28 Aug 2021

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Skill Development For GATE 2022 Preparation

Learning is an integral part of our lives. Right from the day baby is born, we teach them to laugh, crawl, sit or walk, further as we grow older, we go to school, colleges pursue academic courses to gain knowledge and skills.  Each day we learn something new around us and try to add to our personality.  Sometimes learning is through academics and sometimes it's through people or instances around us. While there are a lot of things to study around, we might not retain everything. While some people feel it is due to brain capacity, some say we don't read with interest. As kids, we find a lot of interest and disinterest in things. It is still the same thing when we grow old, at times it is due to the absence of skills that are required to study efficiently.
Learning is just like an art and to study with the full potential it is important to inculcate few skills in our lives so that we learn better and effectively.
Exams like GATE needs tremendous potential and skills for the candidates to learn new things, concepts and apply them in daily routines. GATE is one of the most promising competitive exams that will throw open wide opportunities in the field of post-graduate programs,
PSU recruitment, and even foreign studies.
IIT Kharagpur will conduct GATE 2022 and two new subjects are added by IIT Kharagpur, thereby taking the total of subjects/papers to 29. Two new subject papers namely - Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NM) and Geomatics Engineering (GE) have been added for GATE 2022.
In this blog, we will discuss the various skills one should acquire in order to prepare effectively for such prestigious competitive exams. These skills will help the candidates prepare efficiently, build confidence and crack the
GATE 2022 with excellent marks.
What Skills Are Required For The GATE Preparation?
Well! There are a lot of study techniques and skills that one needs to adopt for effective studying. Even if you pick a few of them, you can see a drastic change in your study pattern and how you retain concepts, things in your learning phase. If you believe you have already possessed these skills, try to read our blog and implement them in the right way.
Get Organized
GATE Syllabus is quite vast and learning seems to be a tiring job. So, before you begin your studies make sure you get organized. By organized means there are few points in a candidate's life that need to be followed diligently:

  • GATE Books - Make sure your books are neatly organized in a shelf or place where they can be easily accessible as and when required. This will save your time and you can study a particular topic as per your needs and timelines. You can also try to label your books to find them without any worries.

  • Study Corner - A neat and clear study corner automatically instigates your desire to study and increases your efficiency. Thus, it's important that the candidates keep their rooms neat and clean.

  • Study Plan - It's the most important element for your GATE preparation. A robust study plan means you need to create study goals and then based on your goal create smaller plans that will help you meet end goals. So, plan your studies, timelines, topics to cover, revision slots, mock tests accordingly and make sure to follow it diligently.

Create Good Notes
Have your GATE exam notes well organized, with your own shortcuts and the way you wish to jot down concepts. You should leave some black space after every topic to add some important points related to the topic. Anytime you come across something new, add it to your notes of the particular topic so that you revise and understand it later. Knowing the GATE exam syllabus thoroughly will help you create good notes. Note making is a skill which has proven effective in studying various difficult concepts and problems. In order to remember things that you study and learn the technique of studying, it's important to master the art of note-making in your own style. Whenever you're reading something new underline whatever you feel is important, pay special attention to the heading, bold sentence. While revising try to create notes for whatever is important in that topic. Make sure that the notes are important points written in your own language like charts, diagrams, concepts, formulae, sticky notes, etc. Don't be a bookworm and mere copy past. Copying will be of no help.
Mind Mapping
These are great skills if mastered can help you retain a lot of things. It's like a framework that will help you organize, visualize and summarise things. You can study and revise a lot of subjects and topics through mind maps. If you're good at retaining visuals elements, then a mind map is the trick for you. You can either make these mind maps by hand or on your smartphone. A tip - Try to relate these mind maps with your real-life situation.
Read Slowly & Calm
Just like individuals who retain visual elements, there are students who memorize with thorough reading. If you're one of those who love to read with patience and calm you can retain things for a longer period of time. If you want, you can record things and listen to the audio while travelling, ideal time, etc.
GATE online lectures offered by top educational platforms like Ekeeda are the best way to prepare for it. Right at your comfort and convenience, you can prepare for any topic, anywhere. Also, live lectures will help you get instant doubt solutions and move up the preparation ladder.
Time Management
Time Management is one of the most important skills while preparing for GATE 2022. Most of the time stuck between academic exams, jobs, or submission, candidates find it really difficult to manage time. Therefore, good time management is required to achieve success. Time management is something that will help you in all walks of life. It's important to plan well and on time as it will save your time, energy, and worry.

  • You should organize your study and plan ahead

  • You should prioritize task - topics/sub-topics that are high scoring and complex but need to complete first

  • Divide your task into smaller ones and make sure you achieve them

  • Time plays a key role while giving mocks, solving GATE Previous year question papers/model papers. It will let you know the preparation level.

Avoid Distractions
To avoid distractions seems a skill in the 21st century. Right from smartphones to social media and friends everything is available to distract you. To avoid them and focus on studies is like a skilled achievement. Make sure you are well aware of these distractions and steer clear of these distractions.
Few ways to avoid distractions while preparing for the GATE exam 2022:

  • Avoid talking to friends who drag topics and waste time

  • Switch off your mobile phones at the time of studies

  • Allocate a time of the day to talk with family and friends

  • Use social media to watch and learn through GATE online videos rather than chit-chatting or uploading pics to show to friends and family

If you've overcome these distractions, you're like half the battle won.
Group Studies
If you want to prepare for the GATE exam with good knowledge and skills, understand concepts in more detail, then learning in a group will be quite effective. With more people in the group, you can review get more concept clarity and examples at the same time. It is a smart studying technique so try learning in groups - especially when you attend live lectures, group discussions you will come to know several solutions to one particular problem.
When you adapt studying skills there is no one size fits all formula, based on one's ability it is important to know what works for you and whatnot. So, among the options above find the one that suits you're learning ability.
Learning skills as per your ability will avoid panic and frustrations. Master effective study habits will make it easier to move with your
GATE preparation and crack the exam in the first attempt.
We hope our blog will help you adapt some of the skills for GATE exam preparation. For effortless and convenient studies, opt for GATE online videos offered by Ekeeda. Other than this, you can get access to a host of services like PDF notes, GATE Previous/model question papers, GATE test series, and live lectures to clarify doubts. Download
Ekeeda App – India’s best app for GATE preparation now!
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