimize your friend zone & put learning mode 'ON', and if your friends care for your career, they will definitely support you.
You don't have to take all the pressure and get baffled while appearing in the semester exams. Preparing for semester exams and attending classes take a lot of time. You have to be at the mercy of your professors and constantly visit colleges for submissions, vivas, tests, etc. Such is not the case in jobs. You're free from such tensions and time-consuming instances and dedicated much time towards preparation.
You have the money to buy the best GATE study material from bookstalls or GATE online courses. In colleges, you have to convince your parents of monetary decisions. Top GATE online classes like Ekeeda provide you an opportunity to take a free trial and book lectures for specified GATE subjects that can boost your preparation. You will get advanced study material designed by the top faculty at Ekeeda that will help you ace your subjects. Sign up now!

How To Maximize These Benefits And Score Excellently In GATE Exam 2022:
Since you don't have any pressure to attend semesters, try not to lose touch with preparations. Maintain that consistency, reserve time for revisions, and attend live doubt sessions to clarify your doubts on any topic. Try to spend 2-3 hours daily and give more time on weekends for preparation. You can take power naps but avoid taking bigger breaks in studies for any reason.
Study when you travel, when you sit idle if there is downtime in the office, in every freaking place possible for you. All these little efforts, when added together will turn into a big success. You have your smartphones, your comfort zone and you can download the best GATE lectures in it. Once you sign up, you can watch and learn offline as well. Keep the quest to learn just like you watch a particular web series or movie.
Try to collect useful resources for your GATE preparations. You may read 20 reference books of your own but you might get the same knowledge in just a couple of hours through video lectures and effective courses designed by top GATE online classes like Ekeeda. So, quality matters over quantity. Talk to experts, research and then spend money on sure-shot courses that will help you gain speed and accuracy for the
GATE exam.

We're sure these points will guide working professionals through their preparation journey. Remember that life doesn't come easily, you have to build bridges & take leaps to overcome the barriers and reach the milestones. Keep a positive attitude, proper self-confidence, and try giving your best shot.
All the best professionals. You can do it!

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