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The Ultimate Guide To Start Your Career In Cloud Computing

In this technologically driven world, you will always hear about the unmet demand for cloud computing. The developing interest, its usage, and the rising intentions for cloud computing career opportunities have exponentially changed the skill sets required in this dynamic and modern industry.
Since more and more companies are turning towards cloud-based services from their age-old data-centric approach, there have been many lucrative and exciting career opportunities, in cloud services, being popped up in the job markets.
In this digital era, nearly every company is undergoing a major transformation, there is been lesser demand for IT personnel and the industry is more inclined towards cloud experts. These experts are capable to bring out the best outcome from the investment done by firms by leveraging and making the cloud-based architecture efficient.
Today, various cloud computing jobs are coming up in the markets. These cloud computing jobs range from internships to developers, cloud engineers to security experts, data scientists, data analysts, and architects of cloud platforms. These experts will remain actively involved in cloud-related work. A successful career in cloud computing will not merely be restricted to the cloud & its deployment. It also requires teamwork, managerial, and leadership skills. A combination of these hard and soft skills will help you propel from being an architect to step into administrative roles. 
Experts predict - Nearly 42% of the IT workforce in India will need upskilling by 2025. Almost every business, industry and the web-based company is adopting cloud-based models and so experts predict by 2025, cloud computing is expected to grow at a massive revenue of 300-billion-dollar business (approx.) globally.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage space, databases, networking, software, analytics, and other services through the internet (the cloud) to potential clients and enterprises. It offers faster access, flexible resources, and cost-efficient services. You pay only for what you use, helps to lower your operational costs, run infrastructure & inventory more efficiently, and scale up your business requirements as the market changes.
Some Skills Required For Cloud Computing Jobs
To understand the relevant job opportunities, you will have to first learn the different skills and gain knowledge for a better career in cloud computing. You need to have good knowledge of networking, storage, and virtual elements.
Other than this, some of the in-demand cloud computing skills to available job opportunities in the market include:

  • Database skills

  • Study Serverless architecture

  • Cloud model types & their characteristics

  • Cloud migration & deployment techniques

  • DevOps & Agile Development Methods 

  • Autoscaling & migration techniques

  • Machine learning & Artificial intelligence

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Few Advantages Of Cloud Computing 

  • Flexibility - Users can make use of cloud computing services to fit their needs and requirements, they can customize applications and get access to cloud services from anywhere in through a swift and stable internet connection.

  • Efficient - Business users will get applications to the market without any worries about the infrastructure costs or maintenance.

  • Strategic Service - Cloud computing services give businesses a competitive edge through access to the most innovative and in-demand technology in the markets.

How Much Time Do You Need To Learn Cloud Computing? 
Cloud computing is slowly and steadily transforming the professional skillets' demand to taste success in the modern technological environment. A career in cloud computing will range from being a developer to constructing architecture models and management systems to data scientists & network security professionals. It requires specific sub-specialization; however, individuals are clueless on how much time it might take to learn cloud computing. Relax! We’re here to help you. The time duration to learn and master cloud computing is solely based on your knowledge about computer science and cloud architecture. If you want to take a full-fledged degree in cloud computing, it might take four dedicated years. But, there are several online platforms that offer cloud computing courses and certifications that will help you jumpstart your career.
Future Of Cloud Computing
Technological Experts stated that cloud computing is a sought-after tech skill, along with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data processing. The career scope in cloud computing has been increasing at a rapid scale, keeping in view technology’s dynamic nature, thereby leading to more demand for brilliant and skilled cloud engineers.
Tech giants such as IBM, Google, SAP, or Oracle today rely on cloud technology to offer seamless, uninterrupted data accessibility. They aim to give superior products and services to the clients. Cloud computing is today's most essential element for data management & storage, and thus you can visualize the enormous scope of cloud computing career opportunities. There are varied roles for cloud computing professionals in the field of management, operations, security, analysis, and development domain.
As companies worldwide embrace cloud services, professionals will need to requisite skills for cloud computing - right from architecture to infrastructure, deployment techniques, and more. 
Professionals will usually have to deal with three main types of cloud computing services:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – This is an on-demand delivery of applications over the Internet. It won’t require the installation and maintenance of software. 

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – This is a comprehensive development environment on the cloud that will enable apps delivery and enterprise applications for the companies.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This will be an instant computing infrastructure that will be installed & managed over the Internet. It helps to avoid the complexity of having its own servers, maintenance, employees, and other data center infrastructure facilities.

Some Top Skills Required For A Cloud Computing Career
When you kick-start your career in cloud computing, you will have to understand it is one of the rarest and highly-skilled jobs. Cloud computing needs exceptional skills and demanding in a way. Let’s learn how to kick start a career in cloud computing services:
Data Management & Coding
Companies today need potential data, and a professional who can help extract & collect data is in high demand. For a successful cloud computing career, you will need to acquire knowledge of database query language & its related platforms. SQL will remain the prime database language, along with this you can enhance your skills with MySQL, Hadoop, Or MongoDB. 
Also, your Linux skills will be helpful in developing a career in AWS cloud computing. You need to be proficient in: Architecture setup, Designing, Development, Administration and Management 
Other than this, coding skills such as Python, Perl, PHP, Java, .Net, and Ruby will also be useful. Cloud computing lets programmers build and execute applications that can be cost-effective and efficient enough to handle large volumes of data.

Professional Courses
IT industry will always prefer skills that are certified and known to all, and cloud domain is a no different element. Therefore, the right thing would be: ‘how to start career in cloud computing. You need training & certification that gives much-need impetus for your career in cloud computing. Cloud Computing courses and certification programs from e-learning platforms like Ekeeda – A leading EdTech app are well known for their user-friendly curriculum, teaching practices, and industry-oriented approach. The internships opportunities with top service providers will further enhance your skills.
These certifications will bring value addition to the resumes; however, getting hands-on experience on projects and internships with reputed companies will definitely be a must. A certificate is a mere medium to kickstart the journey; the real challenge is when you enter the professional spheres.

Cloud Platform & Technological Knowledge
These skills are vital for any IT professionals to develop a flourishing career in cloud computing. These cloud skills will equip them to combat and rise against technological obstacles. The commonly used cloud platform that you should aim to master would be:

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Services

We would suggest, try and master atleast one platform and if possible have knowledge on all platforms. This will be an impressive feat to achieve. It will reflect your commitment level, learning skills, and focus on your career. It will also transform you into a dynamic professional.
Data Integration & Switching Environment
In today’s technological environment, there has been a rapid increase in cloud services and cloud types. From public & private to hybrid techniques, there are multi-cloud environments being emerged into the markets. It means successful professional will have to perfectly master in managing such complex and break neck technological advancements. At times vast amount of data is available from multiple vendors, different data centers and diversified platforms in the organization. The real challenge would be to unify the databases in a required way. This huge task of data utilization needs exceptional cloud skills. Therefore, professionals who look to specialize in cloud computing, data integration, and environmental analysis can prove be a valuable asset for the company.
Business Understanding & Data Management Skills
Apart from the required technological skills, candidates need to have good managerial and data management skills. You need to learn how to manage human resources, develop effective communication skills and negotiation skills in order to ace up the position and lead the business. The managerial skills that you need will be internal and external. Internal means the ones that you need to manage within companies or organizations such as operations, administrative, team lead, etc. and external relates to the coordination with the vendors and other service providers.
Along with this, you need to learn to be cautious in terms of security for all online operations. Cloud computing is important for data customization for every business possibility. You will have to remodel data and tailor it as specified by various departments and more importantly for the benefit of organizations.

Specific Skills
As per the cloud computing experts and industry updates, the top skills for a successful cloud computing career would involve: 

  • Java – a popular programming language for cloud-friendly enhancements.

  • Azure –  It is highly popular with growth in the cloud computing space. 

  • Puppet- It’s often used in DevOps environments for AWS automation, it has immense value for enterprises. 

  • Chef- It will bring analytics at the enterprise level through its automation tools

  • Agile- These are project management practices that are seeing growth every year. 

  • Ansible - It is an open-source server environment for cloud-based applications. 

  • Docker – This is another open-source technology that will bring automation in the setup and use of software programs. 

  • VMware- It’s popular in all domains with its virtualized cloud environments 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – It enjoys the largest market share.

Cloud Service Providers
Let us understand the various companies that provide cloud computing services across the nation. Modern cloud service providers will always provide out-of-the-box and unique services that will help users to mitigate, upgrade, monitor, and secure cloud-based data for better availability and use.
Top 10 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs):

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure

  • IBM Cloud

  • Alibaba Cloud

  • SAP

  • VMWare

  • Salesforce

  • Rackspace Cloud

  • Oracle

Cloud Computing Engineer Salary in India
As per sources, the average annual income of fresher cloud engineers is around INR 8-10 Lakh rupees. Also, given the rapidly increasing demand for cloud engineers and the scarcity of supply, it is anticipated to increase dramatically in the next couple of years to an average ₹17-19 lakhs. Experts say as a cloud engineer, your income will rise when you progress up the corporate ladder. The better you perform, the more likely you are to receive a significant hike in your salary.
Cloud Computing Job Roles & Openings
To make efficient use of opportunities, will have to first understand the various cloud computing job roles and openings that are available in the markets. In the past few years, it’s been found that job search related to the cloud such as cloud architect, cloud developer, cloud engineer, cloud security experts, etc. has been on the rise along with the interest and craze of aspirants to master this amazing computing services.
Here Are Some Finest Cloud Computing Job Roles For A Successful Career: 
Cloud Consultant
As a cloud consultant, you will provide various technical research & studies and find the best cloud plans for your organization. You will be responsible to analyse & suggest the best cloud services & cloud architecture based on your company's needs. It’s a kind of job role that is mainly reserved for IT professional background. 
Cloud Engineer
If you have the strong problem-solving ability, then this career opportunity is for you. It will give you an upper hand in brainstorming and coming up with ideal solutions. Such cloud engineers are responsible to monitor, maintain, and patch different cloud-related issues. These types of professionals will need to have good knowledge of the entire cloud computing services.
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
For this job role, engineers will have to develop good and reliable infrastructure for cloud systems and their associated networks. Infrastructure engineers work along with hardware engineers and developers to make an efficient cloud framework for the company.
Cloud Security Engineer
Cloud security is one of the most important elements and the entire motive behind cloud-based solutions. This is where cloud security engineer plays a role in the team. In this career opportunity, you will use your skill sets to analyze the existing cloud architecture and provide enhanced security for the system. You will inspect risk assessment, analyze threats, and provide security to the cloud data. For this job role, you need excellent coding skills with advanced threat detection techniques to highlight security breaches. You need great knowledge of Linux and Windows systems. 
Cloud Architect
As a cloud architect career opportunity, you will create networks, and integrate various remote servers. These architects should have practical exposure and sound knowledge of cloud storage, cloud services, and how to deploy or migrate systems right from the beginning. Cloud Architects are superb tech-experts who possess skilled programming and networking abilities. 
DevOps Cloud Engineer
DevOps engineers are IT professionals with sound knowledge of various IT elements and technologies. They have an extensive programming skillset and coordinate with other cloud developers to integrate the various types of cloud-oriented services. You will also handle integrated cloud-based projects and analyze the system and cloud architecture. 
Data Science Engineer
You will create data science solutions and analyze the data traffic for your company. You will help improve the execution strategies that will in return improve the organization’s performance. It’s termed as a specialized role and companies require data analysts with the right skillset along with big data handling and expert programming abilities.
Could Data Scientists
As a could data scientist, you will lead and create new algorithms, data models for the companies. These cloud computing experts are also responsible for creating reliable cloud infrastructure and ensure integration, compliance in cloud data. Cloud data scientists monitor the metrics required for firms or big organizations. 
Cloud computing offers various exciting career opportunities for IT professionals and other individuals with tech skills that will help them leverage their expertise and give better growth prospects. For a successful career in cloud computing, you will need a strategic plan and implementation technique. You also need to be well-versed with the pros and cons of the cloud field.
How To Start Career In Cloud Computing?
At Ekeeda, we offer the Cloud Computing Certification Program, and it's completely online. You can pursue uninterrupted studies whether you’re a student or a professional who is looking to upskill. Our course will clear your basics and introduce you to the advanced concepts of cloud computing along with applications in industries through capstone projects. You will learn from industry experts through pre-recorded videos, live lectures, and mocks. Also, you’ll get access to Ekeeda exclusive career development program, internship opportunities from top cloud computing companies across India.
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