12 Oct 2021

How to Manage Time While Attending Online Classes

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How To Manage Time While Attending Online Classes? 

Time Isn't The Thing. It's The Only Thing. 
Online classes are now an integral part of your studies. There are hundreds of apps introduced by coaching centers and tech educational platforms in India for engineering individuals. Right at the comfort of your home or favourite study corner you can learn any topic, anytime. And guess what? These online courses are designed by top educators from IITs available at pocket-friendly prices for individuals. It has been a boon for individuals from remote locations where there is a dearth of experienced faculty and a lack of funds to get enrolled in high-profile coaching classes. Besides, it also saves your valuable time and energy in travelling to college or classes. Thus, it ensures better productivity and of course, manage the most valuable resource - Time
Yes! Time plays a key role in every individual's life whether you study or work. With online classes, you definitely save a significant amount of time. You can study at your preferred time thereby increasing your productivity. While online classes have a lot of benefits like comfort, flexibility, pocket-friendly price; however, if not utilize handled properly it may hamper the preparation of students. With so much flexibility in studies, students may tend to procrastinate things and end up taking a dangerous turn in their academic year.
Relax! Ekeeda is here to help you. In this blog, we shall discuss some great tips for time management which you can follow while preparing for online classes and ensure you pass out with excellent marks in your academics. These tips for online classes will make sure you don't nag topics, and make efficient use of them. So, folks time it well & make the difference today!

How To Manage Time? Let’s Explore
When you opt for online engineering classes, one of the most crucial skills you need to master is 'Good time management'. Yes! The better time you manage, the easier it will be for you to achieve your academic goals. Each one has the same number of days, and hours to prepare; however, one who creates a study plan and follows the deadlines would make a key difference. You need to juggle it well between your studies, submissions, extracurricular activities, and your regular life. 
Here are some effective time management tips for students while taking online classes:

Follow Your Syllabus
At Ekeeda, the online engineering classes are designed by top educators keeping in mind the latest syllabus and trends, thus, it's important you stick to your academic syllabus. Read the syllabus carefully, before you log in and start your online courses. It gives you an opportunity to acquaint yourself with topics, sections, and other key elements of the academic year. Based on this you can gauge, what to expect from online classes and accordingly organize your time for a particular topic and video lectures.
A syllabus is like a guide when you prepare with online classes and it provides complete insight into which subject & what topics you should follow religiously to score excellent marks. It ensures you don't waste time on unwanted and low-scoring topics in your academic exams. 

Design A Study Plan  
Planning helps proper time management and it's important to have a good strategic plan for your studies. A study schedule will provide you a road map ahead of your academic year and help you achieve it smartly. Once you're aware of the syllabus, make a good plan on how to approach each topic for individual subjects. Make sure you have access to all the online engineering classes for the given subjects till the end and prepare it well. Your study plan list should include: Topics related to each subject, Practice test, Previous year question papers, Revision time and current affairs.
You need to add deadlines for topics and individual subjects. For bigger or vast topics, make sure you break them well and follow the timelines. Make note of any potential clashes such as submission, assignments, practical’s that can influence your studies. Always plan to work ahead of the deadlines. During tests and examinations, you may require additional time. So, once you have the list, make a plan of how you will approach each topic, and subject. Take a note of resting time, enjoying time, sleep time, and study time. It will help you build an efficient and productive study plan.

Create A Study Space
Most students opine that online engineering classes are all about lying on the bed with smartphones, munching Lays, and listening to the videos. And if you're one of them, it's time to revamp your strategy dude. The place or the rather the "context" in which you study will immensely affect your memory and how you recollect things. 
You need to find a study place which is calm, comfortable and most importantly gives positive vibes towards your studies. Try to create a study place that will come up with an atmosphere that will test your knowledge and learnings.  A dedicated space for your study is important to stay focused and give better productivity. If you keep changing your study place often, it will take time to adjust and adapt to learning. You won't be able to concentrate or produce effective studies.

Never Procrastinate Things
The biggest hurdle in your studies and losing precious time is ‘procrastination’. For candidates who opt for online engineering classes, procrastination will be like a termite that will eat all your valuable time. You should weed it out from your life if you wish to achieve something great. We live in a world full of distractions such as electronic apps, social media, events, and much more that will grab our attention & encourage us to lose our precious time. 
When you opt for online classes, it won't guarantee success. It only guarantees flexibility to learn and access to high-quality content. It is you who has to take an initiative and follow the deadlines without getting distracted or procrastinated and cover up your syllabus.

Make To-Do List
It's important you plan your forthcoming week, in the prior week. Towards the start of each online course, plan the day and number of hours you need to invest. Later, separate the coursework into smaller segments. Estimate the time it will take you to finish each topic'/subtopic and fit it into your study calendar. Where possible, learn through videos at short intervals such as 30-35 minutes and take a quick 5 minutes refresher and hop into the next topic or subject as per your convenience.
Set Academic Goals & Rewards
When you manage your time well in online classes, learn to reward yourself for achieving your goal. It will inspire you for better productivity and performance. Tempt yourself with incentives like going to a movie, hang out with besties, or a short one-day trip. Set personal and time goals. Give yourself a treat when you finish a module, section, or individual subject. These rewards will encourage you to work harder and religiously towards your goals.
Strike A Balance
Another important thing while studying online is to maintain a perfect balance between studies and other activities. To make a perfect balance and avoid being exhausted you should time your studies well. It should help you focus on online engineering studies, rest well and do other activities, visit college or part-time jobs. A schedule should be in tandem with your lifestyle, allowing you to give full attention to each and every aspect of your life such as career, skill development, and hobbies.
Attend Doubt Clearing Sessions
Online classes are always followed by doubt sessions. Once you complete the particular online classes, you should attend these doubt clearing sessions as they will help you get answers on things you're stuck at. Top educational platforms like Ekeeda provide live lectures that will help you clear your engineering doubts. It's an excellent source to save your valuable time and energy. These sessions are conducted by top IITs/IISc educators who have years of experience.
Pandemic has played a major role in evolving the online classes and lectures a big time. Today, millions of students are taking this amazing route to clear their academics. Students can get access to video lectures, PDF notes, mocks, and live sessions to clarify their doubts and move up the preparation ladder. You just GOOGLE it and you’ll find hundreds of apps that provide study material, pre-recorded videos, etc. You can even download them and watch them at your preferred time and place. Thus, a digital platform is very beneficial if used in the correct way and with dedicated time management skills. One needs to stay focused, avoid distractions, and most importantly learn to manage time for efficient results from online engineering classes.
Ordinary people think of spending time, smart people think of using it wisely. By learning the Subtle 'Art of Time Management', you learn how to use it to your advantage and exploit your true potential. We hope this article has helped you to understand how to manage time while studying online. For any queries, you can reach us at care@ekeeda.com 
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