14 May 2021

GATE Exam Preparation Books | Best Books For GATE Exam 2022

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Best Books For GATE Exam 2022 Preparation


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India exam conducted by Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven Indian Institute of Technology (IIT’s) – namely Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee). It’s conducted for undergrads of engineering and science of various fields. GATE is conducted every year and mainly for securing admission into higher all India ranking colleges of engineering and technology such as IISc, IITs, NITs, for PSU jobs, overseas studies, pursue research programs and much more.

Every year lakhs of candidates appear GATE exam but the odds of making it to the merit list is quite rare. Out of 600 only 1 candidate is able to clear this exam. Nearly 1 million candidates are expected to appear for this toughest and prestigious competitive exam in India.

GATE 2022 Exam

Is GATE Tough? Will I be able to crack it? Maybe or Maybe not! Actually, it depends on how much practice and clear are you with your concepts. However, mere enrolling and starting from anywhere won’t help you reap the fruits. The real task is how to find the right study material and best books for GATE 2022 Exam.

Our blog has listed down some of the best GATE exam books from top publications to prepare for your upcoming GATE 2022. Firstly, let us be clear that the books you read at your undergraduate level are most important ones to get good rank in GATE exam because the syllabus is nearly based on the B.E/B. Tech studies in the undergraduate level.

Always remember, simple and difficult just two ends, if you’re prepared well, it will be as simple as a cakewalk, but if you’re not even the simplest paper or topic might be difficult for you. Relax! No need to panic. Go through our bog as we will lift off some stress for you, and list some of the best books on GATE Exam 2022. Today, a lot of study material is floating around on digital platforms; however, as they say ‘Don’t Judge The Book By It’s Cover’, you should certainly not decide any random book for GATE preparation

Any good GATE book will –

  • Cover the Entire GATE Syllabus
  • Concepts are easily understandable, especially complex ones
  • Sufficient questions, mocks for practice
  • Doubt sessions to clarify your doubts and move ahead with your preparation
  • Lastly, recommended by expert faculty or toppers (who do self-study, with no physical classes)

How To Prepare With The Best Books For GATE Exam 2022?

  • Aspirants who have found the GATE entrance exam books for preparation should work out a robust plan and timetable to prepare well. Students can follow these simple tips that will give an idea of where to begin your preparation:
  • First, go through the entire GATE syllabus and exam pattern
  • Start your preparations with the topics from which questions are asked frequently in last few year question papers.
  • Don’t end up studying a few topics instead make a timetable and ensure you stick to it. At the end you should complete the portion and do some revision.
  • With PYQPs, mocks and test series you can analyse your preparation level and check your speed, accuracy for upcoming GATE exam.
  • Check the faculty experience and their expertise on a particular topic or subject
  • See how concepts are being explained and are you able to memorize it instantly.

Our blog will help you to know, “What are the best books for GATE preparation” to refer and make your preparation robust. By knowing the best GATE Exam preparation books, candidates will be able to study and understand the topics quickly to score excellent in the examination. There are many factors to contribute to what are the best books for GATE 2022 preparation. Apart from the books, make yourself aware of the GATE syllabus, exam pattern and more for proper preparation.

GATE 2022 Best Publishers

Section Names Publisher Name
General Aptitude McGraw Hill Education
Engineering Mathematics


Section Exam Guides

Made Easy Publications

ACE Engineering Publications

G. K. Publications

Pearson Education

Subject Solved Papers

Made Easy Publications

ACE Engineering Publications

G. K. Publications


Some Popular And Best Books GATE 2022 – Subject Wise

Our blog provides the list of books that will help you prepare for branches individually. You can pick any subject as per your choice or career intention to attend GATE 2022 paper.


Best Books For GATE 2022 – GATE Exam Books for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Architecture Hamacher
Computer Networks Tanenbaum
Computer Organization Carl Hamacher
Algorithm Cormen
Operating System Galvin
TOC – Theory Of Computation Ullman
Database Management System Korth
Compiler Design Aho & UII Man
Digital Logic Morris Mano
Software Engineering Pressman
Discrete Mathematics Kenneth H. Rosen


Best Books For GATE Exam 2022 - GATE Exam Books For Civil Engineering (CE)

Name of The Book Name of the Author
Environment 1 and 2 S.K.Garg
Fluid mechanics R K Bansal
Highway Engineering Khanna and Justo
Open Channel Flow & Engineering Hydrology K Subramanya
RCC Pillai and Menon
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Gopal and Ranjan
Steel Bhavikati


Best Books For GATE 2022 – GATE Exam Books For Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Fluid Mechanics R.K. Bansal (Numerical point of view), Frank M.White (For understanding)
Heat Transfer Cengel (For understanding concept)
Production Engineering Swadesh Singh
Thermodynamics P.K.Nag
Theory of Machine (TOM) S.S. Ratan


Best Book For GATE 2022 – GATE Exam Books For Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Electronic Devices Circuits Millman and Halkias (Black Pad)
Integrated Electronics Millman and Halkias
Switching and Finite Automatic Theory Kohavi
Microprocessor and its Applications Goankar
Modern Control Systems Ogata


Best Books For GATE 2022 – GATE Exam Books For Electrical Engineering (EE)

Name of the book Name of the Author
Electrical Machines Nagrath, Kothari
Fundamentals of Circuits Alexander, Sadiku
Power Electronics P S Bhimbhra


Best Books For GATE 2022 – GATE Exam Books For Instrumentation Engineering (IN)

Name of The Book Name of the Author
Signals & Systems Tarun Kumar Rawat
Process Control Curtis D. Johnson
Control Systems I.J Nagrath/B.C.Kuo
Digital Circuits Simon S. Haykin/ Taub
Measurements A. K. Sawhney, Puneet Sawhney/ William David Cooper
Transducers Doebelli/John Bentley
Electronic Devices Naresh And Ben G. Streetman Sanjay Banerjee
Optical Tocci And M. Morris Mano
Analog Circuits Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth Carless Smith And Millman & Halkias
Communication Simons S Haykin And Taub


For candidates who do self-study, online resources such as mobile apps, youtube videos are excellent source for GATE exam preparation. If students have sign up with smart mobile apps they can prepare for GATE exams with video lectures, and live lectures conducted by expert faculty. To enhance your competitive ability you can practice mocks, PYQs, MCQs, and solve quizzes for various GATE papers.


Things to Keep in Mind While Picking GATE Exam Preparation Books

While choosing the best reference books for GATE Exam 2022, there are certain key factors that you should bear in mind. Follow these simple tips to decide which books to choose for your GATE 2022 preparation.

Easy To Understand – The book or GATE online course that you buy should be easy to read and understand. If the concepts and chapters are explained in a simple manner, candidate will be able to understand and boost their confidence. It will help candidates have deeper understanding of the topics.

Be Precise & To The Point – Since GATE 2022 exam has vast syllabus and complicated topics, the books should give explanations that are simple and concise. The overall feel of the topic should be simple, crisp and to the point.

Accurate Details – Books should have proper information regarding chapters and topics present in the GATE 2022 syllabus. Any books which is misleading or incorrect information should be immediately discontinued to refer.

More real life examples – There are higher changes for candidate to retain information if its perfectly blended with diagrams and real life experiences. Candidates should try to use such books that explain topics using pictures, examples and quizzes.

Avoid Fancy Teachings – Best GATE Exam preparation books will always keep the information simple and to the point. Use of fancy language will tend to loose your focus and lead to confused. This will fail to make the candidates understand even the basic concepts and fundamentals.

Additional Factors – Apart from the best books on GATE exam that you would love to pick, some fact checks candidates should do to boost their studies and score well are as follows:

GATE 2022 Syllabus – It’s important to know the complete GATE 2022 syllabus before you start preparation. Get familiar with the syllabus will let candidates know the topics, which are easy or need more time for preparation, ones that need more attention and accordingly make a study plan.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 – The next thing it to know the exam pattern. It provides information on the type of questions, marking scheme, number questions, and duration. Thus, candidates will be familiar with GATE 2022 and stay well prepared.

GATE Sample Papers – It’s one of the robust ways to prepare for GATE 2022 exam by solving sample papers and attempt mock tests. It allows candidates to practice their studies and make them comfortable for the BIG exam day. They will know where they stand out in preparation journey. Candidates can adjust their speed and accuracy. Candidates will curb the chances of making stupid mistakes again and again.

Ekeeda provides best-in-class GATE online courses from expert faculty. Sign up today and book your favourite GATE course now! Start learning any topic, anywhere!


GATE Exam Books: FAQs


What Type Of Books Should I Refer To Study For GATE 2022?

Candidates should refer to the books that are preferred choice by the B.E/B. Tech students. Since each book has its own method and technique, an in-depth study of GATE preparation books will help you score excellent marks.

Other Than Questions, What Else Is Available In GATE Exam Preparation Books?

When you go through the standard author books, you will find a note after every topic. Read it carefully. There are certain questions in the books; they should be solved diligently and it would be the key to crack difficult areas.

Which Are The Best Books For GATE Exam 2022?

Preparing for GATE is a big challenge and finding the right book is even a bigger one. GATE syllabus has hundreds of topics and there are thousands of books available for it. If you prepare without guidance, you may end up with incomplete preparation. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a book after thorough research, and one that makes you feel comfortable to understand topics.

Key things to look in a good GATE Preparation Book:

  • Covers the entire GATE Syllabus
  • Concepts are easily understandable, especially complex ones
  • Sufficient questions & mocks for practice
  • Doubt sessions to clarify your doubts and move ahead with your preparation
  • Lastly, recommended by expert faculty or toppers (who do self-study, with no physical classes)

Which Are Some Of The GATE Exam Books For Mechanical Engineering?

Candidates can refer to R.K. Bansal for Fluid Mechanics, Cengel for Heat Transfer, Swadesh Singh for production engineering, P. K. Nag for Thermodynamics, and S.S. Ratan for Theory of Machine (TOM).

Is It Possible To Prepare For GATE All By Yourself With Adequate Best Books?

Well! It is possible but then it depends on the candidate's ability and concept clarity. Tech educational platforms like Ekeeda offers GATE online lectures designed by expert faculty for you. You can sign up and start preparing at the comfort of your home!

How Many GATE Exam Preparation Books Should I Refer To For Any Particular Subject?

Two or three books are good enough for any subject. Also, GATE online lectures will be beneficial for your studies. If you have doubts, there are live lectures to clarify them.

Which GATE Entrance Exam Books Should I Refer To Study Electrical Engineering?

Candidates can refer to Kothari, Alexander & P.S Bhimbhra to prepare for Electrical Engineering.

Which Are The Best Books On GATE Exam For 'Signals & Systems' and 'Process Control'?

Candidates can refer to the authors like Tarun Kumar Rawat and Curtis D. Johnson for these topics.

Other Than The Best Books For GATE Exam, Which Study Material Can Be Good For Preparation?

For students who self-study, online resources like Youtube, mobile apps, are the best mediums to prepare for GATE. Ekeeda provides GATE online classes for students, live lectures to clarify doubts, test series, mocks, and PYQPs for a holistic GATE preparation. Sign up today!

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