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Why Data Science Jobs Are In Huge Demand In The Market?

Do you love coding or like to work on algorithms and databases? If yes, then get ready for a great professional career. To achieve your career goals, you need to opt for the fastest growing and most in-demand career field known as ‘Data Science’. The demand for skilled data scientists and data analytics has increased exponentially since more and more companies now rely on data for business-oriented decisions. Data Scientists jobs can be seen in nearly every industry, or field no matter if its’ healthcare, e-commerce, travel, or IT industry.

Data Science is known as ‘The Daddy Of Businesses’, and there has been a growing importance of data-driven decisions in the market; following which the Data Science jobs are in huge demand across India. Infact the demand is increasing rapidly every year. Experts say India is following the US, in terms of demand for skilled Data Science Professionals. The market analysis says over half of the current IT talented individuals, engineers and commerce graduates, and statisticians should equip themselves with data science skills since their existing skills are getting simply getting outdated or nearly extinct.

LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs report ranked 'Data Science', as the fastest-growing, most in-demand technology worldwide. Data scientists leverage the power of technology that helps to gain insights from reams of data businesses. ‘The Humans of Data Science’ says data science will create roughly 11.5 million job openings by 2026.

Who Is A Data Scientist?

Data Scientists are data experts who will give valuable insights into data and help companies take better and measured decisions. In this digitally driven world, companies, processes, and governments collect massive amounts of data, being generated every minute and every day by people around the world. You may wonder what is the form of data? You book a mobile show on Bookmyshow, you book doctor appointment at Dr. Batra’s, you book your favourite jeans on Myntra, or you book a cab on OLA, everything is a form of that potential data that will help an organization build business opinions and insights.

Smart devices, mobile apps, and websites are some of the mediums to track and store data in servers; ready for data scientists to work out and analyze it. Therefore, data scientists are in huge demand because that data can serve various purposes. For instance, the government R& D wing can use data to regulate policies, and circulars, travel companies can use customer data to travel their travelling journey, financial institutions can use data to analyze investments and funds, etc.

Data scientists' role is not restricted to mere analysis; they know data interpretation and also how to manage, store and protect it. Data Scientists even use programming languages such as R, and Java to build DMS- Data Management Software and create hardware, and network systems to store this valuable information. They can analyze gaps and vulnerabilities in data security to mitigate any threats. Data scientists even test systems and work with software engineers to rectify problems and improve network functionality. This will help analysts and customers to leverage the information.

Data Scientist skills are well-equipped since data is the most important element in any form of business or even government bodies. These skilled data professionals are now an integral part of any industry or companies; not mere consultants. As advanced techniques like face recognition cameras, biometrics, AI tools, and drones are in trend, it continues to help companies compile more and more data thereby increasing the reliability of skilled data scientists' insights.

Data Science Is Flexing Muscle

Termed as the sexiest job of the 21st century, and data is the driving fuel for job opportunities. Emails or SMS are sent rampantly, and even during the work-from-home era, smart speakers or IoT devices are ruling urban people's lifestyles. YouTube is today a free library to seek knowledge and succeed in life. Thus, you need to make sense of all this and therefore, data scientists come into the picture. Needless of job openings or hiring trends, there will be a huge demand for Data Scientists in near future. The age of information needs and creates data in various DNA and spirals. Thus, the data science domain is here to live for a while.

You cannot be a data scientist overnight. For this, you need in-depth knowledge of computer techniques, programming languages, computer systems, data structures and algorithms, ML for statistics, and more. They even know how to use software and analysis to work with BIG data sets. But, becoming a skilled data scientist is also not a very lengthy process. In fact, with a platform like Ekeeda, you can upskill and get industry-ready in just 24 weeks. Through 1:1 live classes from world-class data practitioners, you're bound to receive ultimate knowledge and learn data science skills. The industry-oriented curriculum is designed with the latest trends and techniques. The placement assistance will help you secure jobs in some of the top-notch tech companies and start-ups like Cloudera, Tiger Analytics, Mu Sigma, Ugam, Peerbits, BCG Gamma, IBM, Addepto, Accenture Analytics, and more. 

You will be equipped with the most in-demand Data Science skills to excel in various data science roles such as Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data architects, BI, Statisticians, etc. Also, if you want to Learn Data Science With Python or Java you can sign up with Ekeeda – India’s top education app.

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In this blog, we will discuss the few reasons why Data Science jobs are in huge demand in the market:

Data Floats Everywhere

In schooling, children are taught where is air? Air is everywhere so seeming to be ‘Data’. No industry is today deprived of voluminous data. Data floats around everywhere and industries are running without the help of skilled Data scientists. Thus, Data science is used in nearly all industries from big Tech companies to start-ups to education, travel, healthcare, banking, and finance.

Through data science, industries can easily predict any fault or loopholes in tools, business, equipment, and more. Data science applications are observed in most companies, thus, there is no shortage of Data Science jobs. The jobs are available to anyone concerned and eager to put more effort into this field. Data Science jobs are now available across all the topographies.

Data Science & Analytics is open to all and anyone can take up a Data Science course regardless of their professional field or geographies. Skilled Data scientists are needed in any operation to identify problems & solve them in the most efficient way for business growth and profit gains.

Lack Of Skilled Resources

According to McKinsey Global Institute analysis, there will be a massive shortage of data scientists, managers & analysts worldwide who can understand and make the best decisions using the potential Data. Although, you will find many apps, tools, and technologies available; however, to even run them you need talented data science people. There are mainly two types of skill shortage – One is a data scientist who carries out analytics and another Analytics Consultant – who can utilize and comprehend. There is a huge demand for data scientists, but also there is a lot of shortage of skilled professionals for these data job roles, thereby creating the necessity for it.

Best Job Packages In Industry

At present Data Scientists draw one of the excellent pay package jobs in the industry. If a candidate possesses excellent analytical skills and experience, they can earn anywhere between ₹15-₹20 LPA. Due to a lack of skilled professionals, most companies are willing to pay upto ₹30 lakh which is more than 30% of other technical roles.

The salary of data scientists varies based on skills and in-hand experience. Those with years of experience can even get more than 50+ lakhs per annum package which is the rarest and handpicked data scientist across India.
A Data Science course online is an excellent way to kick-start your learning journey in the mushrooming field of businesses. Ekeeda offers an advanced Data Science Certificate Program that will help you upskill and get an edge in the industry. This certified program is designed by industry experts and comes under 1:1 live classes form wherein you can log in anytime, anywhere at your comfort and place. The placement support team will leave no stone unturned to let you grab job opportunities in top tech giants and start-ups like Cloudera, Tiger Analytics, Brainvire, Quantum Black, December Labs, Accenture Analytics, Addepto, IBM, Statworx, Yalantis, etc.

Variety Of Data Science Roles

Data Scientist is like an umbrella that offers numerous job roles one can apply for in this field. Right from data analyst to data engineer, data science architect to BI, statistician, and database administrator the field provides a host of job roles for individuals. One can take up a specialization whilst pursuing their studies to upskill and get an industry-ready professional. If you’re a working professional still you can upskill and look for better career opportunities. Experts predict there will be 11.5 million data science job opportunities by 2026 and it acts as a gateway to the hottest and most lucrative career in the industry. Learn what your company prioritizes, what projects they’re working on, and see if it suits your strengths, and goals, and what prospects you see a couple of years down the line. Be sure to look beyond Silicon Valley: cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Delhi, the entire nation is experiencing a heavy scarcity of booming talent, so grab the best opportunities out there!

Data Scientists Help In Decision-Making
Data Scientists find data patterns, they give valuable insights about the data that will help companies to make informed and critical business decisions. Accordingly, companies will optimize their resources and grow. Ekeeda Data Science program helps aspirants to sharpen their technical skills and decision-making skills besides helping them learn all about Data Science. With experience data professionals you will be able to learn how and when to make critical decisions and contribute to the growth of the company. 1:1 live classes will help you clear all your doubts and learn data science effortlessly. 

Anyone Can Enter Ever-Demanding Field

Today, a lot of professionals from various backgrounds are trying to enter this hottest career field. There is no entry conditions or barrier. Engineers, accountants, excel managers, mathematicians, social media executives, etc. anyone can learn through data science online courses or any formal course. This field is open to all and provides wonderful opportunities for everyone to mushroom and prosper ahead in life. Ekeeda – India’s top educational app will help all the aspirants to develop the needed data science skills and effortlessly make the transition to the data science field from any other background.

Wanna know the future prospects in Data Science? Read our blog: Future Of Data Science And Important Skills For Data Scientists

Endless Learning In Data Science Field

Since data science is a relatively new and evolving field, data scientists will always have to learn and adapt to new things. They need to keep themselves posted on the latest trends and technological breakthroughs in the field. Thus, those who are able to cope up with the situations and are willing to learn something new are able to survive the competition. To change your gears in learning data science and achieve top-notch skills Ekeeda Data Science Program is an ideal fit here!

On A Concluding Note –

Professionals should be equipped with skills to make sense of large sets of data to gain a competitive edge in businesses. Thus, it makes sense for advanced data science programs such as those offered by Ekeeda that can be pursued online. You can learn from data science experts from fortune 500+ companies in the comfort of your home or office. The career support team will assist you can secure jobs in top-notch companies and start-ups.
At present, Data Science is the need of the hour and rapidly growing field in the world. Data Scientists are in high demand in nearly every industry, and there are plenty of jobs available out there in the market. You need to strike the right chord to enjoy an outstanding data science career. Data Science is a huge umbrella with varied kinds of job roles. It incorporates various job roles such as Data Science Architect, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Analyst, Data Engineer, Data and Analytics Manager, and Database Administrators.

So, continue to explore what data scientists do and the best data jobs in the market!

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