19 Aug 2021

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Seven Tips To Find The Best Online Classes For GATE 2022 Preparation

Covid-19 pandemic brought endless pain and challenges in our lives and one of them is to find a reliable source for traditional GATE coaching classes. Due to the lack of conventional learning techniques, it calls for trustworthy online platforms to prepare for competitive exams like GATE, ESE, RRB, etc.
If you Google, you will find hundreds of online app that provide the best of the
GATE online coaching and study material for holistic preparation. However, again the point is to find the one that has high-quality teaching standards, good study material, live chats to solve instant doubts, and most importantly test series that can ramp up your GATE preparation. Thankfully, tech educational platforms like Ekeeda can suffice your educational needs, and at a pocket-friendly price.
Online classes for GATE give flexibility and a seamless learning experience to the candidates especially for college students and working professionals. It can help you prepare for competitive tests like GATE from the comfort of your homes or favourite study corners and at your convenient time. It can act as a blessing in disguise for the ones who in stay remote locations, don’t have access to top-rated educators, and run short of finance to pay hefty fees in coaching centers. Once you pick the right
GATE online coaching center it can result in saving your valuable resources – time, effort, and money.
Today online coaching classes for GATE Exam and high-quality courses are mushrooming well and there are a plethora of options to choose from for the candidates. Most of them use attractive advertisements with loads of discounts to attract candidates; however, you need to be careful while picking up the best GATE online classes else you will end up wasting time and money. It’s a tiring process and also you lose your valuable preparation time. Don’t worry, we will help you choose the best GATE Online coaching in India for you.
Most ads can be misleading and therefore it's good to take a free trial or demo classes. For instance, Ekeeda offers a free trial to candidates to experience the teaching standards, pace, clarity and accuracy of concerned instructors through the sample videos and other sources.

Here are seven key factors you must consider while searching for the best GATE online coaching platform:

  1. Faculty Experience

Quality and faculty expertise should be the prime factor while considering your options for GATE online classes. Getting trained by expert and experienced faculty will have a great impact on your technical knowledge and skills. You can achieve success in exams and also in your professional career ahead. When you consider an online course, go through the faculty page and check the educator’s qualification and the number of years of teaching experience before you sign up. You should watch the preview videos available on the site and then build an opinion. Alternatively, you can ask for a demo video and then take a wise decision. It will help you get the taste of actual learning. Check the pace, concept clarity, and topic accuracy through a free trial. An inspirational and motivational teacher can bring the best out of you. So, note that the educators have an encouraging attitude. Check the reviews or feedback of such educators on the app or website by other candidates.
Most platforms hire freshers as educators which is not wrong at all; however, there has to be a balance in their teaching practice and angle from experts. Experienced faculty have more knowledge about the latest trends and
GATE exam pattern. They can give insightful advice and timely guidance to the candidates. If you like the teaching style and standard, it's like half the battle won. The quality of the overall lecture is important, if it's not great you will lose interest despite all the attractive ads, content, and other impressive features.

  1. Success Rate Of GATE Online Coaching Center

Success rate, the subscribers, and top-quality educators associated with the online classes for GATE are the three factors that will genuinely define the credibility of any educational platform. You need to look at the number of candidates who have signed up and downloaded the app and successfully preparing for the examination. Check out their genuine feedback or opinion on the particular course, topic, or faculty and what they have to say about the classes. Another factor is the legacy the online educational platform is carrying out. See for how many years and various verticals the platform is providing training to the candidates. The more the number of years into teaching, the better it will perform. Check how many individuals have achieved All India First Rank in GATE after being coached by the particular classes or center. It’s like a certificate for their hard work, dedication towards coaching and producing brilliant minds over the years.

  1. GATE Preparation Method

The online course you pick should cover the entire GATE syllabus that you’re planning to attempt. You should look at the course structure and compare it with the official GATE exam syllabus. See if all the topics/sub-topics are covered, areas of high scoring are explained well in the course. The course should be designed in such a way that the videos are complete in size and do not have an abrupt end. Make sure you have short videos that are efficient and keep you engaged till the end. If the video tutorials are too lengthy, candidates lose their focus, get bored and start skipping the topics.
When you book a course, make sure it's workable from your end or not. If you’re starting it late, you will be unable to cover the entire session in your plan, which will give stress. To avoid this, you should start your
GATE preparation at least 6-8 months prior to the exam. This is the ideal time to pick the best GATE online classes for you!
Don’t go peppy looked or content-stuffed courses. Some platforms may include unnecessary topics or stuff the classes with more than enough information just to win over the competitors. But for competitive exams like GATE, unnecessary topics will only delay your preparation. It’s the strategy and sticking to the point that matters. Effectively cover all the prescribed topics, regular revisions, proper evaluations, timely doubt clarifications, good GATE Test Series, etc., are the significant factors that make a course flawless and effective.

  1. Course & Study Material Prices

Today, the internet is filled with options for candidates. There are plenty of free and paid GATE online lectures, study material for the candidates. However, higher prices won’t decide the quality of the studies. It should be well-rated, thought by excellent faculty, and most importantly should be affordable. Thanks to Ekeeda, you will find an All-In-One course for GATE preparation. Sign up today! Experts suggest the course you choose must be affordable but not be under-rated as well. Also, on the flip side, if you’re spending more money make sure the course is worth every penny. Find out if a particular course is high in demand, offer multiple payment options for buyer’s convenience such as Google Pay, net banking, credit card, etc. Some online courses give EMI options, which is an added benefit for the ones who cannot pay in one shot. Most remote location candidates are taking advantage of discounts and booking courses of top educators in India.

  1. Types Of Resources

Video lectures are the primary resource that any online class would offer you. However, there are things such as access to PDF notes, doubt clarification, test series, model/previous year question papers, career counseling that would help you ramp up your preparation. Visit the website and collect maximum details from review, feedback, toppers, and college peers to get a view of the course materials. If you need more information, contact customer support and ask for samples. Make sure that the GATE study materials or notes are thoroughly developed by subject experts or top educators from IITs. Another important resource is GATE online test series and previous year's question papers. Efficient design and effective test series/ GATE PYQPs will boost your GATE preparation, help you improve time management skills, and gain accuracy. It will give you a chance to assess your pace and progress of the preparation and accordingly review your learning goals if required.

  1. Good Accessibility

GATE online classes come with a lot of challenges such as access to gadgets, stable internet connection, and steady power supply. You should make sure the course app should have a simple and easy-to-understand interface. Using low-rating apps will be time-consuming and frustrate you. The video lectures should be easily downloadable so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere at your convenience. It’s a blessing for the candidates who face regular internet issues and other technical difficulties. The app should be designed in such a way that you will easily get access to resources such as PDF notes, model/previous year question papers, live lectures, and more.  Easy navigation across the app, well-organized pages, faster loading, quick connection to expert faculty should be the prime element that makes online learning engaged and enthusiastic. To add further, if the audio-video quality is not up to the mark, candidates will bound to lose interest, won’t enjoy learning no matter how good the educator is explaining the concept or deliver the lecture.

  1. Check The Features

Exploring the courses features is an extremely important part while picking up your online classes for GATE. Here are in-app features that you will need to consider:

  • Student support: Apart from the flexible and convenient learning, a virtual class can have a lot of issues like technical errors, loading issues, difficulties, file not found errors, etc. Students should have access to instant customer support to share their concerns and get solutions. The customer care team should be responsive with a prompt resolution without any delay.

  • Doubt-Clarification – Recorded video lectures won’t help individuals clear all their doubts and get answers to every curious question. For this, the course should have a separate doubt-clearing session for the candidates to clear and move up the GATE preparation ladder.

  • Offline lectures – Once you book the course, video lectures should be downloadable with multiple options. It allows the candidates to download the videos and have access to the internet and watch them at their own convenient time and place.

  • Right Counselling – The courses should offer free counselling for the candidates who need assistance in deciding what will work the best for their GATE preparation. In addition, some online courses provide career guidance, dedicated mentorship, and virtual experience programs to enhance career growth. Considering these factors you can find out the right course for your GATE preparation 2022.

Quick Tips To Determine The Best GATE Online Coaching Center

  • Start by defining your learning goals and identify what you are expecting from an online course

  • Spend some time browsing through the internet and make a list of leading online EdTech platforms

  • Go through the review, ratings, feedback by candidates, and other rating agencies about the platform

  • Understand the pros and cons of each course, classes for the GATE examination

  • In the end, you will be able to choose the right online classes for GATE preparation

Best Of Luck For GATE 2022!

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